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Do I HAVE to add [coconut] oil to my rosin capsules? Or, can I use straight rosin?

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    Do I HAVE to add [coconut] oil to my rosin capsules? Or, can I use straight rosin?

    Is there a reason to add oil (whether coconut, butter or other type) to rosin for edibles (capsules)?

    I understand the reasons in terms of easier handling, better emulsivity and diluting to desired strength. But do I HAVE to add oil for effectiveness?

    My situation is this......high tolerance. My edibles dose for rosin is about 750mg. This fits in a 00 capsule (just barely) and it's as big as a fucking football. At least it feels that way going down my throat.

    If I dilute it with oil (even at 50/50) I'll have to swallow TWO of these fucking footballs. Not high on my wish list.


    I have read a number of articles about how the oil, especially coconut oil, is very helpful in introducing the rosin to our digestive system. And, therefore, increasing the effectiveness. I need all the effectiveness I can get. LOL

    I also read how the use of coconut oil precludes the need for stomach bile and therefore, processing the rosin earlier in the digestive stage. Again, increasing effectiveness and resulting in a faster onset.

    I am trying to get everything I can from these caps and I want to make sure I'm not DECREASING the effectiveness by eliminating the oil.

    Thanks for the help.


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