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    The Electronic Music Thread...


    Seeing as we have a Hip-Hop thread, we might aswell have a thread for all things electric

    Post up your current, or all time, faves from all dance related genres, be it House, Techno, Minimal, Electro, Breaks or anything else.

    The latest records I bought are:

    Loco Dice - Seeing through shadows
    Cirez D - Mouseville Theme
    John Tejada - The end of it all
    Blackstrobe - Last dub on earth (b side is Nazi Trance Fuck Off-Holden Mix )
    Whirlpool Productions - From Disco to Disco
    Oxia - Speicher 34
    Gabriel Ananda - Ihre Persöhnliche Glücksmelodie (Freeform Five Mix)
    Moguai - I Want, I Need, I Love (Karotte Mix)
    John Digweed - Warung Beach (Kiki Mix)
    Daft Punk - Technologic (Digitalism Mix)

    Other current favourites are:

    Theo Parrish - Falling Up (Carl Craig Mix)
    Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Neo Mix)
    Moby - Slipping Away (Tiga's all I need is to be sampled Mix)
    Radio Slave - My Bleep (Roman Flügel Mix)
    Thomas Schumacher - Red Purple (Rotor on the b side burns every floor down )
    Gregor Tresher - Neon
    Gregor Tresher - Heat
    Roman Flügel - Geht's Noch? (Audion gehts krank Mix)
    Swoop - Superlicious
    Royksopp - What else is there? (Trentemöller or Thin White Duke Mix, both rock)
    Patrick Chardronnet - Eve By Day
    Paul Woodford - Erotic Discourse
    Ame - Rej

    So many good tunes around at the moment, I need more money
    The Electronic Music Thread....

    This tool is quite funny: The Electronic Music Guide
    The Electronic Music Thread....


      atmo i'm pretty addicted to
      Apparat & Ellen Allien "Orchester of Bubbles"...
      and the (thn 75) album from Christian Bloch (freely downloadable at

      german electromusic rocks...


        likes a bit of amon tobin, aphex twin, boards of canada, plaid, squarepusher, venetian snares, chevron, bong ra, shitmat, enduse, knifehandchop, autechre lots and lots of drum and bass, lots of breaks, lots of everything!!!!!


          Last Plaid album is pretty nice btw, sounds a little bit like Orbital when they released "the box"...
          i used to be a huge Autchre fan, but their last albums are nearly inaudible to me, even if the artworks still rocks :(
          Plastikman anyone ?


            Almost all of Orb's releases are great.

            Vector Lovers: Capsule for One (SOMACD042)

            Future Sound Of London: Lifeforms 2cd album+ep/single?, First death in the family, Eyes pop - skin explodes - everybody dead

            Secede: Bye bye gridlock traffic and Tryshasla albums

            Kettel: Through friendly waters same label as above
            One track from Kettel and Secede downloadable from:

            Plaid - Rest proof clockwork


            Fahrenheit project's (Infinium rec.)

            Dream Injection 2

            To name few.


              FSOL amazing seen em live many moons ago....

              metamatiks are also good, man I could go on forever!!!

              bbc radiophonic workshop is where its at....dr,who and tommorrows world themes


                if you had to recommend 3 tracks to someone who likes GOOD electronic music but is very apprehensive about most of it...

                which 3 tracks would you recommend?


                  Shpongle - amazing
                  DJ Shadow
                  Paul Oakenfold
                  Peter Kruder

                  I'm not a huge fan, nor do I have a large collection but these are my favorites.


                    Gee no one likes Kraftwerk anymore? Last time I got really blitzed on acid I went to see Tangerine Dream in concert.
                    Strains by Verite .......................... sigpic
                    Holy Grail Intro, Seeds at Seebay, Private Breeders
                    Orange Diesel Intro, Seeds now at Seedbay


                      Tangerine Dream & Kraftwerk <3 They're great but they didn't move me as some bit modern artists.

                      If I was to suggest 3 tracks they'd be:
                      Tripteaser - Games in trance (Anyone who likes goa/psytrance should check this out, free track)
                      Frog Pocket - Carac Cyls
                      Orichalcum - Cosmic Pillow

                      or 100 other great tracks.


                        Verite, I have The Model by Kraftwerk on 7" vinyl, original pressing. I'm dying to drop that in an electro houseset, I' sure that'll destroy any dancefloor

                        Che Bleu, I'll have a bit of Plasticman please The Loco Dice record I posted is out on Richie's label :wink: You're not from Germany aswell are you?

                        Great suggestions everyone! There's so much great music out there it's unreal. I'm a fan of FSOL stuff aswell, Aphex Twin,'s all good
                        The Electronic Music Thread....


                          three tracks.......hmm

                          1. aphex twin - heliosphan (very emotive and rousing)
                          2. Squarepusher - my red hot car (both entrancing and kinda dancey)
                          3. DJ shadow - stem (epic)


                            How about Goldie's "Mother" if you have a little time on your hand?
                            The Electronic Music Thread....


                              here we go...

                              afrika bambata - planet rock 99'

                              agent k & deuce - need you tonight (malicious mike and rose - altercation mix)

                              cs jay - impetus viscus (brad smith remix)

                              darude - ecstacy

                              baby anne - probe

                              baby anne - trippin the bass

                              brad smith - return to ibiza

                              dj fbi - use your love

                              dj greddy - i need a miracle

                              dj greddy - no gravity

                              dj greddy vs slim tim - somebodys watching me

                              dj greddy vs slim tim - skynet anthem

                              dj icey - burning for you (dj stew remix)

                              dj icey - castles in the sky (breakbeat mix)

                              dj icey - escape (electro mix)

                              dj infiniti & magic mike - 2001

                              dj infiniti - africa

                              dj infiniti - blinded by the light

                              dj infiniti - children of the 80's

                              dj infiniti - running on empty

                              dj infiniti - without you

                              dj infiniti vs tony faline - do you know that i love you

                              dj rukus - you dont wanna fuck with it (whole cd is off the hook)

                              dj sharaz - pure energy

                              dj sharaz - shadow

                              dj trashy ( to much to list)

                              dj viro & vessel ft. juliana - up all night (agent k & deuce remix)

                              dj x - use your luv (r fresh & infiniti mix 2)

                              dzam - adrenalin

                              dzam - blast dis

                              dzam - evil sound

                              dj moon - hands up ( special ed mix)

                              everything but the girl - wrong (dj sharaz night sky mix)

                              factor e - kick a hole (neutron kicks a hole in the bass mix)

                              ferry corsten - punk (digitals digi punk mix)

                              george and tuna - blow (tunas wizard of oz mix)

                              jackal & hyde - 20,000 freaks

                              johnny cage - cut it up

                              johnny cage - get ready to roll

                              johnny cage - i see stars

                              kromozone project - energy (dj x remix)

                              kyper - let me see if you can dance

                              la beatrockahz - turn up the bass

                              malicious mike - make the girls dance

                              mr smith - blast your speakers

                              oliver twyst - energy

                              paul okenfold - new years day

                              pillform - supersonic bass (digitals a-n-d def remix)

                              r fresh and infiniti - get fresh

                              scratch d and h bomb - nightmare walking

                              superfly jeff - touch the sky

                              warp bros - we will survive (dj richochet breakmix)

                              white label - launchin this (dj gremlin edit)

                              white label - phat edit (dj kidd prophet remix)

                              white label - rock the discotek

                              wiley - get on out

                              viro and euphorik - the darkside (malicious mike mix)

                              i have more but this is some good stuff...