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The Last Dance? (Any other recommended shows?)

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    The Last Dance? (Any other recommended shows?)

    Anyone going to be watching The Last Dance 97-98 NBA Michael Jordan documentary?

    What other series' would you recommend and why?

    I hardly watch any Netflix but i would love some good recommendations and what they are about.... preferably non-fiction but if some fiction is a standout then recommend away

    I need something that can keep me entertained while i amass some much needed kilometers on my treadmill.


    Ive been enjoying community lately.. its a decent comedy but comedy can be really subjective..
    "There is no god higher than truth"


      I thought i would just say, if any MJ fans read this.... if you haven't seen Michael Jordan's Playground- GO AND WATCH IT

      This was released BEFORE he had ever won a championship, and it's still one of the best highlight reel video's i have seen.
      I do admit that i may be biased because it was the video that got me into basketball way back then but i watched it recently and it's still one of my favourites.... TOP SHELF.

      (It's free on Youtube)


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