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CANNABIS PEPPERMINT SCHNAPPS...start now to enjoy for the holidays!

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    CANNABIS PEPPERMINT SCHNAPPS...start now to enjoy for the holidays!

    I got this from the November Heads Freezeland issue. (thanks guys)
    It takes about a month so I will be enjoying this between Xmas and New Years for the Holidays. (Hey,maybe BOG and his wife can "sample it" if they make it up for New Years )

    A century ago cannabis tinctures, prized for their rapid onset, were the predominant delivery mode for medical cannabis.
    Cannabis alcohol or tinctures are an efficient way to capture all the active cannabinoids, which are retained in the alcohol from even the most "marginal" bud. (Plus nothing is lost to the smoking side stream)
    The alcohols can be drunk, but it is best held under the tongue sublingually for a few moments before swallowing, allowing for more rapid and consistent delivery. Plus you will want to savour the moment anyway.

    *I used about 3/4 of an ounce of mixed bud, ranging from Jamaican, to Juicy Fruit, to that "high power" NL# 1 I grow, but you can use your own discretion, as they don't mention an amount. I filled the mason jar, about 3/4 full or so.*

    Take your shake or bud and grind it up to expose surface area, but do NOT overgrind to powder, which will be harder to strain at the end of the process.
    The alcohol (C2H50H) (which can be Peppermint Schapps or any higher grade alcohol liquor will do such as Schnapps, 151 Rum, Vodka, Brandies and even Everclear. (if you can get it)) will easily dissolve away the active ingredients when in contact with the plant material.
    Place the alcohol /cannabis mix in a large "sealed" glass jar (NO plastic) and shield the jar from light using a paper bag.
    Light tends to free up the chlorophyll in the mix, which may look nice, but only adds bitterness to the liquor. Place the bag in a warm spot for at least a month (more if you have time), and be sure to shake the jar thoroughly at least once a day!
    After the soaking time strain the the leaf material out through a cheesecloth, and you are left with an elegant green liquor of surprising strength. Cannabis Schapps is a great way to enjoy a winter night! (or any night!)

    *One final note - the ball of material left in the cheesecloth can be used medicinally as a topical application. You gently rub the the affected area(s) for a few minutes. Works wonders for headaches too!

    alka-weed, damn gonna make me an alcoholic too, heheh
    "I usually wait until they are 12' tall and have at least 6 nodes of growth." quote by cway


      I did this a couple years ago. I packed a bottle of Vodka with popcorn buds and heavily-resinated trim. I let it sit in my alcohol cabinet for about two months, shaking every other day. We popped it open on New Year's, it was outstanding. Heavy MJ flavor, and you feel a nice little stone.


        Bumpity bump bump

        Happy Holidays

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