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underwater hockey

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    underwater hockey

    Yeah, I've played informal games when I was on swim teams and we would get bored. I've even heard of actual teams and games.

    I like to swim underwater. I can hold my breath for a good while.

    Have any of you ever played underwater hockey? What were the rules?

    When I played we did not use sticks but just pushed/batted the puck with our hands.

    Allow me to propose that you can't kick the puck. Feet are for swimming propulsion. Kicking the puck is like using your hand on a soccer (foot) ball.

    IMHO: the pool needs to have a flat, rectangular section about 2 meters deep. The idea here is that the game involves swimming and maneuvering UNDER WATER. You only come up for air. If a teammate has exclusive control of the puck then he/she will make an underwater sprint for the opponent's goal while the rest of the players may swim on the surface. Don't tarry at the surface because it could cost you a clean shot at the opponent's goal or the swimmer with possession of the puck may need to come up for air and you need to be there to take over possession.

    The goalie can be any team member and rotation will be as frequent as needed. The goalie must be underwater to properly defend the goal. Only the goalie can use his/her feet; and said feet are used in the manner a soccer (football) goalie uses his/her hands.

    Whenever a goalie needs a breather, another player can tag into goalie position. Only one player may defend the goal at any one time.

    the puck is to slide along the bottom of the pool. It shall not be tossed through the water.

    Sound like fun?
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