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Best Annuals for Providing Animal Habitat

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    Best Annuals for Providing Animal Habitat

    I would like to plant some taller garden plants, like Eggplant.

    I'm also thinking -
    Corn ++

    But not - tomatoes - they tend to sprawl on the ground.

    Corn gets an extra "+" because the sprouts are mostly impervious to the incessant pecking of all the resident birds, like the Quail that may abandon their home in the Acre O'Blackberries.

    Also, the seeds have to bee cheap and available.

    Oh, yeah - CANNABIS + + +

    I want to run a line of garden plants connecting all 70 fruit trees.

    So it will be a few hundred yards. I would use more Cannabis if I lived in a different country.

    Actually though the deer might keep it wacked down so if I have dozens or a hundred+ Cannabis plants feeding animals - and they're all "eaten down" - it's not such a big deal.
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    if you build a structure, beans/ peas vine up nicely and are fun to eat off the plant


      Beautiful eggplant!
      I had mice, chipmunks, skinks (shiny hissing lizards) chomp garden. Kept deer out with high fenced 5 ft. around area.

      Good advice pop. Trellis, vining upward is always good! Pea return nitrogen into soil...I like that.

      You can train vines. Had cucumber vines crawl up sun choke (jeruseluem) stalks.

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        eggplant ***
        corn ***
        potatoes - got seed potatoes + using potatoes from the kitchen, that sprout
        pepper - just ate some, the seeds are drying
        sunflower - got a 40 pound bag

        The list so far.

        Was thinking about using whole corn

        "Cleaned to Remove Dust
        Ingredients: Whole, Cleaned Corn."

        Not sure what they do to it. But as long as they don't bake it, some of them will sprout ?

        I was very impressed the first time I grew eggplant. The deer totally avoided it for about 4 months. Then one of them ate part of it but not like what they do to tomatoes etc.
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        who is in Save the Children Mode.


          Food for what you want to attract

          edit: need to edit...shelter may be a factor


            Just checked the Corn seeds.
            I started test sprouts indoors before going to the work of planting 1000's outdoors.
            After 36 hours, one of the corn seeds is showing signs of life, sending out what might be a root ?

            Besides the corn & sunflower, also got a few thousand green & red pepper. But they officially need warmer weather.

            Anyway, I have a Big Stick (steel rod 1 inch diameter & 6 feet long. Weighs 17 pounds but feels heavier).
            I'm making LOTS of holes to plant the seeds in.

            Not a yellow brick road. A green corn road.


            We Be Sprouting ! 🐫

            Click image for larger version

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            Never Under-estimate the Psychopathic-ness of a Politician

            who is in Save the Children Mode.