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    vinyl collectors


    Anyone own any rare vinyls?Im collecting reggae & dub vinyls and have + 1500 of them.Out of those around 20 that are very rare.

    Anyone else with same passion?



    I wouldn't say I'm passionate, but I still have all the old vinyl I bought new between 1967 to 1978.. Almost all of it is Rock and Roll. The second album I bought in 1967 was Hendix's "Are you Experienced?" My collection of about 400 ranges from Allman Bros to Zappa, with Beatles, Cream, Hot tuna, Tull, The Who, and many others, in between.

    I always had a quality turntable and put all my albums in plastic sleeves, so they all still look and sound great..
    Hmm, maybe I was passionate after all...

    Isn't Mother Nature grand !


      i've collected indipendent techno hardcore industrial vynils from 1991 to 1997.i've +\- 1500 vynils...
      Se posti un giudizio, un commento o un consiglio per sentito dire o perché hai letto qualcosa di simile, senza quindi aver sperimentato e provato sulla tua pelle quello che stai consigliando ad un altro, stai aprendo la bocca per niente:non ti lamentare se qualcuno poi ti ci infila qualcosa...

      Intrallazzi in da mix


        I have all the original Beatles releases never played


          i collect vinyl of many differet music... from Presley to Pink Floyd. My favorite is the vinyl of American Graffiti's soundtrack!
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          ― Bob Proctor


            I collect vinyl as well... mostly 60’s 70’s rock. But also country and others. I have a few bootlegs and promo-releases that are my prize pieces.