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Never Knew Birds could be that MEAN

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    Well Reginald Denny has her skin back.

    In another month, she'll have more feathers, probably.

    seems like in order to have a "mellow" bird flock you have to be able to remove the birds that cause trouble. which means having a coop just for injured birds, over-aggressive roosters, etc.

    actually Reginald Denny is very quiet, she is technically a chicken but so far isn't making any loud bird noises, like squawking. I think her maturation into laying may have been delayed by her paralyzed leg and the murder attempt.

    i have one other bird, a small black Silkie, that is very people social.

    BUT when I put her outside, one of the Rhode Island Reds departs from her normal activity, eating & exercising & resting, to harass and peck the small black Silkie.

    so the small black Silkie also joins the Bird Exiles.
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