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    Dog Proof Box

    Just thought I would share a verified dog proof packing method. Had its nose 6" from the box without a hit. Now this is not an effective method for large quantity, it was designed for personal use as packing materials will added up quickly as volume goes up.

    (Brands named are for clarity, anything comparable will do. Although I firmly believe you get what you pay for.)

    Something to smuggle
    Oven w/ Stove-top
    Fan (Optional)
    Small Sauce Pan
    Dish Soap
    Box of Rubber Gloves
    New Glass Jars w/Lids
    Baking Soda
    Ground Coffee
    Epsom Salt
    Cookie Sheet
    Saran Wrap
    Sterilite Tote/Bin (Big enough to fit jar(s) with 1" extra on all sides and 2" on top)
    Sterilite Tote/Bin (Big enough to fit the first tote with 1" extra on all sides.
    Cardboard Box (Big enough to fit second tote.)
    Duck Tape (Buy name brand)
    3M Packing Tape (Buy name brand)
    Heavy Duty Trash Bag (Big enough for second tote)

    First we will be making magnesium sulfate. Heat oven to 400 degrees and evenly spread the Epsom Salt on the cookie sheet, and place it in the oven. It will take approximately 2 hours to dry the Epsom Salt (MgSO4•7H2O) into pure magnesium sulfate (MgSO4). You want to time this out so you are done with this very close to when you are ready to use it.

    Begin melting wax in the small sauce pan. You want 2-3" of wax in you pan, maybe more if your doing multiple jars, depending on size and quantity. You don't want to have to add more later as it will slow down the process. Put on gloves. Place contraband in the jar. Do not touch the outside of the jar, don't even allow your material to touch the rim of the jar. Nothing but net, got it? Remove, discard, and replace the gloves. You should probably Google the proper way to put on and remove gloves. Sounds stupid, but I worked in a computer factory and it turns out almost no one actually knows how to do it right. Apply lid and tighten. Remove, discard, and replace the gloves. Wash jars with dish soap and extremely hot water, dry, and place in the freezer for about 15mins. Dip the lid of the jar in the wax, go as deep into the wax as possible without touching the lid to the bottom of the pan. Hold upside down above the pan until runoff stops, and continue to hold upside down until wax skins over. A fan can be used to accelerate this. At this point you should put the jar back in the freezer. This is less about hardening the wax, and more about keeping the jar and its contents cool as the dip will heat up the jar quite quickly. Repeat the dipping and cooling process 3-4 more times.
    Cover the bottom of the first tote with 1" of baking soda, place the jar(s) in the middle of the tote very carefully as not to disturb the bottom layer of baking soda. Fill the rest of the tote with baking soda, completely encasing the jar. At this point the highest point of the jar should be under 1" of baking soda with 1" remaining to the top of the tote. Fill the remaining inch with the magnesium sulfate, and as quickly as possible place the lid on and duct tape it completely shut all the way around the seam of the lid. Now wrap the entire box with Saran Wrap in every direction, then duct tape around the middle in both directions (vertically and horizontally). Fill the bottom of the second tote 1" deep and place the first tote inside the second. Completely fill the second tote with the coffee. Place the lid on and duct tape it completely shut all the way around the seam of the lid. Now wrap the entire box with Saran Wrap in every direction, then duct tape around the middle in both directions (vertically and horizontally). Put the second tote in the HD trash bag tie the shut with the excess of the bag then tape up the loose end, Put it in the card board box, tape it closed with the packing tape, and you have one dog proof box.

    man I am glad I quit shippin ....I used to use unbreakable airtight thermous....never had one issue....yeehaw..they were like 13 dollars at Walmart steel ones I would buy all they had on shelves carefully use gloved hands ...winter in new England wasn't suspicious...aaah the good simple days
    SML..iff mi spellin and centances suk and yoo don't lyke itt too fukkin bad;/?.....I once was asked what I would say upon getting to the gates of heaven??? m/r is a visitors badge an option??? I would like a few drinks at the bar... for real legalization not sum the weed or kiss my wont be getting my tax money..