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Skips Clarification on Copyright

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    Skips Clarification on Copyright

    This is from another thread here at IC and I feel is important to be posted here in the Photography forum as well. That thread is here:
    Originally posted by Skip
    Anyone who has posted an original image of theirs here, that gets copied and posted elsewhere (for profit or not), can ask an admin (like me) to help enforce their copyright.

    We will send the image owner an email verifying the date and time the image was posted on and by whom (we can provide username & email addy at your request). We can also contact whomever posted the image without your consent and ask that it be removed or that you be compensated. We can also enter into legal proceedings if warranted because we too have a limited copyright and can aid your defense.

    Then the real owner will prevail unless someone else can prove an earlier publication date somewhere.

    But if you have your original unretouched hi-rez image, you really don't need us, as you have sufficient proof to press your case.

    If ppl post an image here that is not theirs, without the author's permission, we will take it down if requested by the copyright holder. Doing that a lot will get you banned as it is illegal. I've had instances when non-copyright holders have asked for stuff to be removed claiming it was copyrighted material and unless they can prove they own the copyright, I won't do a thing.

    One last thing. If you're planning on hiring a lawyer, remember, you won't see a penny unless someone has actually made a profit from your work. And then what you get is usually limited to the proven losses as a result of the copyright violation. So you'd have to prove that you lost money. Not an easy thing to do unless you are a professional photographer who makes money from their pix.

    Again, you need only add a statement with any image or text you post saying Copyright So-and-So, all reproduction rights reserved. That would prohibit icmag and others from using that image anywhere else than where you posted it. Put it in your sig and we will honor it for everything you post here. (but don't enter any photo contests cause we won't use your work if we can't use it elsewhere within icmag's business).
    I'd like to add a comment by Jack that I feel is important to many of the photographers here as well.
    Originally posted by JackTheGrower
    Cool! I don't mind doing quality for everyone, that's the way to grow as a Gardener but, the idea that mine gets published for profit and I get no credit is absolutely wrong.
    Also if anyone see's something from here published drop the poster a note if you can!
    We can't be everywhere all the time!
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    Very good information doobie!

    Thanks for posting...
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      I'd like to thank all the posters who take the time to include a picture.
      It makes for a great time reading!

      And thanks to Icmag for being willing to provide aid if we need to prove a work is ours.



        that's good to know. thanks guys