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If anyone can assist me?

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    If anyone can assist me?

    I wanted to know the best routers for the openvpn connection.
    If anyone have used any of the router that helped in that regard so please share with me.
    I need to change my existing router with the new one
    Previously I had DDwrt router and since a week it is showing problems in connection and i know that its a problem of my router not the internet,


    Sorry I forgot to mention the details of my router and vpn.
    I use Dd-wrt router and
    and Canada Dedicated IP of Pure.
    I have already made their openvpn connection manually and used it for a month and it worked perfectly.
    But now it wont work good, and speeds slows down drastically again and again. And its repairing is very expensive so I need to change it with a cheap and good one.
    So I needed the recommendations in that regard.
    How ever I have seen many alternatives in the market and I am kind a biased in buying any of them.