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Maruchan Soup Recipe

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    Maruchan Soup Recipe

    This is how I felt after cooking maybe 2 grams of bubblegum from nirvana with Maruchan soup....

    It takes no more than 10 minutes to do this...

    first buy the damn soup... ramen noodles or some quick 3 minute soup

    secondly cook 1-2 grams of your favorite weed in water... it's got to be less than 5oz so you can fill up the rest with regular boiled water...

    make sure yous dont burn yourselves... hehehehe

    and last but not least(my favorite) enjoy your soup

    It's gonna make you feel on the twilight zzzone....

    I know this recipe is old, but what the hell.. we all stoners....

    peace and give me my karma.....

    Let The Snakes Eat Their Own Venom, Envy Leads To Downfall!!!

    Five Ounces of Weed or Water?

    Now this is a recipe to make me happy

    But I may wait until later in the day before trying it...

    However, is that five ounces of water to boil the weed in, or five ounces of weed boiled in the water?

    Thanks for the tip,


      Just sharing what I did... I did spent the whole afternnon high with this Maruchan bubblegum treat... peace

      Let The Snakes Eat Their Own Venom, Envy Leads To Downfall!!!


        2 grams,
        no matter how you slice it,
        will send most users through the floor and off the roof.

        as a patient:
        i doubt i'd be able to force down ramen noodles,
        let alone two scoops of grass.