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Anyone 'cured' prostate cancer with....

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    Originally posted by trichrider View Post
    gummy edibles in a gummy bear bag are rather innocuous and will not get much notice from TSA. they don't smell like dope either.

    both Alaska and Washington are states where possession is legal so the airline is the only thorn on that rose.
    Thanks trich.

    What I know now is that there may or may not be many/any changes to TSA and cannabis, in reality. They talked all this saber rattling BS years ago, but the last time I flew into and out of SeaTac almost 3 years ago for a second spine opinion, on the return trip home, a member had gifted me some flowers, and I just tossed them into my carry, and ... not a fucking word about it from TSA..

    However, some of the implied or specified changes I'm reading about include an uncertainty whether SeaTac Airport PD has formally changed their policy re. on-airport property possession.

    Bottom line is that if they decide to give me sufficient grief over a non-issue, than I not only blow a consult with one of the top 3 clinics I 've go on-line at the moment, but might fuck up my access to an airport of commercial carrier, so I'm going out of my way to be a good boy, and have nothing that might be immediately identifiable as 'contraband.'

    Most times I would push the envelope, but I think there's a member who can help to get some CBD gummies, some 1:1 CBD:THC gummies, and a 1/3-gram or 1/2 gram doobie of either a Indica/Sativa hybrid or an Indica with limited couch lock, just in case I am down there, wake up in the middle of the night unable to breathe freely again, and need to implement the combination of all the things I've found handy at those times, (sinus rinses, several puffs of hash or flowers, saline sinus spray, hot shower, etc.), and I may, if needed, be able to run outside the hotel, find a discrete place to get down 2-4 puffs, put the thing back in those plastic cylinders they sell pre-rolls in.

    Essentially traveling in such as way as to hopefully be able to address such things if they come up.

    One item I'll need to get down there, for my sinus rinse kit, is some RO or distilled water; some where between a qt. and a gallon. Quart would likely be enough, but I don't know if I've ever seen distilled H2O or RO in a qt jug.

    Anyway, I'm off to get a new hot-plate that won't object to winter.

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    Originally posted by Weezard View Post
    There's this;

    "Adults should consume about 3,500mg of potassium per day, according to the UK's National Health Service. The average banana, weighing 125g, contains 450mg of potassium, meaning a healthy person can consume at least seven-and-half bananas before reaching the recommended level."

    On a different subject.

    If you haven't researched the prostatectomy, you might wish to know what to expect.
    If not, stop reading and delete.

    They cut the urethra just below the gland. Carefully remove some important nerves and then cut off the bottom of your bladder at the top end, and remove the prostate.

    Then, they stretch your urethra and sew it to what's left of your bladder.

    Yes, this makes your dick shorter. They don't tell you that.

    They will install a Foley cathereter and probably send you home with it. Carried my urine bag around in a shopping bag for about a week.

    When they pull the cath, they will influx a measured amount of sterile water and you get to see how good the surgeon was. We brought towels and a jug in case the ride back got leaky.

    You may wish to do some "Kegel" exercises starting now. That will give you the ability to not pee until you want to.

    The best thing about surgery vs radiation is the recovery. The nerves that govern erections can continue to heal after the ectomy. They tend to deteriorate after radiation. First few months I though my sex life was history. Like shooting billiards with a rope for a cue stick, yah? The good news is it gets mo' betta with time.

    Full recovery takes about 6 months. You should also know that while orgasms still happen, they are "different". And there is no ejackulate.
    After my surgery, the Dr. tried to sell me on irradiating the prostate bed because of the perineural invasion and positive margins. I declined after much research. Did not modify my diet or habits.

    When the cancer recurred, the doubling rate was about 6 months.

    After starting the RSO the doubling rate improved. When I added the CBD, the D.R. slowed way down. Last assay had it at >2 years. That means senescence will get me before the PC does. I will have solid D. R. numbers in April.

    Hope this serves you well. Just smoked some Ice Breaker and didn't want to waste a "rant".
    Thanks Weez.

    Yes, I was aware of the outline of basic procedure for the radical prostatectomy.

    That said, even just a few years can create some improvements. And as we all know, and have discussed, the surgeon and the facilities are key to any success, as well as patient involvement in their recovery.

    Nerve-sparing surgery and the Davinci Machine, with skilled folks, have rendered FAR better outcomes for some, whether ED or incontinence.

    I had missed the whole severing of the urethra, but had read the procedure could make the penis "subjectively shorter." (*Yes, that was a quote from the caution literature. We joked among ourselves as to what, exactly, the meaning of 'subjectively shorter,' meant.

    Is that like where a sympathetic spouse says with a questionable tone in their voice, "No, that's a FINE size," but you know you just received the consolation prizes in the flattery dept?
    Last night or 2 have not been nearly as bad as last week.

    I have settled on 3 causal factors (4 really) behind the combination of panic attack, racing pulse, and respiratory distress/panic.

    1.) I ceased eating my own homegrown THC flowers after the initial horrid panic attack, and continued eating only decarbed CBD flowers after that. For the CBD even, I mad a point of weighing out a gram for eating on a gun-powder (grains) scale, where by 15.8 grains equals a gram. Instead of going with the 1.25 grams (equivalent to almost 200 mg of CBD) I backed off to 1 gram, or about 142 mg of CBD.

    Two nights ago, despite apprehension, and a horrible recounting of that rapid 128-pulse night, I forced myself to weigh out just under a gram of a freshly opened jar of decarbed THC flowers, that included my Space Cake 1, Space Cake 2, and White Lotus 3; all respectable.

    I haven't subjected this batch of flowers for any testing, and need to, in order to both have a baseline for each, as well as knowing more definitively which of those I have I should be focusing on for growing for my medicine. I believe I measured some where near 14.2 grains; maybe 14.7?

    There was a noted up-tick in pulse a while later, there was a shorter time to effect from the eating of them than recently, etc.


    2.) Again, our research indicates that with the extremely low caloric intake, it is QUITE possible that the heart and pulse issues were potassium related. In that regard, if you've been reading here (the generic 'you') you know I've been mapping out sources for potassium and protein, as well as more effectively making a shift from a diabetes diet, to a diabetes and cancer diet.

    I'm creative with food, numbers, nutrition, etc. but this has been a new area of study. And Murphy dictated that on the day I go to the warehouse store to get a bag of avocados to aid in this effort... they are plumb OUT.

    SO I gathered a case of plant based chocolate milkshake cartons that (for the period of time I have gone without sweets) tastes pretty darned good, has relatively low carbs, only 150 calories, and ..... almost 300 mg of potassium per each, with 2 grams of protein!!

    The bananas are a star potassium source, Weez, but another one of those things I have difficulty eating. I can eat bananas in banana nut bread, but even as a youngster, had this unique thing where at the ice cream shops, I'd order a deluxe banana split, and tell them to keep the banana; took years to learn I was ordering a sundae.


    3. ) PTSD and stress reactions relative to my 2 oldest kids, triggering who knows what, in conjunction with the unknowns and risks in flying to Seattle for a consult, and much more.


    4.) I jerked my A1C score backward so hard it made my Doc do a double take, and though I have effectively and successfully done that before, I'm getting older, my body's stressed with all sorts of stuff, and changing metabolic rate and diet that abruptly, is not something that the body responds with "Gee. Thanks. That was awesome.

    When your body comes back on-line where using glucose effectively is concerned, it can, at times, seem like a mild stimulant of amphetamine; your metabolism is making use of energy that it was previously drowning in, but not really burning or using properly.

    Adding that 'Newly' converted energy during a time that there is already hyper-t3nbsion, hyper-vigilance, etc., may, in fact cause a compounding experience., energy-wise.


    5. VERY LOW RH in the house, creating issues for the pores in the lungs tissue to trade oxygen, and.....


    The Perfect Storm for the symptoms experienced over the last several weeks or so.


    Had an ultrasound of my torso, mostly right side, to clarify the condition of the gall bladder, liver, spleen, right kidney, and I forget what all.

    Had a student intern, and I told them straight up after asking about time for the san, that I have had shortness of breath and intermittent/infrequent nausea, off and on, and that quicker was better.

    The plan was for the full-time Radiological Tech to come in and finish up; turned a 25-30 minute scan into almost an hour, but during the practiced breathing, and holding my breath for the images, with powered exhale, I was able to get back to the 'me' I knew in a mask for the last 9-10 months, and the perceived shortness of and mild panic with raised pulse declined.

    Mind power; meditation, and conscious breathing. Hopefully it works as well next time.

    After that I did a chest x-ray, to make sure there wasn't some complicating factor of a more primary and basic sort.


    Washed some THC flower last night with 99.9% iso, and extracted using Weez's method. Had a stash of old unbleached Bunn coffee filters here in a gi-normous bag, so that looks to be covered for a long time.

    Started out a about +24 f. outside at sundown. Rolling boil in a small sauce pan that held a magnet, so seemed appropriate for the induction cook top, though a 1.5 qt. pan, with 1 qt of alcohol solution was likely a bit much.

    IR gun said the rolling alcohol solution was at a varying ~180- f., and I was OK with that, assuming alcohol, like Pet Ether, boiling at a substantially lower temp than H2O.

    Well..... I left someone watching it when I went in, and I can only assume that either some minor leaked alcohol got into the motherboard/circuit board, or these things (my induction cook top in specific) is/are not made to function outdoors, even at those moderate temps.

    When I got back out a short couple minutes later, the heat in the liquid had reached, off and on, up to 340 f. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, I was a bit angry... at me, the universe, you name it.

    I retrieved it and took the pan inside, figuring that there was scant enough solvent left, if any at all, that I could better safely control the heat on the kitchen stove, which I did.

    I left the extract on the stove on low to very low fairly briefly, continuing to use the IR heat guns, side by side, for comparison, maintaining between 200 and 212 f. per the guns.

    I added slightly more coconut oil than the amount f extract, and added organic cacao butter in about the same amount as the coconut oil; both only ever so slightly greater in volume than the extract, then drew the mixture into 3 different needless plastic oral medication hypo's.

    The liquid is not as thick as I had hoped (coconut oil most likely), and I was initially uncertain as to whether or not I had just toasted a 2-1/2 oz. batch of decarbed flowers. I was QUITE irritated.. angry even.

    So I loaded some caps, taking into account 'the dilution of the solution', meaning there's greater volume per dose than the 2 rice grains we'd discussed.

    I clarified that I am using single '0' veggie gelatin capsules, filled the ones in the bag marked 'moderate dose' about 1/3 full, and the bag marked 'stout doe' to about 1/2 plus.

    In cleaning up, which included those times the syringe 'bound' slightly during injecting caps, then the plunger let go abruptly, and I raised to get spots of extract off the floor before our 3 pups got inquisitive.

    Anyway, after handling a few oily caps that had gotten too full, and the rest of the adventure, as well as having trace resin in the bottom of the sauce pan I had used, I began licking this and that, then the other, knowing that I was totally screwing up any hope of having a uniform idea for proper dosing and potency, and asked an adult family member if they were interested in trying the very smallest fill cap I had; they said sure.

    This person has a fairly low tolerance to cannabis, and ate the smallest capsule. An hour later, they said they thought they were feeling it. 2 hours later they had retired to bed, and were limiting sensory stimulus like light, noise, etc.

    Sound familiar? Maybe like a different version of a panic attack, or pre-panic attack.

    Note to self: for the first time in my life, I feel a desire or need to add a true Indica or 2 to the harem of mothers.... for the same reasons I haven't had a cup of coffee in days. no longer necessary.. at least for now.

    Anyway, last night I decarbed another 4 oz. of 220 mg/gram CBD flowers, and close to 5.5 oz. of a combination of Satori 3, Satori 5, White Lotus 1 (which looks way better than when I cut her), Goji OG, and a couple flowers of my 23 yr old Cal. Indica, from Dronkers.

    So, when I began this novella, we were about +25 f. outside, so I'm heading into the store to get a non-digital old-school hot plate of some sort, with a fire safe surface, but analogue, so that my fucking medicine doesn't get quite so close to the edge of destruction again.

    Back to town for some basic equipment, a small number of groceries I didn't get at the other places I was at earlier, wash the 2 batches of decarbed CBD flowers, wash the 2 qt. jars of decarbed high-test THC flowers of mine, get 'er all into caps and into the freezer, transplant my angry mothers, and get that box set up, then pack for Seattle, for the plane tomorrow night, early Wednesday AM.


    I know that was a lot of information, but....


    Lowell George & Little Feat, Live 1977

    Another amazing person who lived fast and hard... Mr. George, singing what was an alma mater back them for some of us cosmic cowboys, hitch-hiker hippies, bikers, stimulated truckers, and others.



    Lowell George

    '20 Million Things to Do'

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    Originally posted by BudToaster View Post
    new study just released:

    Adherence to the Mediterranean diet and grade group progression in localized prostate cancer: An active surveillance cohort
    from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

    Haven't read this BT. I mean to circle back. Too much going on right now, and tight for time.

    But I will be coming back to it, and thank you again.

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    Originally posted by Sat X RB View Post
    Well, on the point below we have somethings in common. One of my Daughters lives with a Redneck and she is suffering psychological abuse because she is isolating herself from her birth family and seems to have lost self esteem ...

    And now my youngest son has taken up with an unmarried Psychologist and we're not hearing much from him and he's not into emails any more. So, He's 47 or so and should have more fukn sense. She's not much younger and I would ask her ... if she were not a shadowy figure ... why she hasn't been married before and why she hasn't got a fukn job.

    Moose ... you can't protect your children from themselves. You have to let them go ... (even my son who owes me twenty thousand fucking dollars!)

    Not as much a matter of letting them go, as much as it is a matter of having relationships better and what they ought to be.

    But yep, they're going to do what they have to do, and the further they act out and twist reality, the longer this goes, the easier it becomes.

    At this point they each get $0 in the estate/Wills, and the Wills are duplicates, mine and my wife's.... Actions have consequences. My older son won't care much, but my materialist daughter, who outright, up-front encouraged me to sign a Do Not Resuscitate order about 4 years ago, then, about 10 miles later was brazen and self-centered enough to further state she'd like my wife's and my home when we die.

    Perhaps that clarifies some aspects of the persona. She has 2 brothers, but somehow figured that after betraying and back-stabbing me, she ought to exclusively get my fucking house, too.

    That occurred when I was escorting her back up from Sitka, when she finished nursing school, and I had flown down to take the ferry back with her to drive home from the mainland in the middle of a moderately cold winter..

    That's one of 100 anecdotes, so no, while I still struggle with heartache, the fact is that as of tomorrow night, I am to be herded onto a commercial aircraft, where the folks in charge, and cashing my checks, have thus far determined that it is better to have a uniform mask policy, than to let folks like myself make ourselves and those around us even more safe.

    So yeah, what ever lessons in narcissism my 2 oldest kids need to resolve, at this point my resources are pretty well taxed, not just economically, but physically, so we'll be filing the new Wills as soon as possible, not withstanding some sort of clearly sincere developmental epiphany on the parts of my 2 oldest.

    Time to cut dead weight; I've got several battles raging inside me that I need to get right for, and I'm lagging in my getting right for this.

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    Well, on the point below we have somethings in common. One of my Daughters lives with a Redneck and she is suffering psychological abuse because she is isolating herself from her birth family and seems to have lost self esteem ...

    And now my youngest son has taken up with an unmarried Psychologist and we're not hearing much from him and he's not into emails any more. So, He's 47 or so and should have more fukn sense. She's not much younger and I would ask her ... if she were not a shadowy figure ... why she hasn't been married before and why she hasn't got a fukn job.

    Moose ... you can't protect your children from themselves. You have to let them go ... (even my son who owes me twenty thousand fucking dollars!)


    Originally posted by moose eater View Post
    My wife and I discussed our 2 older children, and I emphasized that they were never beaten, never molested, fed, kept warm and healthy, and loved, and they had lots of things, trips, etc., and if they are truly unwilling to even hold a civil discussion on the telephone, then, until they re-evaluate the distortions they are perpetuating on-line and elsewhere, and get right with any role they might have here, then there is nothing (the all inclusive 'nothing; love, house, cars, money, heirlooms, etc., etc., etc.) here for them... Until there is an effort by them to seriously evaluate themselves; something they seem to have wiggled away from, most especially my older daughter.

    Cowboy Junkies, Live in Ireland

    Covering Neil Young's 'Powder Finger'

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