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    Thanks ab.

    Yes, there's lots of ramblings in here, mostly by me.

    I recall your reports of your friend's success, and with the NIH link I posted, it seems that (despite them apparently using a 'manufactured or adulterated THCa molecule'), they are also showing progress or success.

    I'm confused, as a renowned guru n this issue, on the forum, had referenced the THCa molecule simply being too big to breech the blood-brain barrier, and this had been reiterated by at least a couple others here and elsewhere. Basically saying that if the targeted CB1 receptor cite isn't in the brain, then have at it (re. using non-decarbed flower/extract).

    But I have WAY too little information re. receptor cites directly related to the organ(s) in trouble, versus the action of the brain and the receptor sites there.

    That all said, your report, and the June 2020 NIH study/review I posted the link to, both point to efficacy in treating cancers with out having to endure outrageous intoxication.

    By the way, I'd have to do some all inclusive math, but I don't think I'm any where near a gram of RSO a day, if we combine all the various forms of cannabinoids I'm ingesting. But who knows? Maybe I'd surprise myself. Still believe I'd be way shy.

    And, Weez seems to be having success, in his specific case, ingesting a lot less than a gram per day, too.

    I think one thing we all agree on, is there's way too little known in a solid way about all of this. But for some, there's apparent success.
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      yes sir, the gram per day was at the time the recommended protocol and i rushed to get to that point regardless the dysphoria and discombobulation. i regret it not tho'.

      i was hoping we could get to the bottom of your anxiety by eliminating some of the variables, but it seems there are factors unnoticed or overlooked, as in decarbed or not, balance between THC & CBD, digestive or absorptive properties, yadda yadda.

      keeping my eyes open.
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        I THINK at the moment that I'm getting (on a regulated day, and starting more or less today, thought the first CBD extract dose was clean-up), about 160mg of decarbed CBD extract in the AM, with MAYBE 100mg of THC from the over-filled caps in the morning, then a dose of about 160mg of decarbed CBD extract mid-day, than at night, another PM pill (70mg CBD, 50mg THCa, & 20 mg THC, along with about another 70 or so mg of my own decarbed CBD flower or extract (transitioning from one to the other now, thankfully).

        Adding ion the CBDa in the tea balls, and I'd take a stab, guessing that all CBD, CBDa, THCa and THC combined, I'm apt to be in the cumulative ~600 to 800 mg/day.

        When the store-bought night-time capsules are gone, the regimen is intended to be (assuming I can deal with it) about 100mg decarbed THC extract and 160mg decarbed CBD in the AM, then another 160mg of decarbed CBD extract around noon, then 160mg decarbed CBD and 140mg decarbed THC extract in the evening. And another 120mg or so of CBDa in tea balls, about 2 x's/day

        I'm close to those numbers now, I think, though maybe a bit over on CBD. That comes up to 840, if the numbers in my bad are right.

        And Weez has been sticking to accurizing his dose at much lower.

        Back to the allergy question; with heightened stress, an auto-immune response wouldn't be unheard of, especially with all of the dietary and other changes happening, so I'm leaving that on the table as a possible explanation.

        Should something like that make itself more apparent or profound, I have a nearly-ancient Epee Pen here, should breathing, etc. come into more serious question than the previous stressed or panicked breathing incorporated.

        edit: The idea of sensing the need to continue using something as a medicine that may be the cause of additional grief is not lost, in re. to the number of ironies or conundrums n this. Justifies my disregard for Murphy on most days./


          By the way, I'm intentionally attempting to hold at my current weight, or about 41 lbs. today less than I was mid-September. I can possibly slowly drop anther 10 or so lbs to be close to ideal weight for my body type, but knowing what I do now, re. the correlation between radical weight loss, cholesterol and gall stones, the rapid drop (not the fastest I've ever done, but pretty rapid), did no favors for the gall stone issues.

          So the cholesterol intake that was feeding them is down to almost nil now, but for one number, and needing to raise the good cholesterol slightly, and there's less discomfort under pressure in the lower liver, likely as a result of eating a bit more, less formation of gall stones (likely and probable), and lots of fiber and veggie roughage.

          Like steering 3 cars at once sometimes, but it's happening... I hope.

          Hoping to hear back from the office of the preferred surgeon today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

          Preliminarily tracked down hotels near him with decent reviews and cleanliness, as well as COVID-safe policies for cleaning and guests, and my primary air carrier is running a sale now, too, so this would maybe be a GOOD time to get a call to say I'm headed to surgery with this fellow later 2nd or early 3rd week of March.. Again, fingers crossed.

          At currently offered rates, I can get a nice hotel near their hospital, for 8-9 nights for about $1,300, round-trip flight for 2 seats (1 empty) for just under $700, another $200 for individual town car service, maybe $200-$300 for eats, etc., and a sizable waterfall of Benjamins for the healthcare industry. A total cost of $2,200 to 2,300 for residuals and essentials not directly related to the procedure.


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            Reishi..will help with cholesterol and the cancer..and gut flora/serotonin/mood and keep yer immune system ready for what may come randomly past..


              Originally posted by maryjaneismyfre View Post
              Reishi..will help with cholesterol and the cancer..and gut flora/serotonin/mood and keep yer immune system ready for what may come randomly past..

              I'd been directed to look into that. When I researched shitake mushrooms, as I like to cook with them sometimes as it is, their purported medical properties were viewed as suspect, at best. However, there were other mushrooms that were brought to my attention recently, again, and I need to get back to reading.

              I'm in a place of using what ever artillery I can get, as long as it isn't in conflict with other aspects of current conventional or non-conventional treatment.

              And, as my history with chronic hives about 20 years ago shows, and my occasional/infrequent reaction on my forearms during a larger harvest, chest tightening with oral ingestion of cannabinoids shortly after decent dosage, etc., it seems my immune system is quite active, and maybe to the extent that it could be my enemy at some time, as it was back then.

              My system's been weird for a lot of years; it often displaces nausea by sneezing (no BS, and far preferred), numerous supplements give me a tight chest sensation, as does Benadryl, just as examples, and a B-6 or B-Com[plex gives me roseola to a limited degree).

              In regard to quizzical body reactions, I probably need to have some sort of Peace Summit with my body, mind, etc., and see if there's a greater cohesion to be had.
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                This is the first link that popped up for reishi that wasn't an ad, from a common search engine.


                This is from WebMD. They acknowledge action against tumors, however they site rashes for some folks, and toxins in the liver, among other things listed. It seemed that either this link, or another, were citing the dried supplement version as most suspect, but I need to read more.

                If I were to try this, I would need to have the other issues more calmed down, and set aside, and head into it somewhat cautiously.

                Thanks again, and I'll keep reading.
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                  I didn't expect a 7:30 P.M. call from the surgeon I'd been hoping to hear from, but they phoned... toward the 3/4 mark of the original 'A Bridge Too Far' (Arnhem Netherlands, where friends live, but a WWII flick of some real snafus by all parties involved).

                  The surgeon took a great deal of time, considering their schedule, and propensity to 'go, go, go' where work is involved.

                  We spoke at length about my concerns with 'quality of life' issues, post procedure, what ever that and those may be. He clarified the numbers he'd given me before; capacity for spontaneous sexual function, post surgery, with pills, is 40-45% to the good. Other rehab options available if not.

                  20-25% chance of spontaneous sexual function without chemistry. (Frankly, unless my recently rogue pulse rate and I make better friends, I'm not sure that I'd be a candidate for such things.

                  Same 90% post-op success rates for absence of enuresis, or urinary incontinence. 10% succumb. everybody gets diapers for the first 3 months of recovery.

                  There's exercises that can be done both for urinary continence, and for sexual function, but urinary continence is 3 months out or so for many, and spontaneous sexual function is a year out for many, if they regain that function..

                  Again, better numbers, but no unicorns, lollipops, or fairies falling from the sky.

                  He's conditionally willing to work on me, in surgery, providing I first speak with another radiation oncologist, or at least seek a better experience than the last RO I spoke with in Alaska.

                  His summation of course of events was;

                  1.) If strictly looking at quality of life issues, then radiation is likely best.

                  2.) If looking at the entire package, including a better shot beyond the 10-year time frame of being able to be cancer free, and if necessary, should the cancer return, then radiation, because surgery allows another shot at the cancer with radiation, in which case starting with surgery is best..

                  3.) End of last week they were booking mid-March. Upon the surgeon's return to the office this week, they're booking later March.

                  (*We'll assume that I'm at least keeping the tumors at bay with the sulforaphane and cannabis extracts, and hope that the next PSA is further diminished, as the last one had gone down by 1.1 points, but that was an isolated window at this time, and only just over a month and a half post-biopsy. Insufficient to draw any conclusions for now).

                  I need to phone back to the clinic the surgeon is affiliated with, to see how soon I might be able to speak with the radiological oncologist they have 'next door' in a related office, to whom they are referring me.

                  If, after that consultation, (hopefully VERY soon), then I'll be making some solid plans one way or the other.

                  We'll need to make this happen soon, if we're to afford the reduced rates on everything else (lodging, airfare, etc.. I suspect my insurance will be pulling out the stops to try and stop their out-flow of money this will lead to, and though I am open to being pleasantly surprised, I'm skeptical that they will offer anything up for alleviating the $ burden of the related costs of seeking service in the PNW).

                  And if it ends up being a matter of radiation, after all, then I'm going to need to locate a clean and strategically located efficiency or studio apartment, near the treatment source, and be willing to live away from home for a while, because I m not likely to seek radiation therapy locally.

                  "The more ya' know...."


                  Tommy Bolin


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                    There's a lot of gibberish and expounding in this thread, in great part due to the stressors here that multiplied and seemed to be flanking me at times. Language as a pressure relief valve. Been that way since early times, many years ago.

                    buzz mentioned 'soot' at one point, which he used to abbreviate, 'sudden onset of tears.' The state of mind that for some involves surrendering to powerlessness over some things, acceptance, maybe different for each person, but similar, too.

                    I made mention pages ago, in reply to Teddybrae, of one possible use of this thread, being the off-chance that some individual new to 'the news', maybe dealing with numerous stressors, or just this one, stumbles across this, and takes the time to find the bits and pieces of marrow buried in here.

                    But I wanted to add this, in re. to managing the overwhelming aspects of the giant hand reaching down and tapping the shoulder, telling the recipient that, "You're not nearly in as much control of some things in your life as you want to be, or thought you were."

                    Seems it's all up for grabs sometimes. Sometimes with little warning. The giant roulette wheel..

                    A source of peace and energy is so important, and there's been too many times recently I didn't have good enough hold of it. Persons around or near can try and instill it, but sometimes when the panic or fear or uncertainty is rocking hard, it has to be something that connects beyond the noise of it all.

                    I asked my family to leave the Christmas tree up when I headed to Seattle this last trip. A matter of having something that was a reminder of something almost sacred. That time with peace and smiles, good will, and hopefully better times..

                    The sense of peace in a home is priceless, in my opinion, and I think, part of the source of energy that allows or disallows a person to find a way through, and to look ahead. What ever that source of that force is, find it. Maybe more than one..

                    The Christmas tree will stay up for now, and maybe for a while. Maybe through the Summer. No visitors, due to C-19, so no questions about, 'Why the tree?' So it'll stand there in the night, in our living room, red, green and gold lights slowly twinkling, silhouetted in a quiet living room where people who care about each other gathered, the tree covered in ornaments, some of them hand-made by children who no longer live here, and a wife and son who do, who also made those pieces of our Christmases...

                    What ever that force or source is in your place or life, if you're dealing with things where it's all gone bonkers, and you're drifting, spinning in circles, have that touchstone, or that image that connects to that force. It's important.. Seriously..


                      'SOOT' just happened again after reading the above, moose eater.

                      Merry Christmas
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                        Originally posted by buzzmobile View Post
                        'SOOT' just happened again after reading the above, moose eater.

                        Merry Christmas
                        Thanks buzz.

                        Things seem to be getting more real here. As I'm sure you can relate, that's both promising and frightening a bit.

                        Without digging through here, and please pardon the request for repeated information, what stage was your cancer at when you were diagnosed?

                        How pervasive in its squatting? What areas, if you're willing to be specific? More or less contained in the prostate 'capsule'?

                        Gleason score again?

                        PSA at the time of intervention(s)?

                        Yep, I'm groping for comparisons. Grasping hope from the history of another.

                        I think the consensus is that I'm currently a T2b. Sounds innocuous enough, right?

                        Right side upper 1/6th, and right side lower 1/6th are both Gleason 8, and without proper addressing with diet and other anti-cancer action currently, I'm told it might own some really good running shoes.


                        I'll likely be milking courage of any kind I can find, from every micron of lint in the house until we roll, and at that point, there's likely no turning back.

                        First somewhat late night in a while, where I'm up for being up. Despite a relatively full dose of THC, CBD, THCa, etc. Time to start gathering strength to keep the lungs clear and heart thumping steady if and when we cut.

                        Tommy Bolin

                        'Wild Dogs'



                          Stage T2a
                          I think Gleason score was 7 or 8?
                          PSA was 5-ish? and was a rapid rise in 6 months time.
                          “The sun will eclipse soon unless you sacrifice the prince consort to the goddess of the moon.”
                          Hans Bornefeld


                            Originally posted by buzzmobile View Post
                            Stage T2a
                            I think Gleason score was 7 or 8?
                            PSA was 5-ish? and was a rapid rise in 6 months time.
                            So between a PSA of 5, you then were 6 months before you began treatment?

                            What did the PSA rise to after the 6 months? Or am I not understanding you correctly?

                            I look back to when I went from a 4 to a 6 in relatively short order, and opted for the MDX Bio-marker test, as it was just a urine sample, following a digital prostate massage.

                            Both said I was Very Low Risk for PC. I knew at the time they were both administered improperly, in part due to my bladder not being patient, and the bladder being too full after waiting too long for the appointment.

                            My advice to anyone as young as 45 or any age after that, would be to get a routine PSA done, and if the rise in #s is even moderately abnormal, a person should entertain more testing, and/or a biopsy.

                            Probably be in a lot better shape had I done that..


                              My PCP saw me every 6 months. My PSA gradually increased but was within high range of normal in the summer 2011. January 2012 PSA over 5. Early May I was at least into radiation treatment. Family history is what triggered the rapid response to elevated PSA and digital exam.
                              “The sun will eclipse soon unless you sacrifice the prince consort to the goddess of the moon.”
                              Hans Bornefeld


                                Originally posted by buzzmobile View Post
                                My PCP saw me every 6 months. My PSA gradually increased but was within high range of normal in the summer 2011. January 2012 PSA over 5. Early May I was at least into radiation treatment. Family history is what triggered the rapid response to elevated PSA and digital exam.
                                Seems like your relatively rapid and early response had something to do with your success, post-treatment.

                                Family history, other than for some extended (mostly Hoosier farmer relatives), many of whom (esp. women on my mother's side), lived to be 90 to 106. Otherwise fam hx was all but non-existent to me..

                                Became a part of somewhat routine gallows humor when doing intake paper work at various clinics over the years; "Well Doc, if they'd stayed alive past their 30s or 40s (with the exception of my mother, who died at 60 or 61 of an acetaminophen OD), I might be able to help you out with some of these questions, but other than for rheumatoid arthritis in my younger brother, I have NO clue."

                                There's serious value in knowing your family health history. Perhaps less, now that we're making some advances in mapping of genetic code, etc., and finding genetic predispositions that way.

                                Thanks for the info, buzz.



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