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    damn soccer hooligans always screaming .....


      damn, what a lunanic Ref. in the Italy vs. U.S game, wtf was wrong with him?

      he fucked the whole game up from the start, the very second he gave that unjust yellow card to Totti, then did not give the U.S that corner kick, then did not give the red card Pope deserved in the first half before Italy scored for faulting the last italian man facing U.S's goal keeper; instead he gives him a yellow card, wtf!? then since Italians are very hot-headed (anyone who watches the italian calcio knows how hot headed they are), after scoring their goal, fuck up and score an own goal, frustrating them, Rossi was red carded properly, elbowing the american was uncalled for and it sucks to see players do that. i though all red cards were just anyway, but they came about as a consequence from the early shitty ass calls the Ref. made, making the players angry, and we all know football players are not so good at self-restrain while in the field on a world cup!
      this ref. must get banned and fined.

      portugal is a joke (onlyFigo and Miguel are real players) and cristiano ronaldo is too infantile, he's so gay... and deco is brazilian that whined so damn much he had to go to portugal to be able to play lol.

      peace out.
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        yo paz verde becarefull with what you say! portugal is a great team!! we are a team not some stars!! that bad mood must be jealluss
        GROW BIG!!

        JAH BLESS!!


          jelous? no way, i love Figo actually, and all the good things Portguese football has given the world (LA PANTERA!!), but the actual team playing in the world cup is not all that... but i don't have to tell you this, just wait and watch for yourself. and cristiano ronaldo is the only one i see with a star-complex, not even Beckham has that shitty attitude, he's actually a gentleman, but that cristiano kid is about to get seated by Scolari if he keeps the shitty "i am a star, the best!" act up. he sat him down the first game for it actually, or didn't you notice?
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          "spread a little love and let the blessing go around..."

 what u rep don?


            U.S.A. 1......Italy 1.........Looks like the Americans can play WELL........Even when bloodied by the Italians and only playing 9 men on the pitch after 2 of them got sent off......

            ....This Football World Cup is getting kinda exciting........
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              It is easy to play well when your opponent is sleeping. The italians played as bad as the refereeing was.

              hmm which is no surprise really, with the current mess in italian football.
              football is a sport not an acting class, nor a war. is it any wonder these 2 coalition teams are so brutal.
              It wasn't me!


                its gonna be a good game dr. ganja! hehehe.....
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                  yeah that ref in the It vs Us team was shitty til halftime, then he started calling shit a bit more proper like he should have the whole time through, I honestly thought Italy was going to walk all over this team today, the Us team did seem MUCH stronger today that last weeks (half) effort..

                  my kids and I are really bonding over soccer/football..its the ONLY sport I can honestly watch on TV, and even when its a draw; its been a fantastic game nonetheless


                    Let's see what the French can do against the South Koreans..

                    A bit more zip about their play so far...


                      best game so far in the cup is coming up this wednesday...

                      argentina vs. netherlands

                      both undefeated, both strong teams

                      guarenteed to be a great watch...
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                        Yep that should be a cracker of a game. - Messi - Robben and the like.

                        Anyone else do the half-time herb thing? I find 15 minutes is just long enough to wrap a quick spliff and smoke it.

                        France should be 2-0 up but for a shocker of a decision against Vieira. Oh well they're showing a bit more of what they can do.


                          Koreans have got one back. Quality!!

                          Gotta love it when the underdogs pull one out of the bag!!

                          The Korean fans are going mental - they've got some seriously noisy supporters.
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                            1-1 between France and South Corea, seems like Raymond Domenech (the French trainer) didn't give his team its dose of viagra.

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                              France have fookin blown it.

                              One world cup too many for Zidane methinks.


                                I miss the quick freeze replays.

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