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Hash Oil Cures Cancer!

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      easy there kitty are starting to hurt my feelings...hhahaha
      Your Highness


        Originally posted by clide2.0 View Post
        ...Naptha is not an approved pharmaceutical solvent. Propane, butane, and carbon dioxide are. ...
        ...and Ethanol is !
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          Very true. Listen to this dude Rufus, he knows what he's talking about. We're talking about solvents that are deemed permissible to remain in trace amounts in the finished product as they have no negative health consequences that are measurable. Unlike things like naphtha, Coleman Fuel, kerosene, jet fuel, you know...Rick Simpson shit.


            Originally posted by clide2.0 View Post
            The evil government wants to keep it secret!
            Originally posted by clide2.0 View Post
            I'm sorry, I haven't done the controlled double blind peer-researched studies that Rick Simpson has propagated throughout the medical community.
            You're right, the government loves us, and this Rick Simpson character is out to get us all.

            *punches cancer patient*


              They're not a cancer patient if they refused all treatment. Like Rick Simpson says, people who use hash oil should not undergo cancer treatment or chemotherapy at all, as it is poison and makes you sick. Hash oil, on the other hand, made with naphtha in the great Canadian tradition, cures all ills.


                You act like you've never known anyone (or known someone who's known someone) that's undergone chemo or taken the medicine and gotten sick and died.
                Are you denying it happens or just being a shithead for kicks?

                I could list at least six people in and around my family that have died as a direct result of chemotherapy/radiation/medication.

                Seriously, what's your gripe with thc as a medicine? You don't seem to know anything about it so I don't think you've read any studies or done any research... what are you even doing on this website?


                  Well there has been talk over regular cannabis consumption killing cancer cells, and since BHO/hash oil is a cannabis concentrate it only makes sense that its cancer killing effects would only be concentrated as well. Thus making them more noticeable.

                  Just a theory.

                  Whoops, wrong hash oil! Lol, my bad. Well I'll leave that up there anyway.
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                    You're just a joke to me if you're going to impugn my research. I'm not your messiah Rick Simpson so I'm not about to use what I've read to justify absurd claims. I'd like to see a study showing magical hash oil is as effective as Taxol. It certainly could be. But I've yet to hear about rubbing Taxol on oneself.




                        An excellent and reasoned reply to an information-filled post such as mine. Please don't rub hash oil on yourself if you have cancer, go to a doctor.


                          What he just said ^. I guess you could try hash oil in conjunction with a Doctor's advice/Treatment. Good advice clide.


                            But wait! According to Rick Simpson, cannabis oil magically cures diabetes too.

                            The suggestion that a patient facing a life-threatening illness should avoid chemotherapy and instead put his or her life on the line for the life-saving cannabis oil, all on the promise and thorough medical research of a high-school dropout and janitor is utterly and completely appalling.

                            Rick Simpson is a crank. Marijuana may - or may not - have some promising role to play in developing a treatment for some forms of cancer. But the claims that ingesting it,. injecting it, or applying it as a topical oil magically makes cancer AND diabetes disappear are utterly reckless and plainly bogus.

                            If it's true - then standard double blind testing and discounting for any placebo effect will confirm everything Simpson claims. And if it's bullshit - it will be shown to be bullshit, too.

                            Doubtless, the tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists will then scream Big Pharma this and Big Business that to justify why this snake oil pitchman deserves to be believed, canonized and elevated to Sainthood.

                            A person's ability to rationally assess incredible stories and discount them for what they are (incredible) seems inversely proportional to that individual's disdain for rational, quantifiable science and modern medicine.
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                              He deserves to be crucified on an upside down Caduceus. CBD has a positive role in mitigating diabetes but that sure doesn't make it a cure. And hash oil as an effective palliative agent and appetite stimulant doesn't make it a cancer cure either (FDA deep in tests to approve Sativex for these things in the USA. Real hash oil medicine). Showing some promise in fighting cancer is something that shows promise in fighting cancer. It doesn't give someone the right to claim they've cured people of cancer. Also, if you're one of the types that fatigues refers to at the end or if you simply love good quality oil, check out the mean green of Big Rick's oil to be convinced of his insanity.


                                I've seen cannabis oil cure skin cancers. But the oil used was not processed like Rick's. It is the original HOLY ANOINTING OIL, used in biblical times by people like Jesus. It has other ingredients in it, it's not processed with chemicals, but infused in oil (preferably hemp oil, but olive oil works too). Big difference in what a lot of ppl are using (this Holy Anointing Oil) vs Rick Simpsons deal.

                                The recipe for this oil exists on this site. Look for it, make it, try it, you'll like it!

                                This is the recipe that Jack Herer and Eddy Lepp promote and use a lot.

                                Tip: you can give it to your pets if they are out of hand, and they will calm down nicely.

                                It heals a lot of skin conditions, eases localized pain and I'm sure has many other uses that I've yet to explore.