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Need some help with Gummies

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    Sad story. Always keep edibles away from Little People, Pets, and the Uninitiated.

    I had a Dog who was not allergic to Chocolate, and he loved to lick the Brownie Batter bowl. He was an Old School Party Hound from Texas though. He loved Weed and Beer, and watched TV too.


      My dog loves the gummies. 😂
      She also loves weed. She’ll come and get in your face for a hit. She has days she doesn’t want it, but when she does she gets pushy. 😂

      A dog we had when I was a teenager understood rotation. He’d sit by me, get a hit, then move 3-4 people to the right and wait. If they gave him a hit he’d repeat till he was good then go lay in the sun. If the person he sat by didn’t give him a hit he’d grumble and look at the person to his right for one. 😂 he was one hell of a hilarious dog.