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Invisible Mode = False Sense of Security

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    Originally posted by fizzbomb View Post
    i got a lot of respect for admin or any1 in general who take the time to post to try and keep other members safe while posting online, a lot of people are not too good with computers like myself, so i appreciate the info skip and im sure others do as well.

    i decided to have a go at being admin for a day lol, just to see what its like, people might be wondering wtf im talking about so i will explain, the reason im posting this info is to keep people safe.

    so i decided to have a go at being admin, vbulletin offer you a free trial for a few days, you can make new members, delete members, ban members, keep notes on members, good fun, but there is something i found which was frightening, now im not saying for a sec that is the case here as skip mentions they dont store any ip's on the database, but every post that i made had my ip address next to it, and there was an option to check out the ip, and it showed you the service provider i was using and the area that i was from, there was also an option to ban the ip, now if any1 thinks im talking shit, check it out for yourself lol, please dont take my word for it, im not going to post any links but if you google vbulletin free trial you will find it straight away, this is just a friendly heads up, stay safe guys
    this website is hardly an out-of-the-box implementation of vbulletin. In fact I really doubt you even got the same version we're using here as they no longer release it.

    ICMag has been thoroughly customized over the past 8 years.

    You seem to be calling me a LIAR here, and I don't appreciate it, esp. since we have dealt with these issues from the start of ICMag 8 years ago.

    So yes, you ARE talking shit, and I've called you on it. Ignorance is unacceptable when the facts are right in front of you, and I've explained in numerous places how things work on ICMag.

    Plus you seem to think any websites records are accessible by any country (much less some local cop), and that is simply not the case. Being based in the Netherlands, our servers are immune from US subpoenas and NEVER has our hosting company or any webmasters received requests for info about our members.

    So fear mongering on ICMag about this website, will get you an immediate ban from this point forward.
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      fizz needs to take his own precautions if he doesn't feel icmag is 'safe.'
      i think it's as secure as most anything on the internet, especially if one uses an encrypted proxy. figure it out fizz, Skip has been very forthcoming an honest about any vulnerabilities that are inherent when transmitting digital data through the internet. if ya need more, be a man and do it yerself. the tools are readily available.
      <rant off>
      be safe!
      mojave green


        Fizzbomb, there was NOTHING you posted originally that wasn't already covered in our stickies. Instead you brought up something completely irrelevant (and off topic of this thread, btw), about vbulletin storing IP#s, which our customized version doesn't.

        All the info ppl need is IN OUR STICKIES! Read our DOs and DON'Ts and don't rely upon others to tell you what goes on, on ICMag.

        Misinformation won't stay up on icmag.

        Thank you.