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We grow vegetable gardens too! Post your Garden pics here

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    HARD MODE! Crush Tek meets taterz.

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      peeked at garlic few back when snow melt they jammin


        Veggie tent in front room.

        Aloha bell pepper in dwc

        Root porn of spider plant about to go into soil.

        Dewey mister cloner with mixed lettuces and regrown green onions from grocery.

        Mixed lettuces in a tote
        My first grow, ak47-af-fem


          Recycle your Rockwool

          You can get great microgreens, lettuces, and herbs from a tray of recycled rockwool starter cubes surrounded by clay pebbles. Fresh new cubes work too obviously.


            This is the start of our new garden at our new property . we're setting it up to start a market garden and so far it's working out real well .
            The little mini loader is a product of australia and one of the best things i've ever bought !!
            it has many attachments , trencher , buckets , rippers etc etc . great for that first dig over in new ground .
            Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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              I planted a few hundred corn seeds in pots on the deck, where they're protected from birds etc.

              BUT after 2 weeks, nothing. This is with freezing temps at night, and the beginning of 70 degree F sunny temps during the day.

              I dug up one of them. She sprouted !

              Just got to be patient.

              Also made a "smear" from 2 tomatoes, cut them in half and smear all the seeds on a piece of cardboard to let them dry.
              Then do a test-sprout.
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