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Well old stoners, how long have you been smoking and what got you started?

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    Originally posted by Mrs.Babba
    im 45 and have been smoking since the early 70's....dont see myself stopping any time soon ...caprichoso. i grew up in Mill Valley, right across the bay from you, real close to the same time you were hiding in the bushes small world

    I was in Daly City and Pacifica until adolescense. There was not a finer geographic area in the world to grow up in, in my unbiased opinion. Bluffs, mountains, ocean, caves, pot, I had it all as a kid, lol.


      I was in the USMC, serving my first tour in SE Asia. After a few days in the grass, there wasn't nothing better than scoring a few "sticks".
      Been smoking most of the last 35 years, no plans to quit.

      :cool: I inhale and I vote :cool:


        i was at my older cuz's wedding and my youger cuz says hey cuz you smoke pot i said sure i do (NEVER EVEN SEEN POT) so we went out side he hannded me a j and he lit his own i just watched what he did and did the same nothing happend but back in 73-74 the homegrown was all leaf very few if any buds (indoor) and then at school my friend smoked some dust with me and the rest is history ( just wish i wrote it down so i could remeber) lol
        peace chucky


        jack & jill went up the hill to score a bag of grass jack was swift & rolled a spliff now he's gettin some ASS

        i'm never alone even when i'm by myself


          Smokin da kind since 1981. hash since 1983. Although my folks deny ever smoking pot, my first joint came outta my mother's jewelry box. Joints #2-119 outta english muffin can in my dad's shop. Sorry mom & pop! Nosey little fucker was'nt I?????

          first joint I tried to roll, I rolled with a cherry flavored paper (dad's also) and I rolled it with glue on one end reasoning that was to keep weed from either falling out or getting sucked down throat!
          p.s. since I'm a year or so away from 40, can we change age to 50+?LOL


            Summer of 1967- Goldengate Park with my Aunt (she 2 years older) I was 13 that was quickly followed by acid and the Dead.
            Look for a while at the China Cat Sunflower

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              Madlights, I might have been there! My mom hung out on the Haight with her newborn son and attended all the hippie funcions. She actually calls herself a flower child

              She used to leave me with Sunshine, the girl who sat on the corner and had the good acid. I'm sure that babysitting experience had no effect on me whatsoever


                I am 49 / started in 1971 / I stoped for 9 months in 1997 / frick / I'll never do that again / & went 17 days with-out once when I moved to another state / Now I am medicaly retired / & pretty much chain smoke joints /

                Pot was my first real Love /



                  1964 to 1985 by then I had 4 kids a wife , house, bills 60 hour workweek and it became unafordable so I slacked off, just buying for a special treat.

                  Then because I bought so seldomly all of a sudden I could not find it with out thinking about I quit.........that is until about 9 months ago when my doctor blew me out of the water by stateing that if I knew somebody with some good MJ I might want to try that to releave/replace some of the pain med's I'm on for 2 broken knee caps, advanced genectic arthritus, and stress relife......

                  keep in mind I live where doctors are not allowed to do this really blew me out of the water.....

                  But he was right now I'm off of my 200mg of Oxcicotin's / day [ hillbilly herion] thank god for MJ........



                    I started when i was 15 with a very good friend of mine who had weed and a lot of hash....i liked it so uh that he gae me something for home too.I was in my room and trying hard to meke spme joints beause i had no idea how.y parrents were in the other roos but who cared?Yhen i learned.....pretty fast to make excellent joints.And since then i smoke as much as i can....not as much as i want because i want to smoke all the time. .Oh.....and it's not been such a long time till now.Now i'm only 21 but i sincerely intend to smoke till the day i die.And maybe after.....who knows
                    "Who controls your eyeballs programs your mind"



                      Been daily since
                      Give a Man a Fish and he eats today, Teach a Man to Fish and he will eat a Lifetime!
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                        ....toking since 1975.....started on Moroccan Hash.....ended up on Californian Sensimilla by 1978.....due to horticultural endeavours...
                        'It can all start from a seed'


                          I remember being so curious about drugs when I was a kid in the sixties. I jumped at the chance to smoke in 1967. Took me three times to get high but oh my God. That first high was truly mind blowing. It had to be an indica because the body rush was unbelievable. Like having a wet dream while awake. From then on I was in love with the herb. I totally quit in the 80's and have just recently retired. So that means no more drug test worries, no more job performance issues, just smoke when I want. What better way to spend an afternoon that to smoke a bit and tend to my flower beds and vegetable garden. Real ones ha ha not my "herb" garden. Thanks to this site and OG I have a new lease on life and am enjoying my retirement more that I ever thought possible.
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                            I started 20 years ago. Back in the early cali skunk and big bud days. Been all over the world and tried some kind bud and shwag bag. I wish that I had the seeds from my stash back in the day.....


                              36 years i been smoking and not thinking of stopping used to love the old joint and listening to me fav group t rex and anyone ever heard of country joe and the fish music group cheers



                                well been smokin from 15 and never look back, my bro started when he was 12 or 13 and we always talk about it. I asked my mum one day because my dad used to grow and had a little floatin about, she said yes been a stoner ever since. Me and my buddy TC also used to take buds of my dad plants and dry them in the microwave, with out him knownin and get cherry wile rideing r bikes. In the first few years all we smoked was home grow, because we never used to buy.

                                Im now 25 and told that im goin on 35, what a cheek!

                                Peace out
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                                Only after the last river has been poisoned,
                                Only after the last fish has been caught......
                                Only then will you realise that money cannot be eaten.