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Old wood working tools and hand planes.

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    Old wood working tools and hand planes.

    love and cherish old wood working tools.
    collect and use them every day.

    draw knives
    spoke shaves

    you name it. Been picking them up here and there for some time. mostly turn of the century American, English and German. Only high quality.

    Early Stanley, Sargent, Swann, Disston.....

    when they say they don't make them like they used to they mean it.

    Anyone else like old sharp things?
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    I can respect your love for tools.
    I dont collect old woodworking tools, mostly all automotive tools as I use them daily.

    My grandfather had a nice collection of old planes, etc. I wish I would have acquired them when he passed.


      should have got those. some are pretty valuable. its not always the value but the skill of the craftsman that created it.

      Using these tools feels as if I inherited just a bit of the skill possessed by those true artisans. These will all pass to my son. Hopefully he will get the same felling.

      Take care
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        It's appalling how many people have no concept of the value of and fragility of a sharp edge.


          I agree 100%

          It amazes me how many people who cant sharpen a blade. Every piece I have came with the most god awful attempt at sharpening. usually takes hour with jig just to get the bevel back 25 degrees on planer irons. Draw knives are even worse. Almost always been burned on a grinder. Just right to ruin a fine temper on a high quality blade.

          The very thing my father would have skint me up over.

          nothing beats a high quality carbon steel blade and true translucent hard Arkansas stone.

          Oh forgot. I collect sharpening stones. Cant have one without the other.
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