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    Permissions on Phone

    Sup Icmag I was on my partners phone & if you take a pic and you go into gallery it say allow to record sound or allow to view pics. If I don't you can't access gallery why? I don't own a phone myself but why do they need to access your phone dodgy asf. Any ideas. And if I turn of permission you can't see pics...

    I think it's Google asking why they want to record
    Sound or view pics

    To do anything on a smartphone the app you are using the needs permission from other apps.

    Like, I downloaded a new podcast player. Before it worked it needed permission to play audio.

    Or to use a map, the map app wants permission to use your GPS location.

    Or download Facebook and it wants permission to access your files and camera. It needs that permission for you to post a picture. Either one on your device or to take a pic with the camera.

    Before downloading and using an app, always check the list of permissions the app wants access to.
    If it's something like a calculator wanting access to your contact list,. It's a bullshit app.. they are trying to steal personal data.

    A social media app may want alot of different permissions. You can select which permissions to allow, but this may effect how the app works
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      Never had those issues when things weren't attached to a phone or PC.

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