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    Originally posted by al70 View Post
    i would sometimes gladly give to the one's i knew wouldn't pay, just to get rid of them, goodluck.
    exactly man.. front someone a small bag.. and they disappear.. weeds out the pieces of shit that would rather smoke mids cause thye burn all of there good weed connects


      Friends who take advantage of kindness, are lousy friends. From my expirience, they will never change their welfare-minded, gutter-snipe ways. If you can't cut them off, then cut them out of your world. Those kind of tards rarely change.
      Definitely true! Used to be too accommodating of all friends, but learned....they'll bleed you. Time comes to do a little house cleaning of unsavory "friends" and haven't missed them. Life is too short.

      “Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” ~Steve Maraboli~
      "Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble." ~John Lewis~

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        Why is there not enough money all the time?


          Originally posted by deadhead77 View Post
          Just wondering how some people here handle people owing them money. Friends or whatever. Money does funny things to people and its strange how some people don't realize how hard we work for this and how long we go without income sometimes..
          Never talk to em again.....if they can't make it right...move on and don't look back


            Originally posted by Lochinvar View Post
            Friends who take advantage of kindness, are lousy friends. From my expirience, they will never change their welfare-minded, gutter-snipe ways. If you can't cut them off, then cut them out of your world. Those kind of tards rarely change.
            If I was paid all that has been owed, I would be sittin much better than I am today. For years I lived and died by the 'front'.
            Real friends don't like to ask, and if they do, they honor the agreement. The rest will bleed you for as long as you let them.
            Tards? Nah


              Ben Franklin had a solution: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be".


                Originally posted by grayeyes View Post
                Ben Franklin had a solution: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be".
                why are you so strongly against borrowing money? I think this is a good way to solve financial problems. besides, I have a positive attitude towards loans. I believe that there are good credit organizations that help people get money quickly and effortlessly and do not cheat people. I prefer to collaborate with . I took out a loan last week and do not regret it. I want to buy a new phone for my wife with this money and I'm sure it's a good idea


                  I do some work in a retail environment. You can't let a customer owe even a couple of dollars, if they can shop somewhere else to avoid paying. People don't mind being told they can't have something, but you will loose a customer if it will cost them anything to come back. It's simple math. Two shops sell the same thing, but it's cheaper at one shop. You go to the cheaper shop. That's how they see the repayment. That it's going to cost more visiting that shop. We are better off giving stuff away than letting someone owe money. As they are a lost customer in nearly all cases.

                  Between friends, I will give money, and it's their choice if they pay it back. If they do, I will do it again.
                  Last loan was for a friend trying to get 5 together. He asked for 2. I gave him 3. He is much more concerned about the debt than I am. I wouldn't of lent it out if I was going to need it.

                  Doing somebody such a favour isn't buying the right to demand it back. It's not a trade situation. If I ever need money, I won't feel bad if he says no. Many people will. You can see it someone's when you do someone a favour. They don't like it as there moral compass makes them think I will want something back. Sometimes, doing someone a favour can be the reason they stay away. As they think you must want something.

                  Unless you are going to dig money out of the ground like an oil baron, you are getting your wealth from other people. Many people feel that taking everything and giving nothing is the best way forward in life. Any deviation from the plan requires too much thinking for them. The saying 'watch the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves' is all a financially motivated bottom feeder needs.

                  If someone needs a loan, that alone is a warning sign you shouldn't ignore. If we are talking about an oz on credit, then what sort of person can't pay for an ounce? If it were a Kg then yes, that's not pocket money. An oz though? they are a financial disaster. Good intentions alone won't pay you.


                    when i "loan" a friend money, it is money i do not expect to get back. if i help push their car out of a ditch on a snowy night, i don't expect them to come shovel my driveway. i help friends because they are friends, and I don't give out anything which i cannot afford to blow off. helping is MY reward to myself, for trying to be a good person. i don't always succeed, but i sure do try.
                    smoking more pot is NOT the answer to my problems. my problem is that i need more problems that smoking more pot IS the answer to...


                      The couple that helped me with house-cleaning & land-scaping needed money to buy a new car.

                      The truck they used to get around had a blown engine, which still ran & got terrible mileage.

                      So there was Major Drama every time they came over, about whether or not they would make it.

                      The guy was a little scary. Might have been real bright, but it didn't show in his work.

                      I asked him to only cut the blackberry, leave the scrub oak and rose bushes. He cut everything.

                      Then Travis shot & killed Julie.

                      My landscaper killed my house-keeper.

                      I paid them $20 an hour, each, in 2019.

                      Cost me $100 to clean a bathroom, but it was worth it.

                      If I had to guess ... Julie figured out that she might be better off without Travis, maybe decided to check into a women's shelter.

                      Something upset Travis & he shot her.

                      They were camping in Merlin.

                      They fell through the cracks, partially because of me - because there was no Village.

                      Maybe they should have called Hillary. Would she have gotten them a Village ? (referring to her book, It takes a Village.)


                      March 10, 2020.
                      Never Under-estimate the Psychopathic-ness of a Politician

                      who is in Save the Children Mode.


                        Originally posted by St. Phatty View Post
                        ....They fell through the cracks, partially because of me - because there was no Village.........
                        Because you overpaid Julie she thought she didn't need Travis anymore and he became insecure, the loss of love and income at the same time must have been devastating for him but not to worry, because it was not premeditated, he'll be out in 15 yrs. max.

                        edit to add: you killed Julie and had Travis sent away, KINDNESS CAN KILL, compassion can backfire!
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                            I have the opposite experiance when it comes to money.ive built my credit up.people will loan me money .sometimes when i pay back they say keep it.others ive lent to never pay back and i had no intentions of collecting anyway. Just depends on who u are.ive owed 20 - 30 dollars and asked for another 40 or so til payday and get it most times.its all about who you are. Plus it helps if u have a job or some other means of income. But as far as people oweing me. I eat it most times.because most wont pay back.i have always payed back and people know this hence my credit is good on any front.