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    Originally posted by trichrider View Post
    Thanks trich. A bit more real this AM than some days passed. Daunting, but the train's rolling anyway.

    'We' saw REO MANY times over the years; Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Lowell, and more. Lots of stories and memories from those rides and music.

    REO Speedwagon - Roll with the Changes (Color Version) - YouTube


      Originally posted by buzzmobile View Post
      If good thoughts become prayers there are lots of prayers being offered from your cyber friends here.

      Safe travels and skillful surgeon.
      Thank you, buzz. We'll see soon what transpires. All miracles and positive vibes are welcome. Hoping the surgeon filled his quota for Murphy Moments in the past weeks or months.

      Updating meds and supplements lists, starting some veggie bedding plant trays, to have under domes in our absence; the longer-to-sprout seeds in particular, such as peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, and maybe some lettuce. Possibly others. Low maintenance, other than to maintain a bit of moisture under the lids. Not too much additional burden for our son. Spud seeds are coming from 2 sources the first week of May; the old spud seed sources, 1 from Alaska and 1 in Colorado, both chose the same year (last year) to retire, so we had to grope a bit at the last minute to find my heirloom Irish veggie seed..

      Kitchen table's covered the sundry odd-ball gear to be put into luggage to be checked (Club 49 lets us fly with 2 free checked bags, which is cool, as if a bag goes over 50 lbs., up to 100 lbs., they want a crisp $100 bill for the weight.

      A couple of folks have stepped forward (again) and offered a variety of support services while we're down that way. I'm thankful for their offers, and accept, humbly.

      Back to transplanting my girls, making veggie trays, & packing, packing, & packing.

      -18 on the front porch this morning. We dodged the -30 f. bullet NOAAA had forecast. I'll take it.

      More to do before we head to the airport tomorrow.



      'Highway Song'

      Blackfoot, "Highway Song" - YouTube


        The girls are all in premature but relatively well-balanced mix, and they look hopeful. 1st place for root balls goes to Bodhi's White Lotus (my WL #4), with a close 2nd going to Bodhi's Goji OG (my #8).

        Gear's just about all packed. Still need to weigh the bigger checked bag, to make sure it is well under the 50-lb. line, to avoid the $100 bill attached to that issue. Pill trays are all filled out appropriately, except for the THC extract capsule trays; they're frozen and I'm intentionally dragging my feet a bit to get them in at the last moment, so they don't spend to much time thawed.

        Need to do a run-down with the person tending my girls, so they know my expectations to a 'T' re. moisture levels, etc.

        May get far enough ahead this afternoon to run into town and get a few smaller, soft, portable containers of a cabernet sauvignon or Malbec for my wife to put into her checked bags.

        Final stages, crossing t's and dotting i's. Still need to take alcohol swabs to the vaporizer.


        John Hiatt

        'Child of the Wild Blue Yonder'

        Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder - YouTube


          “You can disagree without being disagreeable.”
          Ruth Bader Ginsburg


            Originally posted by buzzmobile View Post
            Thanks, buzz. Flight went well, though I initially left my cell phone at home, causing a high-speed detour we hadn't planned for.

            Got mt pre-op C-19 test a bit ago, and getting ready for the pre-op consult with the surgeon.

            I'm going forward on auto-pilot at this point; going through the motions, though my heart's not in it. Like I crawled onto a variable-speed conveyor belt, that's going to tke me to a place I may not find desirable for a while..... if ever. It is what it is at this time.

            I've already received rich blessings from a forum member, and another visit to come from another member this PM.

            Limited time t stock up on items we'll need here, but for which it's best if we get them done while I'm more ambulatory, and my wife has fewer demands coming from me.

            The accommodations are very much what a person would expect if they were to combine a hospital room with a hotel room. Literally; right down to the recliner being THE recliner in half of the hospital rooms across the US.

            Don't know that I can leave any tunes in posts for now, as the lap top I'm on doesn't function exactly like my home computer, but we'll see.

            Thanks again. Take care.


            Tracy Chapman, Live, Oakland, Ca., 12/04/88

            'All That You Have is Your Soul'



              - All of our best wishes moose - for a successful outcome -
              'It can all start from a seed'


                The dreamlike quality is a "sleep mode" for the upcoming surgery. I hope you get some good sleep.
                “You can disagree without being disagreeable.”
                Ruth Bader Ginsburg


                  Spoke with family, he is still with us.
                  That which matters most


                    Good news, Gry.
                    “You can disagree without being disagreeable.”
                    Ruth Bader Ginsburg


                      Someone has been reading this thread.

                      What's for breakfast, moose eater ?
                      “You can disagree without being disagreeable.”
                      Ruth Bader Ginsburg


                        yeah - what's on the menu?

                        'Breaker-Breaker - West-Bound-Bed-Bug - Gotcha Ears On C'mon' -
                        'It can all start from a seed'


                          Billygoat tails and rice? Lizard lips with gravy? Pickled ducksfoot?

                          Maybe a pair of geoduck?
                          Click image for larger version

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                          “You can disagree without being disagreeable.”
                          Ruth Bader Ginsburg


                            Thanks everyone who lent supportell presence in their bnes

                            My guts are still jumbled a bit. Losing over 50 lbs, then letting them pump air into my abdominal cavity, created a 'first' for the surgeon. When he spoke with my wife (and later with me), he continued to express surprise at the amount of skin that popped up like a tall tent when he 'inflated me', which apparently caused him to do some serious recalculations and efforts as to how to get beneath my pelvic bone from that steep of an angle of approach.

                            Menus? My gut says I'm starved, but still trying to jump-start the innards, getting them off of vacation, and back to their jobs, so thus far (here at our room since last night, as I was just discharged yesterday, after 1.5 days in a 'day bed') it's been protein shakes, a protein bar, herbal tea, lots of water, one narrow, round, thin slice of baggette with a bit of smoked sockeye salmon (proteins and oils), and some grape tomatoes (lycopene, maybe) .

                            Can't recommend this affair as any sort of recreational pursuit.

                            So far the surgeon thinks there were n surprises; the lymph glands he stole felt soft, as though there was nothing inside that had developed. He took more from the right side than from the left, as the cancer we KNOW of, is on the right. Likewise, he stated the prostate felt like there was nothing hard/developed contained in the left side of the PG.

                            But to some degree, that's all feel-good stuff for now; all that material went to the pathology lab to discern of there's anything in there that escaped human touch or view of the naked eye, and I'm pretty much aware of the outcomes in thousands of studies of patients similar to myself, where 85% had microscopic cancer cells present in their ones after radical prostatectomy, in similar time frames as mine was completed.

                            That's not to say they had cancer, as for most, the cells had not yet organized into anything Darth Vader-ish. It is to say that if I'm to be serious about preventing recurrence, 'll likely be on some semblance of an anti-cancer diet and regimen for long time; like maybe for ever. Not all bad.should hear back within 4-7 days re. what they find.

                            Nurses at the floor I was at were incredible; understaffed by my observations, and running almost constantly, with a ranging of personalities, but all of them seemed adept and dedicated. A couple times I waited a couple hours to have a drainage bulb emptied and re-compressed, but it got done.

                            I woke up from surgery benefiting form the part of the anesthetic that induces some degree of amnesia. Seemed I'd just gone to sleep, and they were telling me the 4-hour procedure was completed. Roll-through cancer treatment. Surprisingly little pain immediately afterward, though that later poked its head up, and is with me now.

                            They gave zero opiates in the hospital after the procedure was over with. Tylenol and Ibuprofen only. Though they discharged me with a very limited amount of oxy, and last night it served well, though I try to avoid it, and am taking a fairly regular dose of stool softeners, as any bearing down to have a bowel movement at this time can result in all sorts of problems.

                            After the initial surgery, the bandaging around the drain tube flooded quite badly with bleeding, saturating 4 impressive sets of THICK gauze, loading up the bed, part of the toilet, and more. I have to admit I was more than mildly alarmed, but it seems to be finding its way and calming down.

                            MY overnight in the hospital, I met an amazing nurse who attempts organic gardening, and was nothing shy of a source of grace and sunshine. We had many wonderful conversations in the wee hours of the night; humanity, gardens, dogs, and lots more. She is another who will forever be cast in my mind as a stellar example of what we can be, and of graciousness. wish her the very best. They need to pay people like her more. A most wonderful person.

                            Back in the room we're staying at, taking care of untended business this morning. Warm air and heavy melting of LOTS of snow set in after our departure from home so my son's been taking care of that; draining the driveway, etc. Likewise, a huge thanks for the persons taking care of my garden.

                            A huge thank you to the forum member who brought me supplies I was in limited possession of. I owe them.

                            I need to lay back down now. MY guts are subject to gravity, and they seem to be rebelling re. my telling them to stay where they're supposed to be.

                            Thanks everyone.
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                              Good luck going forward. I am recuperating from a week old slice & dice myself, so I can directly commiserate.

                              Some blueberry bubble hash I made a month ago is my morning to bedtime friend at the moment.

                              In the tent now: Is it Time for Show & Tell?
                              Arguing on the net is like yelling in space.


                                The day after is usually roughest.
                                I had to fly back from Oahu to the Big Island the next morning.
                                By the time I got here I was bleeding into the cath bag.
                                Carried the P-bag around in a cloth shopping bag for a while as my urethra healed.
                                When they pull the cath, they inject sterile water directly up your bladder.
                                If they get back as much as they put in, it's clear, and you can start and stop the stream, you will be good to go, or not "go", your choice.
                                And don't panic on the reptile dysfunction. That can take months to improve.
                                Full recovery actually takes about 6 months, but you should be mostly functional in less than 30 days.
                                What helped most was my dog.
                                She looked so worried that I had to recuperate, yah?

                                When the lab report arrives; Think negative. Negative margins.
                                Perineural invasion and positive margins told me that a recurrence was likely.
                                Took about 14 months to recur and the doubling rate was alarming
                                I was looking at a 6 year span.
                                Started graphing the growth rate, then read about RSO.
                                Started with a "grain of rice" size
                                and my doubling rate slowed to about 18 months.
                                Started ramping up the dosage going for a gram per day. that was difficult.
                                At high dosage ~750 mg. the doubling rate worsened to about 12 months!
                                That's when I realized that super high dosage was counter productive. Dropped it a fraction for each blood test.
                                Am taking ~ 140 mg. now and the D. R. has climbed to 2.5 years.
                                Means cancer is no longer an issue for me.

                                A friend of mine has recently presented with lung cancer.
                                She has run out of chemo options so I'm sending her some oil.
                                Will keep y'all posted on her progress.
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