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Saints in the Superbowl?

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    Originally posted by RUDEBOI
    Yeah I agree thats some Straight up covert racism, but to each his own. I tried to ignore that shit but fa' real it got to me. I guess because it would be the first time in history that there would not only be 1 African American Head Coach but 2 African American Head Coaches. Not only that it would be the first time that a African American Head Coach has won the NFC Conference Championship. And I suppose thats the reason that it would be the least watched in Superbowl history right?

    Not Hardly, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is!! How anyone could otherwise come up with why the Superbowl will have fall off when you have America's Golden Boy Peyton Manning and arguably with Marvin Harrison & Reggie Wayne the most potent passing attack in the NFL. BTW Joseph Addai, ain't half bad either, not as much of a EDGE drop off as was initially expected. Against the Bears with arguably the best defense in the league (statistically ranked 5th) don't fail to mention Devin Hester the Probowl special teams player that led the league in Punt return for TD's.

    I tried Real Hard to think why anyone would say that Colts Vs. Bears would be the lowest watched game in Superbowl history, Especially after last year. Need I remind you, Seattle Seahawks Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. Where the biggest story they could come up with for the entire superbowl was that it was gonna be the last game for "The Bus" at his hometown of Detroit.LOL If that wasn't a Lame ass superbowl devoid of Star Power, I don't know what was. But Peyton Manning and the Super potent Passing attack, against Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, and the rest of the ProBowlers that comprise the Chicago Bears defense won't draw any interest huh?LOL
    Where Does that say least watched super bowl because the race of the coach. I dont know about you but I could give less of a crap about the coach. I probably wont watch the game cause I couldnt give to farts out of a goats ass about either team. The Bears Cool shit good for them havent been to a super bowl in 20+ years. Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Peyton f'ing Manning. They have been saying he cant get to the Super Bowl since his first game. After this long do we really care anymore. I think that unless you are from Chicago or Indy, whats the point of watching the game. These teams dont have a big following outside of the hometown. Thats my opinion why this will be one of the least watched super bowls of all time.


      Yeah well im gonna watch it. Does that mean I am the only one? perfect time for someone to flash a titty?
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        Im so glad that TOM lost the made my year ....GO COLTS... the bears D is so fun to watch.. i think its the colts year...U know what IM glad theres two black coaches in the superbowl.....there both great guys and coaches who fucken cares what color they are i guess its a big deal if ur black.... The saints looked the big game was to much..and the weather didnt help....well GO COLTS..


          Keep ya heads up Saints fans, u should be proud !

          A NFC South Fan, i am !


            Hey orpotguy you know how when somebody comes on a weed site and starts talking stupid and they don't know what they are talking about and everybody tells them to keep quiet until they do?

            Well how about you stop spreading misinformation about football.

            The Colts are the biggest TV draw in the NFL. 4 of the 5 most watched TV games in the last 2 years were COLTS games. Everybody will be watching this game.

            Not only are you NE fans sore losers but you think the Pats are the only team people want to see. Well the Colts are the biggest draw in the NFL. They are playing in the Super Bowl and the Pats aren't.

            Live with it.

            And for you guys wondering what happened to Stoned Silly well he quit IC crying. Crying about his Patriots. LOL!!


            Crying List

            1. Tom Brady
            2. Bill Bellichick
            3. Stoned Silly
            4. orpotguy
            5. silvertrain

            sniff sniff
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              Salute to the Saints and the Pats, they were both fine teams who battled well. Once again, we have a no lose situation. We get to open a truck of whup ass on the pretty boy, that in and of itself will make the day, and as a bonus, we might win the superbowl.
              It's all good here in the shadow of Lincoln.


                We'll have to introduce Peyton to

                get him shaken up a bit, shut down the running game and force them to become 1 dimensional. I think its great how all the critics are ruling out the bears for the super bowl. All the more drive to prove them wrong once again. Needless to say it will be a great game, and watched and enjoyed by MANY. LOL I just cant get over how someone can be so ignorant to think it would be the least watched superbowl of all time. Not a true football fan I guess.


                  I hear ya, I hear ya


                    ok.. ORpotguy.. the color is not a issue.. its the teams...they both suck...
                    tarzan.. go swing on the tree you came from.. just another pat hater.. its ok cuz we will b in the same game next year.. and wether they like it or not, every one knows this..including you.. and how can we b sore losers wen we are 14-2 in the playoffs?????in the last 5 years...but anyway its not worth my time to debate with someone who also knows nothing about the game..
                    ITS NOT WHAT YOU HAVE... ITS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT... :joint: :joint:


                      defense wins championships
                      "Herb's a gift, from the earth
                      And what's from the earth is of the greatest worth
                      So before you knock it, try it first
                      Oh you'll see it's a blessing and it's not a curse"


                        sure does and thats why the pats lost.. they gave up the 7 instead of holding them to 3..
                        ITS NOT WHAT YOU HAVE... ITS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT... :joint: :joint:


                          Being the underdog is the best thing that could happen to the bearss. Mad is good for focus in the ethos of Chicago and the way life is there. More disrespect please.


                            Originally posted by FallenBuddha
                            the superbowl will be the bears v colts, and the least watched superbowl of all time.

                            peace -fb
                            This was the comment I had taken issue with. I tried to understand the logic in a statement like that and thought it had to be racially motivated. But after reading some of the ridiculous posts from those with Sour Grapes, I now realize FB like so many others might not be a closet racist but just doesn't know a Damn thing about NFL Television ratings.LOL

                            Good points made by Tarzan, Colts have for the last several years with the #1 rated Offense been the top draw for the NFL in terms of ratings. Just check the amount of times they've appeared on MNF, and Sat. & Sunday evening games. Having the top rated QB passer rating, as well as arguably the finest receiver tandem in the game surely can't make for a dull Superbowl especially against the Top Rated NFC defense, could it?