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How to spot a Marijuana grower (from Illinois State Police website)

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    "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." .....Thomas Jefferson

    "Those that give up Liberty to have temporary Security deserve Neither"......Benjamin Franklin.

    "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." ..... George Orwell


      Originally posted by flylowgethigh View Post
      Ya'll need to host some summertime bug eating swallows. I can enjoy the outdoors at my place, until the sun goes down and they stop flying. Then the skeeters own the night.
      Look into bat houses.


        Originally posted by Cuddles View Post

        OUCH!!! So how long did you have to eat and sleep standing up?!
        I´ve never been stung by a hornet (thank god) But I stepped on a wasp once that was already dead and I still got stung! Turned out I´m allergic ...
        it took quite a while before it didn't hurt anymore - and I was fearing some sort of necrosis - but it did manage to heal - after some very uncomfortable nights -
        'It can all start from a seed'


          Originally posted by Amynamous View Post

          Look into bat houses.
          Have one up, no takers yet. Been 4 years. I see them at the pond at sundown, as I am retreating from the skeeters.
          ______________________________ __________________________
          Dr. Tuggle's Compound Syrup of Globe Flower

          Things just chug long when those microbes are happy........scrappy


            Originally posted by St. Phatty View Post

            Once I was hiking off the road/ beaten path in Carlsbad, and came into a clearing with a home-made hut, made out of sticks, pieces of plywood, etc.

            And there was an Hispanic Gentleman there, holding a handgun which was pointing at me.

            I said something like "Solo estoy caminando para ejerciso, no quiero problemas".

            Treat them with respect ... works 99% of the time.

            As for their need to use public land to grow pot ... if I was in their shoes, I might do the same ... but in a more desperate fashion.

            It was one of the last pieces of wild land in North County San Diego.

            All bull-dozed, with condo's and pill box homes, now.

            I tried growing pot there myself, but did it stupidly.

            5 gallon bucket in the middle of a field, with a nice Skunk Sativa.

            What was I thinking.
            Patty, "what was I thinking", I can't stop laughing.
            Been playing this game on and off for 5 decades. Could write a book about "what was I thinking".

            Drug tillers out of car trunks and over fences, carted cow innards into remote areas to deter deer, macheted through thick brush into small clearings, created small clearings and the list goes on. Thanks for the memories.

            How about starting a "what was I thinking" thread?


              Originally posted by I.M. Boggled View Post
              Upon discovery of a suspected marijuana plot, remember that marijuana growers can be dangerous.
              I would bet money that Police kill more people in 1 year than Cannabis growers have killed in the past 50 years.
              Terpene Amplification