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Where to buy/get Finola seeds from?

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    Originally posted by Sachiel View Post
    Hey Thule, thank you for the info regarding cannabinoid profie! Could you elaborate more on the expected flowering - type in an F1 of "Potent" x Finola? Is the early-flowering-trait dominant?
    I was hoping it is, because the Autoflower-gene is not, and only starts to show in the F3/F4 etc...
    25% chance for autoflowering in de f1
    In volcanic soil we trust

    Whether your checkin out bud porn or regular porn from 1975, you wont catch anyone trimming thier bush
    BTW that pluton sucked. We grew it outside-looked awesome, smelled great, everything but when dried, it had 0% high.
    I see it as a kind of wonder drug of our time - Dr.Lester Grinspoon
    In 1895, ‘Arabs . . . Armenians
    [and] Turks’ grew Cannabis indica in central California to supply hash
    to compatriots in San Francisco, and to smoke ‘kiff’ themselves.
    Additionally, the u.s. army planted
    marijuana in Panama in the 1920s for testing its effects on soldiers
    The Dutch paid the Khoisan in 1713 with drugs rather than
    food, goods or cash.
    For the purposes of this research, Roger Adams had obtained red oil extract of the plant legally from the United States Department of the Treasury


      Here it is 2021....... I am looking for viable, reproducing hemp or ditchweed seeds, preferably not overly tall plants. There seem to be Scandinavian sites which might work, but not in English. If anyone knows of a source, please advise. Thank you.
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        Here you can order Finola seeds.They're very cheap.



          It seems like the site UFOpilot mentioned only delivers within the EU but does seem like a good source.

          If you're looking for a large amount of Finola seed (min 25kg) you can go straight to the source:

          Smaller amounts you might well be able to find in your local grocery store. If not the one on the corner then from the closest "whole foods" type store, or alternatively a pet store's bird/horse feed section. Of course depending on where you live, the local regulations might require sterilization (toasting) of the seeds making that a no-go (mainly this would be in North America, I think).

          Viability of seeds sold for food might not be perfect even where regulation does not require sterilization. Oldchuck reported as low as 25% earlier in the thread. But seeing as many people eat them as sprouts, in general they should be viable. Here is one store with an English website and international shipping that sells Finola seeds as food:

          If you are interested in the ditchweed types (feral hemp) - and who wouldn't be, it is only the limited nature of time and space that is keeping me from growing some - you might want to look into these two varieties from ACE Seeds:

          Hokkaido Japan:

          Siberian Ruderalis: (currently out of stock at ACE but maybe some retailer still has some).