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New Pentagon UFO Video Footage Due For June 2021 Release

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    Originally posted by TychoMonolyth View Post
    UFOs are as real as Dragons.

    Sometimes called a fire rainbow - is caused by the angle of the sunlight hitting cirrus ice crystals in the atmosphere. The effect is fleeting, usually only lasting a few seconds before either disappearing or turning normal cloud white.

    Some think fire rainbows are where the concept of dragons came from.

    excellent pictures
    mistaken for ufo? looks like a very showy cloud formation
    maybe a few ufos sightings fall in this category imho
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      No mention of Samsquanch?

      I'm probably up to no good.

      Terpene Amplification


        Originally posted by troutman View Post
        No mention of Samsquanch?
        If the green men make a cameo appearance for the assembled press anywhere in the world, they'd for sure steal the spotlight away from old Sasquatch, Yeti and Yerrin. To recapture those audience ratings back from the aliens, the big fellas would need to step up their game and run for president or something.
        I feel more like I do now, than I did before I made this observation.