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    Cannabis Milk

    2 litres of Milk (full cream or extra cream if available)
    2 full cups of chopped high quality cannabis (a lot of gear).


    1. Coursley chop cannabis

    2. To remove water soluble nasties that effect taste, water wash the cannabis. Add it to boiling water and boil gently for 10 minutes, strain thru cloth. Do this three times. Each time water will be less dirty and should be clear(ish) by the third wash. Squeeze as much water out of the washed cannabis as possible (let it cool down or run it under the cold tap first).

    3. Place washed cannabis on a baking tray and dry in the oven at 50C. Check every 20 mins until dry then remove. You can open and close the door or turn on/off the oven if you want to be extra careful not to overheat. Alternatively place tray in a warm, dark place until dry (24-48 hrs).

    4. Add about 2+half cups of milk and all of the washed, dry cannabis to a pot and boil (very, very carefully) for about an hour. Do this on lowest heat required to get the the milk moving about gently. Cover pot with lid, leaving some space for excess steam to escape. Check every 20 mins, stir and make sure its OK. At this time, add 1/4 cup of boiled water (out of the kettle) as the milk reduces. Then strain thru cloth into a container. l do this with the same cannabis and fresh milk three times to get as much good stuff out as possible. Just add each lot to the same batch. Should end up with about 1.5 litres. (Hmmm... wounder if l should just do the whole lot of milk at once. l read som place that three is the magic number in solvent based extractions and so have borrowed that idea.)

    5. l like to reduce the total liquid. Place the lot in a pot. There should be about 1.5 litres and simmer over very low heat, stirring every 10 minutes. It takes about 1-2 hours to reduce it by half. Once reduced it will be quite thick and creamy in consistency. l like to get it down to about 750mls and put it into 100ml bottles which go into the freezer and one bottle in the fridge. This stuff is very strong and only need 1-2 teaspoons for a nice buzz (approx one hr to kick in and about 3 hours duration).

    6. Flavouring. As is, this stuff tastes pretty bad. A teaspoon or tablespoon isnt much l suppose, but it doesnt hurt to sweeten it a bit. 2-4 tablespoons of sugar or honey mixed in whilst hot before bottling seems to do the trick. A few drops of vanilla essence and some cinnamon work nicely too. Leaving it as un-flavoured can be handy tho to avoid having too much. Its a bit too easy to have a extra when its sweet, smooth and thick.

    Potency will vary depending on the amount and quality of cannabis used.

    This method seems to work better than the butter and the high comes on MUCH faster. Although it cant be used in the same versatile way as butter for various cooking techniques.

    Always be very careful when having a first dose. It prolly wont kill ya if you have too much but it will knock you over. Being raging bent for 2 days non-stop can get tiring, to say the least. Start with one teaspoon and see how it is after one hour. If its only a minor buzz, then up the dose to a tablespoon. Wait an hour. Take it from there. For example, one batch l made was good by the teaspoon (2tsps for a nice one, 3 or 4 to go hard). The next batch was good by the tablespoon. It can vary, a little to a lot.

    l find it preferable to work out a dose that gives me a sort of mildly strong buzz with a peak that lasts about 1-2 hrs. Present batch takes about 2 tablespoons, kicks in after about an hour, peaks at the 2nd to 3rd hr, then start coming down by the 4th hr. Sometimes l will have another tablespoon (or two) after 2 hrs to keep the buzz going longer.

    By the way, when first dosing its not a bad idea to check your resting heart rate to see how you respond. l find that cannabis raises it to around 90-100bpm, under normal comfortable circumstances. It gets uncomfortable for me when it gets over 110-120bpm.
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    each time u "water wash" your buds potency is lost as the active ingredients are water soluble...why milk...why not something that would help the taste? it does sound like the prelude to some interesting homemade canna ice cream


      The active ingredients are not water soluble. Ever hear of water curing?

      This sounds like something I might have to try one day. I remember a long time ago I simmered some bud in 2% milk, and I was pretty dissapointed with the results. Maybe there was not enough fat in the milk or I didn't simmer it for long enough?

      Mmmm, can any one say hot chocolate?


        CRAZY STUFF.


          I recently made some cannmilk. Just out in about 1 gram grinded up, and simmered it for about a half hour in some vitamin D milk. Strained it, and drank the milk, then ate the stuff that was strained. Gave me a nice body high..
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            They are water soluable, but boiling it at 220 causes SOME THC loss in the vapors.

            I'd just boil it with milk and use a little less weed. Boil it one time.

            Either way, its good stuff.... make it like a bhang lassi...or make a milk smoothy with it, ice cream shake and milk ya know....

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              ^^Yup, Great for when ur totally baked and wanna get that EXTRA high..
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                you start with two cups of ground up ganja, the end result is 750 ml of cannamilk and all you sip is a few teaspoons to get high?

       I reading that right?

                if so I find that very hard to believe.

                do the sums - two cups of ganja into 750 ml of milk and all you need is a few teaspoons of this mixture to get high?? either have the world's lowest THC tolerance or you need to rework your recipe quantities or you use really big cups!


                  lol. btw 2 cups of ground up ganja is A LOT, or am I wrong? But hey, I guess if its made REALLY well its possible right? haha. To bad I dont got the bud to try it
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                  *All of the pictures you see in my gallery are NOT mine. They are found on a Google Image search*

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                    I do this kinda .....
                    heavy whipping cream (the higest fat content available, THC is oil soluble and will bind to the milk fat/butter fat) in double boiler heated to 160-170 (milk burns at 180 and the flavor is greatly affected)
                    crushed/choped (not to fine) herb added to make the consistancy of oatmeal.
                    30 min simmer on the double boiler, strain and i add that to chocolate chips to make some delicious fudge or a nice creamy chocolate sause to dip fruit cookies or what ever you want.

                    It works great every time so far!
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                      Water boils at 100 celcius. THC vapourises at MUCH higher temps.

                      2% milk fat is too low. Full cream milk is around double that and extra cream around tripple. Adding whipping cream is a very good idea.

                      2 cups of GROUND HIGH quality bud is around 2 ounces by weight.

                      Cannabis has a more powerful effect when ingested. It takes about twice as much to get the same buzz but lasts four times as long. Four times divided by twice as much = 2 times OR Double the efficient use of herb. Basically you need half as much to get same effect as when smoked.

                      2 teaspoons is 10mls. 750mls divided by 10mls = 75 doses. Two oz by weight is around 60grms. Thats very roughly about 1grm per dose.

                      Try it with 1 grm of HIGH quality bud into say half a cup of milk and see what you get.

                      One batch took around 2 teaspoons for a buzz, another took 2 tablespoons for the same effect. Couldnt be bothered reducing the 'weaker' batch, hence the larger quantity dosage. Incidentally that 2nd batch was around 1250mls. It varies.
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                        why do you bake the grass after it has been leached in hot water three times? what's the point of drying it out if you put it straight into the milk?

                        and .....I was working out the sums based on 1500 ml of milk, I should of worked it based on the reduced 750ml....56 grams of mentioned 1~2 teaspoons allow me to work it out again based on 56 grams into 750ml served into 7.5ml servings means you get 100 serves of cannamilk out of 2 ounces of cannabis..

                        that's just a bit over a gram per serve...that might not be enough for the average smoker or med-user out there to get more than a mild buzz...

                        for consumption - a good of thumb is to multiply how much of the bud it takes to get good and stoned by inhaling it then use 4 ~ 5 times as much per serve for eating and experiment from there ... that quantity might be one gram per person for quality bud..or as much as 3 or 4 grams per person for ok stuff

                        and I'm glad you get off on your one or two teaspoons of cannamilk....but don't get too defensive there mate...take another sip! have been making a few batches of cannabutter lately, but I only mostly use b grade stuff.....I would much rather dry sift bud through a few screen frames and smoke AAA kif than muck around with it in the kitchen for hours...I mostly use de-kiffed bud, trim and larger leaves for cooking purposes

                        I'm going to try this recipe myself as it sounds less messier than cannabutter..I've got a shoebox full of scraps, tiny buds, trim and leaf ready to "milk"

                        I wonder if you cannot get full cream milk would plain milk with added butter do the job?..I guess it would be same

                        I'm really not a great fan of the high from most edible pot, .....I prefer getting high from inhaling....but if you use "get up and dance" strains like Cinderalla or Hazes ( not heavy indicas) then the weary stone you normally get from eating is a more lively experience iow alot more fun.....sativas are where it's at when it comes to edible consumption of will still get a body buzz but there's still a head buzzv's not valium-ish like you usually get from eating most commercial Dutch hybrids

                        Happy ganja cooking!
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                          here's translation from Aussie into English...."billie" is short for in bong!...a billie is a bong on Oz...



                            bhang lassi !...

                            I made cannamilk today with about 40 ~ 60 grams of leaf, trim and tiny bud..I ended up with out 800 ml of milk..though I did add about a heaped soup spoon full of butter in with the milk too and simmered for about 2 hours ...and you are right Motley, cannamilk does kick in faster than much easier and cleaner to make.

                            the added butter will rise to the top so you will have to warm and stir the milk before using so the THC is evenly mixed through the milk before drinking it .......hmmmmmmmmm mango, milk and ice smoothie????....donde este rum?

                            my batch is obviously much weaker than yours so I drank a lot more of it, about six or more big tablespoons seems to kick in after about 45 minutes..but I had been smoking bud while making it so I'll have a good sip first thing tomorrow when I'm clean to give it a fair was made from low grade material and so from the taste today I estimate about this batch will give about 10 ~ 15 "serves"