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    Originally posted by Boyd Crowder View Post
    i laid my bike down on some ice - my knees been fucked for 3 months - 0 rounds in 6mos for me
    So too good for chat than too?

    I kid, but on a more serious note I didnt play once last fall because I was too busy. Going to change that this year.


      Ah disc golf, the sport of kings. The ultimate gentlemanly pursuit. Haven't played in a few years, but used to play quite a bit and really love it. Not many courses close by to where I live now, but Vancouver was great for courses. There is nothing like playing a few holes, setting up camp on a bench on the course, having a puff and getting to work on the beers with your buddies. Then realizing that the guys who were teeing off when you sat down have played a full round and are back again. You've just been lapped! Bang da chains!


        old stomping grounds....Watsonville/pinto lake/ outta go to grass valley and play my old friends course in hills.........

        best in toss.......


          I played Frisbee golf in college, loved it and was good at it. No nets...we just made up a course of tee boxes and targets that wound through campus and used to play at 2:00 am after the bars closed. I taught my kids to play Frisbee golf and we had a great time playing courses that we made - designing your own was half the fun.

          I've tried throwing disc golf disks but hated them compared to my trusty Whamo 141g and 165g Frisbees. I'm willing to try again, but I'll probably play with Frisbees instead of discs. I've seen a disc golf store in Ayer, MA. I should stop in there some time this spring and find out who plays where.