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  • Cuddles
    hope your trip is successful and have a safe flight, mate. good luck!

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  • buzzmobile
    Safe travels, moose eater.

    I kept my watch cap and pea coat after discharge. Somewhere at some time we separated. I miss them both.

    If you should find yourself by the sea in Seattle feel free to shout into the wind:

    Sea Fever (1902)
    John Masefield

    I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
    And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;
    And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
    And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

    I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
    Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
    And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
    And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

    I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
    To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
    And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
    And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.

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    Guest replied
    No return call from the Patient Care Scheduler I had been promised a call back from.

    ONE returned call from a person at the State, who failed to get accurate information re. my issue, thinking instead I was asking about travel restrictions. I was not.

    Went through the entire story with him, and he said he would try to access the people he needed to, to get to the bottom of it... after he tried to downplay the memo as being probably misrepresented, and actually applying only to State employees and Commissioners.

    That's not how the memo reads to most other educated folks.

    Got one email back from a State Senator who tried to fib his way through the entire failed history of why we've lost our emergency declaration and provisions, and by the time I received his bullshit, I had already accurately researched who said what and when. So I sent back a scathing email, including hard proof of his lying, telling him I'll be keeping his dishonest correspondence through his next election cycle, at which time it will likely become a focus of public discussions about representing one's party, versus representing the people who elected you.

    "-OR- (I offered up as an alternative) YOU COULD DO YOUR JOB!!!"

    So I'm packing, need to get to the store to buy some food items, and it looks like tomorrow I'll be in the air, flying into Seattle, risking C-19, so the politicians can play partisan games.

    I look forward to a time in the future, when drinking establishments and restaurants are open more than currently, and there's an increased chance to coincidentally rub elbows with some of these folks. I have some things I'd like to express up close and personal. Something more real than the fibs they tell to avoid responsibility.

    Back to packing.


    John Prine

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    Guest replied
    Currently have calls in to a couple of major players inside the administration's hierarchy, to see if they'll come across with a definitive "Yes, Telehealth is definitely back on," and to see who is willing to stick their neck out far enough on such a determination as to whose name and number I can give to the Seattle surgeon's folks, to get us all further away from the edge of this thing.

    Many seem gung-ho to say, "You're fine!!" right up until you ask if they'll be a formal contact person for the purpose of verifying T-health is good to go, at which point the call gets transferred to another person, or another name and phone number are offered to me.

    That all tells me that in bureaucracy, it's not much different than the military or any other Beast that's grown too damned big; no one wants to be seen as outside the proverbial wire or to stick their neck out, even if making a logical and helpful decision or action.

    The rules seem to include, always defer to another person to take the 'hit', never speak candidly, don't make waves, keep your name out of print, go along to get along, and what ever you do, don't embarrass anyone above you in the hierarchy, no matter how madly they deserve to be embarrassed.

    In other words, our systems reinforce mediocrity where services to the public are concerned. So it shouldn't be any wonder as to why we have what we do, in the way of public service and effectiveness.


    David Bromberg, Live, 1977

    'Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair'

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    Guest replied
    Originally posted by trichrider View Post
    i assure you there was no inherent subliminal message in the music link. it was something i thought, since we apparently have similar music preferences, you'd find inspiration in...and i don't believe you're arrogant...fwiw...and i also have a handle on fading peeps.


    great news on not having to make that expensive and obviously unnecessary trip back and forth. maybe Murphy was busy with me and the old lady. when will your trip down be confirmed? mid March or so?

    are you eating the TT after making tea? and if so, did they still have leather like qualities?
    i have a half gallon baggie left of TT left from last year. never really knew what dosage would be appropriate, did you receive guidance on that? ...from the seller maybe?

    thanks for the insight on the diabetes, maybe it'll help with her depression...especially the part about activity being important. that part i was vociferous about (apart from the dietary) the importance for fighting the SAD...maybe linked to vitamin D deficiency...

    Thank you, trich.

    And I apologize for considering the initial over-interpretation, but glad I'd left it as a question rather than a fact.

    Yes, I'm eating the Turkey Tail 'shrooms after they've been simmered for quite a while, with several batches of tea from one pot of water with them in it. Yes, they are tougher than shitake, but ore tender than Chaga, if that says anything. Considerably more tough than a simmered peyote button, in making peyote tea.

    Please share with your wife, if you feel inclined, that I am and was a guy who LOVES good food, loved to cook, and grew up with good food, even when we were poor; referencing the contrast between domestic insanity and the smell of pecan maple sticky buns form another posts pages ago..

    When I got my type II diagnosis 11 years ago, I had limited knowledge of the way carbs work (it's truly a numbers game, custom-tuned to each person's metabolism, and we don't get to find our own specific and unique boundaries until we find them. We can poke, or prod, finding them in gentle ways, or "wtf' ways by pushing them hard, but we will eventually find what our metabolism thinks is right).

    I envisioned a horrible future of eating dried organic chow out of boxes, reminiscent of the 1970s pre-fab organic meals in a box, where the cardboard often tasted better than the contents.

    I retreated to my old stand-by where life is concerned, when things -feel- like they are ripped from my control (maybe some of what your wife is feeling?), or seem to be, and I was going to get another Electraglide, cruise to the East Coast of Canada, to the Maritime Provinces, to a place I knew of out that way in the early 1970s, called 'The Tin Kettle/Copper Kettle(??)' or something like that, situated on the shore end of a pier, with a little shack that did fresh raw oysters, steamed clams, lobster, etc. I was going to party my ass off, binge on exceptional seafood, and call it quits, joining my family of origin members.

    Over time, and getting past the initial shock (and the internal tantrum re. not having the level of control in my life that my OCD/PTSD sometimes requires), I found that I could eat most (not all, but most) of the things I used to eat, as long as they were made differently, with whole grains and/or better/healthier ingredients, keeping any carb sources reassigned to safer items, and being active on top of the dietary changes.

    Some of it was discarding old, previously accepted falsehoods, some of which took years of reframing; the whole hippie era concept of rice being a good thing, for example. BS. Even, organic, brown, short-grain rice (my favorite rice in most cases) is LOADED with carbs; the primary difference being that complex carbs and whole grains, in most cases, take longer to process in the system, so even when the carb count looks higher (brown rice to white rice, as an example) the white rice releases sugar into the blood much more quickly than the brown, even though the brown rice typically has more total carbs.

    Years later, an old-time country Doc up here, over a hundred miles from my home, who I would travel to see, after burning out on the local corporate clinic's nonsensical policies, straightened me out re. the concept of 'serving sizes' as written on packages. They are often nearly totally arbitrary, and the less attention we pay to them, instead honoring the math behind the actual nutritional value numbers, the better off we are.(*Tell your wife that if she isn't already, that this diagnosis will potentially make her a food products label-reading fanatic).

    To make the journey a bit more convoluted, our metabolisms are rarely stuck in one place for years and years. As we age, or as our activity levels change, and as our organs struggle, our metabolic rates change, and so do our reactions to various foods.

    I could, 6 months after diagnosis, get up at night, and eat 8-10 servings of watermelon. Love the stuff. And my glucose would not act like it got shot off the earth on a rocket, waking up the next morning, instead, with relatively legal numbers.

    11 years later, and 2 kick-starts on the pancreas, after rapidly jerking numbers around, I can't do that as safely or as effectively as I once did. And she (your wife) maybe has the luxury now, not withstanding depression brought by the dx and other life changes, to include your pup, to change her diet and activity level less abruptly, so as not to invite some of the outrageous side-effects I had a couple months ago, where deficiencies are suspected to have bene at least partly involved in the palpitations, etc.

    1 carb unit = 15 grams of carb. It was accepted for a long time that a person ought to be seeking 1 carb unit (15 grams of carb) for breakfast, or less, then 1-3 carb units for lunch and dinner. But that these balanced numbers cold be shifted, like money from savings into checking, or a monthly household budget. i.e., if I ate .5 carb units for breakfast (7.5 grams of carb) and 1 carb unit for lunch, then I could splurge at dinner and have my 3 carb units (45 grams).

    Easy, right? but I'm a guy who counts mile-markers backward on the highway, to keep my brain awake, so a Rainman existence was already upon me, as part of my OCD/PTSD combo. Not everyone's cup of tea.

    So, math where carbs and other nutrients are concerned, and food product label-reading like your life depends on it., because it does. That often leads to fewer store-bought processed foods for many folks; fewer adulterants, to include the mind-blowing eye-opener when a person realizes how many product s on the market have sugar added that are TOTALLY unnecessary.

    (i.e. When you make a good Tex-Mex chili, do you put sugar in it?? me either. But go to your local grocery store, and read labels there, seeing how many brands of chili, even well-reputed name brands of canned chili, as one example, have sugar added to them; making America diabetic for the sale of profits, for the subconscious taste experience brought by sweeteners).

    That's the beginning of my novella on Type II diabetes.

    Also, recently, despite my having lots of sprouted whole grain breads (made with no sugar or honey) in the freezers, we've made our recent wheat-free breads with almond flour, coconut flour, and ground psyllium husks, radically increasing protein content, while decreasing carb content by LOTS. My metabolism has changed enough that the old sprouted whole grain bread is still too much, unless I'm making a half of a sandwich to go with a small bowl of soup or something.

    In her experimenting, tell her, (and yourself) to keep an eye on glucose levels that I (in my own observations) are possibly the result of synergy under heat, between nutrient and carb sources. My primary example occurred here over time, involving moose stew; low fat, similar cholesterol to beef, but way more lean, etc. I would make moose stew, and other than for potatoes and carrots, and a drizzle of maple syrup, molasses, and some minor other carb sources, it was made of stuff that should have been diabetes-safe. Yet, I would eat a bowl of relatively healthy, often mostly organic, moose stew, and something was slighting the proverbial fuse under my glucose level's rocket. even now, on my newer vegan diet, when we puree veggies to make a thick base or broth for a vegan stew or chowder, I keep an eye on how I'm feeling.

    When and if your wide gets her diet and body cleaned up for excess carbs and unnecessary or unhelpful dietary stuff, she may, as many do, be able to 'feel' when she ate something she shouldn't have, or that had a surprise punch to glucose levels. I used to describe that 'Oops' sensation as the equivalent of a 1/2-tab of a light dose of valium, with a 1/4 tab of something like Dexedrine. If you can fathom that experience in your mind. Or maybe you've been there in the past?

    But if you let your body's systems and metabolism slowly shift back to where you don't want it, and the changes are more gradual, that sensory or experiential 'read' on glucose can be more difficult to discern.

    Another classic symptom of having a higher glucose level over time, is a discernible sense lethargy, during which even simple tasks are tiring as all hell. Literally. If that is going on, check the blood more regularly, and make changes accordingly.

    I hope she does well. And again, I apologize of there was any offense caused by my questioning the intent of messages, subliminal or otherwise.

    Best of luck, and we have modified recipes here if you would like.

    Bear in mind, if you NEED to add a limited amount of sweetener to a dish you're preparing, my own (and many others') observations have been that a small amount of (organic) maple syrup will bump your glucose far less than honey or sugar. Though, as you know, honey provides some amount of immune system benefit, especially the more locally it's produced/sourced.

    In the beginning of my new path re. diabetes when my diet was first being changed for the better, and I would walk into a café, or store that had a deli, smelling all the delectable smells, I would super-impose the image of a skull & cross-bones (death symbols) on those things that I knew were no longer acceptable, and I can tell you that mind game worked for me. no guarantees for others.

    My eyes show no degeneration from diabetes at this time, and I don't have any pronounced peripheral neuropathy either; I've been fortunate in those regards. Some of those outcomes are the product of genetics, and some are a matter of diet and supplements.

    If your wife wants to be proactive re. peripheral neuropathy, look up studies done/vetted/reviewed re. 'alpha lipoic acid'. Specifically a study where participants on the ALA side of the study were given 600 mg intravenously/day, and I believe it was FDA or NIH found that 600mg/day, did appear to reduce the risk of developing, or reduce the symptoms of, peripheral neuropathy. (*I gave up playing with syringes when I was 15 or 16 yrs. old, but I use the 600mg capsules, which are available fairly readily; read reviews and if you can find them, lab analysis of specific products, as not all supplements are equal in quality).


    I saw Jesse Colin Young and Leon Redbone at the University of Alaska Fairbanks concert hall shortly after John Lennon was shot. I went by myself, in a classic long Navy pea coat, and ate a hit of LSD beforehand. JCY's encore was John Lennon's imagine. A bit much for a good dose of acid, but more than fitting for the time. Acid tears.

    Jesse Colin Young

    'Get Together'
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  • trichrider
    i assure you there was no inherent subliminal message in the music link. it was something i thought, since we apparently have similar music preferences, you'd find inspiration in...and i don't believe you're arrogant...fwiw...and i also have a handle on fading peeps.


    great news on not having to make that expensive and obviously unnecessary trip back and forth. maybe Murphy was busy with me and the old lady. when will your trip down be confirmed? mid March or so?

    are you eating the TT after making tea? and if so, did they still have leather like qualities?
    i have a half gallon baggie left of TT left from last year. never really knew what dosage would be appropriate, did you receive guidance on that? ...from the seller maybe?

    thanks for the insight on the diabetes, maybe it'll help with her depression...especially the part about activity being important. that part i was vociferous about (apart from the dietary) the importance for fighting the SAD...maybe linked to vitamin D deficiency...

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    Guest replied
    Thanks, buzz.

    Yes, the memo looks promising.

    I'd initially posted a link to it here, but had second thoughts, and the nature of my circumstances would've been very similar to those of another person who wrote to them, and connections would have been more glaring than comfort zones might've appreciated.

    Especially in light of it being an 'internal memo' that was only sent to commissioners, directly by the Governor, with there already likely being some questions as to how I got it..

    We are, for now, changed back to a Telehealth/Zoom appt. for the same time, date, and Doc, and the Patient Care Coordinator has reviewed the memo (which they missed in the first volley of messaging we began yesterday). They believe it says the same things we and my legislator acquaintance interpret it as saying (it is written vaguely, and I suspect purposefully so). But the Patient Care person is going to show an e-copy of the memo to a primary nurse to the Doc I'll see, to get a final say on it.

    Walking on pins and needles is something I was never good at in these sorts of situations. I could look officials in the eye and not blink or shake, but when I'm relying on someone else's interpretation of something, answers are not immediate, etc., I get more than a bit antsy. Another day that it's a good thing that I've mostly ceased coffee.

    I'm heading for a morning dose of CBD, a vaporizer full of some White Lotus #3, and several oz. of broccoli sprouts, chew some of the Turkey Tail 'shrooms I made a tea out of 2 days ago, & catch up on the sleep that's been lost over the last week or so.

    This whole interactive reality thing, relying on others' perspectives for necessary stuff, is more than a bit taxing. Like following someone who's had their turn signal on for the last mile or 3; "WHAT??!!! What are you going to DO???!!!"


    John Mayer, Live

    'Waiting on the World to Change'

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  • buzzmobile
    A song for the occasion for the two of you...

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    Guest replied
    Well, buzz, it appears your link to the Lovin' Spoonful/John Sebastian tune on Ed Sullivan was about a day early.

    I just received a call from my acquaintance and former activist in the legislature, as well as a link to, and pdf copy of, a memo in an email. Last night at midnight, the Governor of Alaska, Mike Dunleavy, signed a memo instructing the State's Commissioners that, in light of the legislature's not having yet passed a more comprehensive COVID Emergency Declaration and Provisions Bill, previous allowances for the past Emergency Orders and Provisions provided by the Governor, which would have expired, are to remain functional, until they can be replaced with something more permanent.

    He's somewhat less specific than that, but that's the gist of the thing.

    There's some paraphrasing in my reiteration, and I'll need to be on the telephone tomorrow AM at 7:00 or so, to make sure they are accepting of this status at the other end in Seattle. But I sent a copy of the memo as an attachment, and a link to the source-page, to help with authentication.

    In other words, if everybody is still content re. this Telehealth meeting and plans, it's a go, I get to still do the heating oil run on Wednesday, save the ~$450 the trip would've cost, put the 65,000 air miles back into my wife's air mileage account, stay home, and pet my pups.

    Tentatively speaking, I'd call that a win that approaches miracle status.

    We're not out of the woods yet, but I can see the break at tree-line.

    Firming up of agreements to occur tomorrow morning via telephone, but for now, I'm headed to a vaporizer with some Satori #2 in it.



    Santana & Everlast

    'Put Your Lights On'
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    Guest replied
    Originally posted by buzzmobile View Post
    I watched Satan and Adam this afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I spent some time taking a walk to NYC. There was a lot of broken glass in Harlem in 1976.

    Johnny Winter floated across the stage in 1969 at the Miami Rock Festival in Hollywood, FL. Ethereal would be the word to describe his appearance under the stage lighting.

    A Dyson fan will cancel Murphy's fan blades. Keep working those phones and interwebs, moose eater.
    Thanks for your continued good will and support, buzz.

    I thought 'Satan & Adam' carried forward lots of good vibes, lessons about life, and more. As I wrote earlier, after viewing it, my wife thought it might be a good inspirational thing to watch here routinely. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I saw Johnny & Edgar together, along with a whole BUNCH of other bands, in either '75 or '76 near Wyoming, Michigan, at a large rodeo arena, with the event titled 'The Electric Rodeo.' The township banned future concerts there after that. Don't know how long the ban lasted, as I had to 'depart the area' for other pressing reasons, if'n you know what I mean.

    Heart, Nils Lofgren, Stars, Renaissance, Johnny & Edgar, and perhaps 6-8 more. Lots of ODs that day, UCs busting folks for weed, while the ODs were largely PCP meets 95 degree f. heat, high humidity, bright sun, and too much beer.

    My now-deceased younger brother and I had ridden there on my motorcycle, eating Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose Seeds, and watching trails/tracers from the frisbees. Great show, other than watching some of the ensuing carnage; folks falling from up on high in the bleachers, ODs, etc. The music was awesome. The human behavior otherwise left some things to be desired.
    We're making things happen with 'a little help from our friends.' Murphy throws up a road-block, and the 4-wheel drive goes into gear. Hopefully the transfer case and drive-lines hold up.

    I even went out on a limb, and made arrangements for a cabin at the lodge (on an old dirt road to nowhere), where we launch the snowmobiles and freight sleds from, when my younger son and I head back into the mountains for our annual 'church' with the lake trout and burbot.

    We'd normally stay in Tok Junction the first leg of that trip, and have a connection there who lets me 'live as freely as we need to' in his rooms, but with COVID, and Tok Jct. being on the main thoroughfare into Alaska by road, coming from the Yukon Territory (Canada), or leaving the State , we don't need any rolling of more dice re. potentially contaminated areas. So we're compromising and heading all the way to the launching and prepping site, with the remote possibility that we get in early enough to make the 17 miles into the bush, after loading freight and arranging gear/machines for several hours.

    So progress forward is hopefully happening in all ways, though if I fly instead of Telehealth, I'll need to put the 165-gallon heating oil run on hold that I had intended to do under +20 degree f. skies on Wednesday afternoon. I'll donate that one to Murphy with scant protest at this point.


    Carlos, Live in Mexico, 1993

    Samba Pa Ti

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  • buzzmobile
    I watched Satan and Adam this afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I spent some time taking a walk to NYC. There was a lot of broken glass in Harlem in 1976.

    Johnny Winter floated across the stage in 1969 at the Miami Rock Festival in Hollywood, FL. Ethereal would be the word to describe his appearance under the stage lighting.

    A Dyson fan will cancel Murphy's fan blades. Keep working those phones and interwebs, moose eater.

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    Guest replied
    Thanks trich.

    Putting down a dog that has lost quality of life, is as humane as allowing our own species to pout themselves down, whether via Death with Dignity programs, legislation, etc. Same flow, dynamics, values and righteousness; it's the right thing to do.

    I had a Blood Glucose level of 251 when I was first diagnosed. The first symptoms, aside from lethargy, were fungal infections that would not heal, particularly in damp areas of the body.

    Type II diabetes can readily be turned around with diet and activity, though your body will only tolerate abrupt changes so many times before it flips you the bird a bit, and gets a bit more stubborn.

    The diet and activity need to start some what soon, but not to the extent of the 200-500 calories a day that I was doing this recent time, which likely cast the heart issues into motion. No baseline to prove that, but logically, it's one of the few concrete explanations.

    Nothing that isn't complex, in the way of carbohydrates, and if she desires to radically reduce carb intake, BUT also continue eating healthy amounts, fat near or on the live are initially converted to carbs, once other sources run thin, and glucose readings can remain reasonable, even with no carb intake. BUT, this is a personal metabolic issue, and needs to be monitored. (*The 'liver fat conversion to carbs' came from a Canadian site in Ontario, and has credibility in general, as well as anecdotally, in my own case, I can say it proved to be true).

    Limiting carbs, activity, lots of veggies, and whole grains with no refined anything, and the Metformin, or what ever they have recommended, can, for some/many/most, become unnecessary. My 1st five years after diagnosis (from 11 years go, until about 6 years ago) after adjusting diet and activity, I ran legit morning glucose numbers of 90 to 115 routinely, with NO medication at all.

    And contrary to many persons' thinking, morning glucose is NOT the lowest point in the day; coming out of lethargy and sleep, the liver has been converting food fat and stored fat, and the glucose in the morning can be 10-30 pts higher than during periods of activity in the day time, even with healthy diet/appetite.

    Good luck.
    As a side note, on the chance that music link was a message, I do not believe I'm arrogant. I believe I speak to what I know, acknowledge what I don't but read things pretty clearly in people most of the time. Learned and trained as such..

    I tend to speak directly, which some folks find offensive, and sometimes misread, but I attempt to honor most boundaries, more than not, and expect the same.

    At the same time, I won't take part in the 'Economic Stockholm Syndrome' that has those among us who are ill, being taken advantage of by a System that fails to acknowledge their own graft and corruption.

    There are many persons who don't have my wife to run spread sheets to compare payments to billing, and see when they're being screwed, whether unintentionally, or more purposefully; either way, if not caught and corrected, the economic burden and over-payments continue to be made by those who are often among the least able to absorb such indignity and inequity.

    I'll light fires over that sort of injustice all day long, and twice on Sundays. Including in my own case, this time around.

    The 2nd erroneous bill from the hospital (actually the 3rd form them, always in THEIR favor, thus making it more implausible that it's a mere glitch, though the other one not counted is in the works still, but there have been 3 that were over-billings) was straightened out this morning, with them giving the classic non-responsibility explanation... again.. "When the insurance company re-evaluates a claim, sometimes the computer takes a negative bill and makes it a positive."

    My reply: "Guess who programs computers? Your tech guys. Every mistake falls in the benefit of the hospital, not the patient, removing the principle of mere error and the 'tossed coin' probability. Fix them.. The next one will cost you $50/hour, plus materials, to include postage, finance charges, etc.".

    Otherwise it behooves them to NOT fix this. And again, LOTS of persons who are not as conscious or conscientious about reviewing bills, versus EOBs are unable to track this.

    Folks who are in the throws of wasting syndrome, doing radiation and chemo, as just ONE example. Many pf them are too far addled with pain killers or other side effects to track this stuff, and in their cases, uncorrected billing ought to be criminal when it happens more than 2 x's.


    I made contact with a tax-free lodging affiliated with the hospital the meeting is to take place at, and they have an early AM free shuttle that can get me to one clinic, then onto the final destination, in time for the meeting.

    Their rates are more than fair, the lack of a bed tax is awesome, and they have a Whole Foods store in walking distance. Free wi-fi to communicate with home via Chromeboook,

    Made contact with the town car service I use in Seattle, and made tentative arrangements for the ride from the airport, to the lodging, and back. All's good, though I let him know we're still in a holding pattern of sorts here, waiting on a reply this evening from my past activist and now-legislator acquaintance.

    No one in at the Doc's office in scheduling today (President's Day), so I sent a message via their portal re. possible changes, to see if the can remain flexible, re. a Telehealth appt., versus a live and in color visit.

    So, if I need to fly, I'm not as content about it as I would be if I were saving the $jing for later, necessary procedures, and instead sitting in front of my computer screen, in my own home, with my own surroundings, pups, family, grub, etc.

    But Murphy sent the whole thing toward the fan blades, and we caught it, picked it up, and, at least for the moment, seem to have maybe come up with some workable alternatives, of which the greatest remaining question at this time is whether or not the Doc can meet in person, rather than via a computer screen.

    And, in my favor, providing the Doc wasn't dead-set on sitting in front of HIS computer screen at home for this meeting, the free, early morning shuttle I'll take to which ever place, stops at both places he has offices.. So there's that benefit in play, too.


    Johnny Winter, Live, in the UK, 1974

    'Jumpin Jack Flash'

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  • trichrider
    situation with my wife and dog...hmmn...
    realistically that dog biting her hand saved her life.
    she and i had no idea she was diabetic. her blood sugar in the hospital was 215/230.

    they told her how close she was to that edge had she continued in her/our ignorance.
    and as far as putting him down, i think i did him and us a favor, he was suffering.
    i tried convincing the wife we should euthanize him, but she was not having it and ended up prolonging his/our misery.
    he didn't struggle at all, just twitched a couple times and expired.


    thanks for the good vibes guys.

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  • Cuddles
    Originally posted by trichrider View Post
    pour me some of that pity punch! Murphy done f*cked up my mojo.

    our dog (friend of 15 years) suffered breast cancer the last year of his existence and was beginning to have incontinence and muscle degradation to the point of not being able to get up and/or move around. here he is in his prime:
    View Image
    he's in the ground now...sniff sniff.

    the wife was attempting to feed him and tried lifting his head to do so when he bit her left hand, seriously bad...and she is arthritic...two days prior to Christmas.
    being the Babushka that she is, she deferred the doctor until after the holiday.

    she went to the ER to have it cleaned and bandaged only to find they wouldn't release her. gave her the cov2 test (negative) did blood work to find she is (and has been) diabetic for some time. put her on IV antibiotics and insulin, then scheduled surgery for two days the surgery, but they still would not release her as her blood pressure and blood sugar were WAY HIGH, and healing would be problematic. on top of that, there were no visitors allowed.

    after four days she was let out. the Dr.s were spot on, she wasn't healing and the hand was infected, so the next week she was reemitted for another four days.

    she is still dealing with BS (blood sugar) but her BP (blood pressure) is coming lower. been dealing with the anxiety and stress of learning what she can or cannot consume and what/how her body feels like...lethargy, weakness, pain, fatigue, and the anxiety of knowing Murphy (the devil) has her on his dance card.

    snowed 14" over the last 36 hours, but the temperature never got below 20*. rain in the forecast for tonight...just hoping with all the snow on the trees that it won't be sleet...anticipating Murphy breaking limbs off the tall least we haven't had the 40 mph winds they predicted...

    govt. might turn out to be Murphy.

    giving a shout out to your lady for what she has to endure in these trying times.

    Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away

    Sorry to hear this, not just your wife´s injury but your dog too :( I know what it´s like.
    I just wanted to recommend getting a really good probiotic for your wife because those antibiotics really f*ck up the gut.


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  • buzzmobile
    Originally posted by trichrider View Post
    thanks buzz.
    its taking a long time and we're finding no instant gratification dealing with the medical industrial complex.
    medicare though has been a godsend...she only just turned 65 last october.
    If not for the VA and Medicare, I would not be able to post here this morning.

    Focus on her recovery. The rest of the stuff is noise.

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