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any Astronomers on here

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    any Astronomers on here

    I dabble a bit in Astro Photography as a hobby

    some recent stuff from the last week
    inc the super (wolf) moon and my favourite M42 / 43
    unfortunately the weathers never good here for imaging but I do what I can
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    protector of Middle Earth


    NASA made this huge picture. It has almost no stars at all, just about every single object is a galaxy. The arcs are local asteroids in new positions over the weeks it took to get this long exposure composite photo. Several mergers, post-mergers, all types and configurations of galaxies near and far.

    Tried shooting on film back in the day but could not afford the equipment it took to get good photos in the 1960's. Now I admire the work of others.
    I wished I could take photos like yours, too cool.


      I’m a novice astronomer interested in learning more about it.

      Until then, I always soak seeds in the craters of a meteorite.