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Please PM me your personal experience with CHS Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

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    Your post doesn't look like Science to me, Doug.

    Originally posted by Douglas.Curtis View Post


      My CHS experience/nightmare

      Originally posted by Douglas.Curtis View Post
      I'm collecting personal reports on the subject. I would appreciate anyone responding to include (when at all possible):

      • Full details on how it affected you personally, as many episodes as you can remember
      • As much information as possible on the source of the cannabis used for each episode, and any treatments it received during the grow
      • Extraction information on the process and solvents used, for any extraction based episodes
      • Detailed information on whether the smoking gear used was brand-new or freshly cleaned
      • Details on any changes noticed in episodes, especially after multiple episodes spanning several years

      Posts to this thread, other than helpful suggestions on details I should be collecting, will be ignored.

      Your help is greatly appreciated.

      Man oh man where do I even start. I started smoking when I was 16 ( I am 24 now). The first few years were fine and I was not affect. By the time I turned 18 I never wanted to eat. I’d wake up in the morning with an excruciating stomach pain, I would say it felt like my stomach was eating itself. Would refuse to eat till mid day or till the munchies kicked in. This went on for about a year then I started to get more and more Nauseous in the morning. I would take long hot showers in the morning to calm my stomach down which would help up until I got out of the shower and the feelings would be back. Soon enough I started throwing up everyday. This went on for 5 years. I was always told it was my diet. I would “try” to eat healthy but every time I got Nauseous I would “cure” it by smoking.(little did I know that was the root of the problem) little over 2 years ago I finally got good insurance and decided to figure this out. Ready to get a endoscopy and all the tests Done I go in and openly tell them I smoke. The doc tells me to quit for a week and see what happens. Sure enough I continue my bad diet and everything else and stop smoking and I didn’t get stomach pain no nausea or anything. ( some days would be so bad I’d be throwing up multiple times, I’d feel cold and my face was numb and tingly) it was great I found the cause to this terrible feeling but what sucks is I would choose to smoke of a drink any day and now I can’t do that anymore.

      What I normally smoke is wax. Dabs or a pen but when this first started it was just flower. I actually switched to wax because I thought it was helping at the time but it still caught up to me. I recently quit for 3 months felt better. Started again took 1 month and it’s back again. Stomach pains and nausea. I am always looking for a cure.


        Originally posted by Marrieberrie View Post
        I am always looking for a cure.
        Welcome to ICMag!!

        Have you tested your condition with cannabis grown without aza/neem?
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