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Seed order from ace intercepted should I be worried

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    Seed order from ace intercepted should I be worried

    Hi guys,

    A strange thing happened this week. I ordered tai chi and golden tiger from Ace.

    I received the package but when I wanted to open it I saw a white sticker on tiop and in red it was written: Customs: Investigations and inspections.

    But I received the seeds in good order, it didn't look like the folder in which the seeds were contained had been opened.

    Should I be worried that they pass this on to police?

    I mean if they wanted to bust me they would not have informed me that they opened the parcel with the sticker now would they?

    I live in Belgium, seeds are illegal here. So why would they not confiscate them?

    Probably I am being paranoid, but I have my favorite mother plants back at my place and losing them ould break my heart. Plus I wanted to start an indoor CBD grow for myself. So the timing sucks.

    What do you guys think of this situation? Should I wait a few months with growing?
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    I live in the US so the laws are different. I have had several seed packages intercepted by customs here. Normally they open the packages, take the seeds, put a copy of their standard bad boy letter inside, and tape it up with their special light green US customs tape and send it to me. In the US, Customs is a totally different branch of government than DEA (which makes the drug busts) and they don't talk to each other so there is no record. I live in a legal state and seeds are legal inside the state, but not legal outside the state by the government laws.

    If Belgium is set up the same way, you should be OK. I think Belgium is more relaxed, but maybe some other people on ICMag know better than me.


      They didn't find them I say go for it your good to grow no worries


        In the future, if you can have the seeds delivered to a non-grower friend.
        I'm probably up to no good.

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          in Belgium - no worries - once I was stopped by the Belgian police near to the French border - on my way back to the UK - they searched my car and found a suitcase full of seeds that I had just purchased in Amsterdam - They held me for about 4 hours - in a police station - till I saw the prosecutor - and all they did was confiscate my very valuable cargo - then let me go after telling me that if I wanted the seeds back - I would have to go to court and argue my case - needless to say - I didn't bother - lawyers ain't cheap -
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            Hi all,

            It's not my intention to bump an old thread, but I have had the very same thing that happened to THC123 happen to me (under almost identical circumstances and context), and I was wondering if someone has any additional information or insight that might help?