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    #31 -mr nice movie

    totaly legal as there is no copyright laws where its hosted
    dont know if its english tho

    --------------------------------------------------------------- -mccandles article
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        I am very pleased that you responded to this theard, but please, use the form that me and Haschishin did, to keep things sorted nicely.

        Thank you.


          im a big fan of fiction and no the fiction department im a garden variety devective book man....i like my James Patterson, icks the shit outta Patricia cornwell, whos endings are always a total ant-climax..... James aptersons Alex Cross character man I feel like hes somebody i know, the books I can read them again and again, they are so......fcast andthrilling
          i also like james Herbert an have read most of his thrillers/Horrors I check out a lot of thigs and couldnt begin to list the names iof the all the fantasy/Hoprror/Thriller authors Ive read
          non Fiction i like history and autobiographies, as well as philosophical things andsome quite out there stuff too....Ive een reading a book called Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham hancock whic is all about ancient civilisations and their beliefs...and similarites..and a theory that they cam froma coklmmon source, namely aliens... and has stuff abot the Nazca know the alien runway in the desert and the bird and spider.....I love this stuff and have been reading this book rfor 6 years...i have to give it up for a while coz its very long winded lol, but I go back to it.....
          I have f course read Mr nice....i loved it all 3 times.... I canalso highly recommend books by a notorious austrailan criminal Mark Brnadion read...niwn as "Chopper" and the 1st book is called simply "Chopper" his style is bruta;ly honest, but very witty...and an make the most awfu situations sound haliarious....such as being focred to dig his own grave and getting away by sticking the spade in his captors kneecap...and placing him in said hole with a bag of lime...... he has wriotted a lot of books and they are great....a real isight into the min of a real life boogetman.... He mad ehis living as a "Standover man" which is someone who collevcts protection money from clubowbers/drug dealers and other such shady ppl who cant complain to the poolice... He has a hatefor drug dealers and sees his killings and acts of violence as a public service.....he never acted against "Civillians" exeopt vor kidnapping a high court judge with a shotgun in a misguided attemot to get his best friend(who subsequently trued to murder him by stabbing him) freed from prison...... These books are great, and it makes you wonder what this guy could have done/been had his life taken a different patch as he is so witty and clever and motivated he could have done anythig he wanted. he is a Toe cutter, another name for a standover man....he would take it literally though using bolt cutters to remove them....when asked by a TV journlist he asked why he did it, he said he liked it and they liked it, "they liked it ?? "she asked "well they didnt like it, but i liked it"...what did you like about it" Well the way theyjust...Pop off"" its the shocking and grizzly stuff that makes it riceting....but his humor and stlye and feeling makes you forget that hes a violent criminal capable of shooting you u in the face and taking your gold teeth..... He was charged with murder after shooting a man in a nightclub carpark in the face with a 410 shotgun.....get was aquitted on self defenc even though he was waering a bullet proof vest..... hes been accused of being an informr and survived many attemots on his life..... Read these the 1st one especially, you will be emntertained all the way though even though i just spoiled it all for you.....

          EDIT sorry, wet a bit overboard there...didnt know i had to set it out a certain way either.....
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            Great book site! Choose among from over 16,000 free ebooks

            in the Project Gutenberg Catalog

            Top 100 downloaded EBooks


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            A Library of Links
            How to replicate cannabis plants:
            ...various successful "cloning"/"cloner" techniques described w/ original posts linked

            A Complete Guide to Topping, Training and Pruning


            Sharing Is Caring.


              Sophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy

              Wanting to understand the most fundamental questions of the universe isn't the province of ivory-tower intellectuals alone, as this book's enormous popularity has demonstrated. A young girl, Sophie, becomes embroiled in a discussion of philosophy with a faceless correspondent. At the same time, she must unravel a mystery involving another young girl, Hilde, by using everything she's learning. The truth is far more complicated than she could ever have imagined.
              "Who are you?"

              This book makes a good begginer's guide to philosophy. Not just for young adults imho.
              If you like a compelling story, you just might like this book. I personally found myself not beeing able to put it down.
              :wave: Hope is the dream of the waking man :wave:


                The War of the H. G. Wells [1898]

                The War of the Worlds described as the first modern tale of alien invasion and one of the most influential of all science-fiction works, and for some of us, like myself, it will be the first time we get to experience the story the way it was truly meant to be experienced – deep within the confines of imagination.

                The radio version chilled and the movie thrilled, but something mysterious happens when the story is being told in words.
                The mind is permitted to create its own vision of the monsters, the fear, the horror and the destruction.

                The story is written in the first person, which only adds to the horrifying effect of the unfolding plot.
                We join the narrator as he leaves the comforts of his English home near Horsell Common to see what the commotion is over yonder, where a strange cylindrical object has fallen from the sky.
                We recoil in horror as he sees the aliens for the first time, and witnesses their true intent.
                And, best of all, we journey with him as he struggles to stay one step ahead of the menacing creatures and their machines that kill with black smoke and heat rays, and as he sees the death and destruction they have left in their path.

                In other words, Wells drags us kicking and screaming into the hell and damnation, never letting us sit back and relax for a minute, as the narrator runs for his life. Mid-story, the narrator is holed up for several days with a panicked cleric, with the aliens working their sinister evil just beyond the wall of the caved in house the men are hiding in. I cannot remember ever reading anything so nail-biting and suspenseful, and I read a heck of a lot, folks!

                The writing is exquisite, filled with descriptive passages that evoke powerful images, and the narrator becomes our hero, trying desperately to stay alive long enough to find the wife he had to leave behind in safety.

                Wells is a master at building suspense and tension, and on paper the powerful themes of fear and empire and the dark side of humanity become so much more evident than in the original cheesy, but fun, movie.

                The War of the Worlds is disturbing, and that is the way the author wanted it.

                THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (Complete Book Linked)
                This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with
                almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or
                re-use it...

                >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >
                A Library of Links
                How to replicate cannabis plants:
                ...various successful "cloning"/"cloner" techniques described w/ original posts linked

                A Complete Guide to Topping, Training and Pruning


                Sharing Is Caring.


                  Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

                  A fellow icer told me to pick this book up, so far what ive read its very well put together with imaculate documentation.

                  "The attacks of September 11, 2001, were accomplished through an amazing orchestration of logistics and personnel. Crossing the Rubicon discovers and identifies key suspects-finding some of them in the highest echelons of American government-by showing how they acted in concert to guarantee that the attacks produced the desired result.

                  Crossing the Rubicon is unique not only for its case-breaking examination of 9/11, but for the breadth and depth of its world picture-an interdisciplinary analysis of petroleum, geopolitics, narcotraffic, intelligence and militarism-without which 9/11 cannot be understood.

                  The US manufacturing sector has been mostly replaced by speculation on financial data whose underlying economic reality is a dark secret. Hundreds of billions of dollars in laundered drug money flow through Wall Street each year from opium and coca fields maintained by CIA-sponsored warlords and US-backed covert paramilitary violence. America's global dominance depends on a continually turning mill of guns, drugs, oil and money. Oil and natural gas-the fuels that make economic growth possible-are subsidized by American military force and foreign lending.

                  In reality, 9/11 and the resulting "war on terror" are parts of a massive authoritarian response to an emerging economic crisis of unprecedented scale. Peak Oil-the beginning of the end for our industrial civilization-is driving the elites of American power to implement unthinkably draconian measures of repression, warfare and population control. Crossing the Rubicon is more than a story. It is a map of the perilous terrain through which, together and alone, we are all now making our way.

                  Michael C. Ruppert is the publisher and editor of From the Wilderness, a newsletter read by more than 16,000 subscribers in 40 countries. A former Los Angeles Police Department narcotics investigator, he is widely known for his groundbreaking stories on US involvement in the drug trade, Peak Oil and 9/11."


                    The Ecology of Commerce

                    Paul Hawken

                    A growing econmoy is getting bigger; a developing economy is getting better."

                    "....but the fundamental problem is not the rapacity of the pharmaceutical and medical industry, but the allopathic system itself, which requires you to get sick in order to get well."

                    "On the ocean floor, crabs with nervous systems deranged by chlordane runoff attempting to mate with alluring rocks.... The story begins with brine, humble saltwater, a harmless substance until we get our hands on it."

                    "Death is one thing, an end to birth is something else."

                    "Exceeding carrying capacity does not prove that carrying capacity does not exist, but merely that we know how to evade it temporarily, further damaging the sustainable yield of a given habitat."

                    "All present agriculture, whether it is slash-and-burn or sod-breaking, involves reversion of a climax system to a pioneering one."

                    "....mature systems create the greatest amount of biomass with the least amount of resources."

                    "Plants and organisms do not simply occupy an enviroment; they alter and transfrom it creating increasingly varied and complex forms of organization. The second law of thermodynamics informs us that energy is dissipated, systems tend to descend into reduced startes of organization and ultimately to chaos and entropy. Only life prevets entropy from extending to all things in nature..."

                    "The second welfare system is large, expansive, and expensive. It comes in the form of large government grants and programs for building highways, subsidies to the rich in the form of interest payment deducitons on their houses, giveaways of timber and mining rights on government lands, government-financed research in universities, revolving-door policies between the defense industry and government resulting in expensive, poorly planned procurement policies, and so on.....However, the fact remains tha three times as much housing subsidy goes to the top fifth of the population as to the bottom 20% who need it the most."

                    "Cotton is one of the most polluting crops in the world ( 2 percent of the world's lands receive 26 percent of its persticides.)"

                    "Sustainable business take responsibility for the effects they have on the natural world...... Consider this fact: If the items used in households in america were all recycled, this would reduce our solid waste by only 1 to 2 percent."

                    "An example of a business dedicated to development, not growth, is the timber operation run by the Menominee Indians, mentioned earlier. For the past 135 years, the Menominee have practiced a deliberate, sustained-yield practice on there 234,000 acres of forested tracts in northeastern Wisconsin. In that period, they have produced 2 billion board-feet of sawn timber while preserving the forst stock. Each time the forest has been inventoried (in 1963, 1970, 1979, and 1989), its volume has increased over the previous measurement... But the Menominee say that if they could get an extra 10 percent of their sawn timber, they could refurbish their mills, improve productivity and compete more effectively. But with whom are they competing? Corporations that either received their timber in the nineteenth century, when the gorvernment gave 183 million acres to the railrods, or are now purchasing it from the Forest Service at prices far below market and replacement value....The Menominees would no more separate the forest from its intrisic ecological and societal value than we would separate one finger on our hand from another."

                    More quotes....


                    To read the intro.
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                      1984 - George Orwell

                      If you havent read this.... do your self some justice.


                        Is anyone else here into the series of Jack Kerouac books?


                          My book MrNice has been finished reading a week ago. 4 of my friends want to read it and when I get it back, gonna do it again, but for now, I need a new read, maybe smth from here.

                          Mr nice is great, I like when the story is intense, you have to turn the page and there is a suprise in the firs sentece Amazing. :P


                            I would suggest "A million little pieces" by James Frey. EVERYONE is raving about it. I havent had the chance to read it yet, but hopefully sometme after christmas. It looks to be an oprah book as well (I'm sure that sold it for you lol). Everyone says it is impossible to put down. I havent seen a book this loved in a long time.

                            hey Agnes, I've asked this before in another thread awhile back but, is that christiane F. as your avatar?
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                              omega: Could you please put a full description of the book, you can see what I think by looking one page back, see my desceription, and descriptions of other.

                              And yes. It is.


                                man thats a lot of work for a stoner.....I figured it was her when i saw it. After I posted the question I went and grabbed my dvd to check and sure enough, a match! I'll get a description thing for you