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[CW: Linux Content Inside] rms and the fsf

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    [CW: Linux Content Inside] rms and the fsf

    Well, this is just plain insane. Literally--and I'm a bona fide medical patient with symptoms of mental health issues. So regardless of your own stance on the drama, I ain't gonna flame, blame, or play the game.

    The only reason I kicked Linux to the curb is because nobody in their right mind would believe someone who looks like me if I said that I had OpenBSD on my computer because I love Unix and can't understand the modern smartphone-centric internet. It's amazingly freeing.

    I'm not an activist any more, I'm just a little old lady with two hobbies. If you notice a few red flags for mental health issues, I figure it's all good since one of those two hobbies is gardening. I'm obviously dealing with my red flags for mental health issues if you have no idea that rms means Richard Matthew Stallman, fsf means The Free Software Foundation, and OpenBSD is just another cool thing to learn about Unix if you happen to be as into Unix as I am.

    But you probably aren't because most people think you have to have either Windows or Mac. I used Linux from 2004ish until last week, so I wouldn't know about any of that "normal" proprietary software user stuff.
    California Proposition 215 compliant under Senate Bill 420 and my doctor's recommendation.

    Yes, they're all mine, yes, I know what causes this, and if you think my hands, clone shelves, veg tent, veg rooms, seed storage jars, back yard, and bud/breeding tent are full, you should see my heart.

    I am of the opinion that all humans suffer some degree of "mental health issues", it's just the nature of our species.
    I don't know much about computer tech, just enough to get me into trouble most times haha.
    I run linux on my desk top and on this old lappy... win7, sigh. Cell phones... meh.
    I am nearly to harvest ID and will move OD to veggies/ herbs/ flowers in my cramped little yard.
    Come winter though, I would like to delve into a bit more tech. I am interested to discover and explore
    this Unix you speak of. Will do a quick search to familiarize myself with that in which you speak of
    Free is well within my budget


      Thats interesting to check. I developer and ude linux during creating mainly games. In work I also use different saas services. Its good service for donations and money rewards for customers and coworkers. Lately it was incentive card by which got some our clients.
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