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Worlds' best f***in treat!!!!!

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    Worlds' best f***in treat!!!!!


    I just made some magical mystery fruit.

    I start with a pile of psychoactive plant resin.

    Then double-boil down some fine Swiss dark chocolate.

    Then I add some all-natural dried organic blueberries and cherries.

    The result is a potent potable that can be enjoyed by all. This shit is so good it creates a neverending cycle of munchies and satisfaction which brings on more munchies till you get so f***in baked its hard to fathom.

    This is all worlds' best fucking treat!!!!!

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      looks yummy!


        #4 looks like the chiccy raisins you can buy in the expensive pick n mx at the cinema....but with a this i gotta try, nice one!
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          wow that looks delicious and very tastey lookin too and as to harry say they look like choclate covered rasin i second that

          another treat i have to try sometime thanxs for the recipe !


            yes that looks good but my skills in the candy making suck =(

            i made some awesome brownies i used to much magic butter and sat me down all day


              wow those really look tasty..and they really are easy to make. The bubblehash will come as an obstacle for most people though. You dont need any cooking skills, the hardest possible part is boiling down the chocolate. I prefer milk-chocolate so i add cream when i boil down mine (i cover my brownies with it). So do you add any cream ? I can see how you could easily burn it without the cream..

              Oh and whats the screen grade of that bubble ?
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                CannaRaisinettes.. (food 4 thought)

                I wonder if anyone ever tried to make CannaRaisinettes, maybe by double-boiling the chocolate as he did and then adding some Cannabutter. Stir the mix and then pour over a bunch of nice plump raisins and then letting 'em dry. Would make one hell of a snack to bring to the movies. Empty a box of real raisinettes and throw in yours, you'd be high the entire movie.. lol (may not even get to finish the movie if you eat too many and fall asleep. This is a must for me to make, quick and easy...

                You school kids don't get any ideas now, be asleep in class! lmao
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