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prednisone dose pack ugggh

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    prednisone dose pack ugggh

    Ok I will never be without a strong indica again. Good God.
    a week ago my tooth which had been hurting on and off for a while began to ache uncontrollably. called my dentist, who is shut down and he preacribed a prednisone dose pack and anti biotics. Oh MyGod.

    i hate this crap. i dont have a toothache but

    was awake almost the entire night for three night running, overly agitated, being a little jerk, confused...(more than usual) and afraid to smoke much or eat any edibles.
    i tried my Romulan grapfruit which leaned sativa, no dice...disnt feel it.
    tried a little skunk a few days back and some cbd weed...neither helped.
    i am fresh out of any strongassed indica. i will not be again...i tried drinking and taking gabapentin...nope.
    as days went by the dose of prednisone was smaller snd smaller. and last night a bout midnight i pulled out a joint of sensi skink from six months cure and smoked damn near thw whole thing.

    i slept better than a baby...more like a dead pig in the sunshine.
    I have five bubba hash plants a month from harvest and should have another twelve next month. am thinking of running other indicas in my grrenhouse. any suggestions?
    i have lots of seeds.
    Balkh Afghan
    Hindu Kush
    Malan Cream
    CBD shark shock
    auto alaskan purple
    blue dream
    greenpoint copper chem, biodiesel and iron horse

    prednisone made me PSYCHOTIC! locked me up for 72 hours lmaop, we dont take pred anymore, almost got the clinician who prescribed it to me fired accidentally, the only heavy indica ive tried that gave me a knockout blow at bedtime was blackwater, kosher kush and headband og from loompa farms iots been that long since ive played with gasey indicas buyt my buddy big315smooth is a good guy to talk to about gasey indicas imho
    I eat legos


      yes they are giving it profilactically? i think is the proper term,,killing the tooth infection before the root canal. i still hate the shit. it tastes like cow shit with more bite to it.

      on the weed, im thinking of running the taskenti and some skunk taskenti cross i made. also i have the iron horse which is a kosher kush cross i think??
      i dont know. i bought these gps packs a long time ago, most of which are ogkush and chemdog descendants.