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HFK Round 6. 4x RQS Northern Light feminised 2. 250 watt Phillips Master Son T pia +

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  • HushemFlupskluk
    @ Blueberrydrumz

    Thanks for the interrest But close to the bulb there absolutelly were scorched leafs. After putting the plants in the scrog they continued stretching. And that scrog of this round was not very well organised. The poultry wire offered little support and the branches lifted it up in time. Also branches grew towards the bulb causing some bud stretch. I cut all that stuff off to make room for the rest.

    But in the other hand leafs did not scorch if they were positioned more then 15 cm away from the bulb. This only is possible if enough leafs surround the bulb. The transpiration of this plantmass vs the bulb enables the leafs to come a bit closer to the bulb. Ofcourse the airflow must be set just right. A sudden temperature rise could scorch these leafs close by and ruin the party. I was fortunate enough to create me enough plant mass, maintain a good airflow and also I was abled to catch sudden temperature risings. Preventing the whole setup from scorching.

    When a leaf enteres this 15 cm area around the bulb it starts scorching. But that part of the leaf outside the 15 cm will not scorch and continue to produce. The other side of the branch of that leaf is well out of the scorch area. The vertical setup with a 250 wattbulb has some benefits of which this is one.

    Hope this helps a bit. Nothing miraculous happened in there

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  • blueberrydrumz
    Originally posted by HushemFlupskluk View Post
    Day 44 12/12

    RH 38 - 46%

    Temps a bit high sometimes. Leafs close to the lamp trimmed.

    Lower parts are removed before fungus manifests.

    Been observing the hairs of the plants. Every plant has diffirent caractaristics. Which of those ticks would show a sertain potential of that plant?


    Next week I will water them 2x 5L per day. My moist meter pointed out the soil is getting dryer. They are thirsty!

    its quite remarkable how bloody close your bulb is and your not burning you plants... interesting

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  • HushemFlupskluk
    Nugs plant 1.

    If I could get a better close-up of the nugs I would post those. Atleast this shows the colour is OK. And from experiences I can say that it tastes and works damn good. Since I started curing in yars when the buds were a bit overly dry the smell is not really present until it is grinded up. The smell is Lemonish and one member of the smoke panel told me he also smelled some Lavender like odors.

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  • HushemFlupskluk
    Report on curing proces.

    Hi Folks! Over 2 months after harvest and 4,5 weeks from the start of the curing process in yars I noticed some colour diffirences in buds of plant 1... The colour should be all green i.m.o. but the colour turns lighter green to yellowish.

    Still learning about curing, my newb skills can't help me on this one... But I have read some about preservability of the product.
    Appearantly the stuff is preservable inbetween 2 months and a year! If it is preserved in a dark, airtight and cold environment

    Perhaps plant 1 gave me buds that cannot be preserved as well as f/e buds off all the other plants number 2a, 2b and 3.

    Looking back @ plant 1 during flower I suspect that she was over-ripe. This would also explain the rot I found during the harvest off plant 1.

    So I think I can draw a conclusion here. 'One bud that was over ripe will be preservable shorter'... But I am not sure. And if this conclusion makes sense the lesser ripe buds/plants probably will be preservable longer.

    Atleast the remaining plants do not show this stuff (not yet). I tried to give the viewer a picture of the colourquality off buds plant 1 below but my 2.0 MP camara can't do the job perfectly..

    The problem could also be cause by other factors. f/e;
    - time it has been drying
    - lower humidity. I read this is not good also for preservability. The buds were @ 42% when put in yars.

    Since I am just guessing what is causing this problem, I hope people here can share some knowledge on this stuff

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  • HushemFlupskluk
    Final result!

    245 Gram!

    245g : 480 kWh = 0,51 GPkWh

    or really close to 1 GPW

    I put a humiditymeter inside one of 4 jars to watch RH closelly. But all smells good and looks good. No more mold detected.

    Thanks for paying attention here folks! All of luck for your next rounds.

    Northern Light feminised 3 will start off the 1 st of oktober. Atleast until then!

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  • HushemFlupskluk
    Close to final weight

    Nearly dry but to be sure I'll wait onother week before I weigh it all. So far it seems I am closer to 250 grams then I expected. More likelly I will pas the 250 gram border a bit.

    All fluff is already consumed. Which gives me about <30 grams of fluff.

    Last week I was abled to collect a smoke panel that could tell me what they were smelling and feeling when consuming this Northern light strains.
    Appearantly plant 2b smelled the best. This is what I not expected b/c this plant was a plant that did not look so nice and also it did not produce as much weight as the rest.
    2a Had best effect on us all. This one kicked in and was present for a long time
    While plant 1 was the mild smelling and tasting one. The effect also was mild. Alomst creamy.
    Plant 3 also was very good in smell and taste. The effect also was very noticable.

    Overall score;
    Plant 1. Best looking plant. Mild in taste smell and effect. Early flowerer.
    Plant 2a. Best yielding plant. Best final effect when consumed
    Plant 2b. Poorest yielding plant. Best smell. Ugliest plant
    Plant 3. Latest flowerer. Good in taste and smell

    I am 1 week away from declaring this round succesfull. B/c the final result will be very close to 250 gramms or a bit over it this round was most likelly a 1 GPW round.

    The time has come to prepare for a 1,5 gpw setup. Hygrostate is purchased and already ready to do work inside the room. Also a thermo timer is ready to help me switch soil and air heating.

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  • HushemFlupskluk
    HKF on U.S.I.U.

    This concept of this device was already tested by other users on forums. One likes to use the fogger, the other does not and buys humidifyers in the store.

    By incident I got to use mine like an intake unit. I've seen users have one function inside the room.

    As an intake unit it enables me to add heating and cooling to the water. This makes it multi-functional in controlling my climate.

    Not to forget it filters the air from bugs and other unholy vermin and dust. Then the air is enriched with negative ions and cooled.

    Thermostates and a hygrostate would automise those functions.

    Fun stuff to present and perhaps we could share thoughts about it. After all this device is not finished yet!

    I bet alot of users already have a same device running in the same way.

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  • bobblehead
    very nice... where did you get the idea for that contraption?

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  • HushemFlupskluk
    I gave it a name;

    Ultra Sonic Intake Unit

    Sounds like it can do alot of stuff


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  • HushemFlupskluk
    @ Goozman

    Thanks man I can use some luck next round. Hopefully you hit that amount soon! When you get to proper VPD values I bet you hit that easilly running vert! Don't forget soil and all the other little thingies please

    Perhaps this can give you an idea about methods to maintain a good climate. Here I introduced a bit of this already. It has a water level valve and is connected to the water supply. Some tube vents, an aquariumheater and a sonic fogger and some tubes all in one 5 Euro box. One day I want a cooling mechanism in there also. Although the fogged air is cooled down also. It cooles the intake air about 2,5 C to 5 C depending on the intake speeds and water level.

    @ SeƱor Chang
    Yes Blumat Soil humidifiers. A passive sytem that should do the job properly. When the money is here I would buy it immediatly Now I'll stay on dirt for a while. Gotta get this setup lined up properly first. All that other stuff one day will be applied

    Clones are advised to me multiple times now. I would love to work that out once..

    Thanks for them compliments dude. This should bring luck next round!

    I hope you copy the good stuff dude. I have been messing around on some areas.

    My ultra sonic fogger enables me te humidify my room. Never thought a fogger would do what it did in my room.

    Gotta watch and see on the forum what you have been doing latelly. Thanks for enjoying my topic dude. And take care there. On towards higher yields!

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Have you given any thought to running Blumat drippers, coco, and incorporating defoliation into the grow?
    Clones versus seeds would also help to dial things in.
    I am in no way saying what you are doing isn't fantastic.
    I will be copying portions of your style and add to the above mentioned techniques.
    I am impressed that you are manipulating the humidity at various stages of growth as well.
    I really enjoy watching your grows as I feel we have similar attentions toward the plant.
    Take care and keep on keepin' on!

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  • HushemFlupskluk
    Dry net pics

    Nothing special. Some bigger upper stuff and some smaller stuff. All twiggs excluded b/c of fear of mold. To lazy to remove the leafs. Those will be removed before it all is put into jars.

    8 layers are filled. First pic the upper 4, 2nd pic the lower 4.

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  • GoozMan
    Also looking forward to some harvest pics. It's good to reflect for improvement ideas, good luck with next round. And you have high standards, I hope I hit 0.9 gpw someday!

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  • HushemFlupskluk
    Thanks Diesel! But now my buds are shrinking in the dry nets I get more and more disapointed.

    So far the smell has been good but I have alot smaller stuff.

    It is obvious to me that I must improve in the soil I use and my RH. Because the taste of the buds so far had not been impressing me also.

    However the effect of it pleases me!

    I have learned also that trying out multiple techniques at once did not got me what I wanted/expected. That used soil f.e. and the extra focus on a higher preassure in the room from sprouting. The attempt to lower the RH in early flower also did not support the plants to their optimal performances.

    But in the end you are right about that good haul. If I calculate all power used and devide the amount produced with this it still is a decent performance.

    Since I used about 480 KWH of power al together. Then producing 225 grams gives me a score of 0,47 Grams per KWH in this round. Another more know score would be 0,9 GPW.

    My previous round I calculated I used about 460 KWH and I harvested 300 gram dry. The score was 0.65 gram per KWH or 1,2 GPW

    I prefer to use that score per consumed KWH of my growsystem. Because this number would indicate a real production score

    So the next round I calculated I could save a few KWH even though the period of VEG will be longer.
    About 450 KWH will be consumed and ofcourse by improving those things mentioned this would help me to get me closer to 1 gram per KWH or 1,8 GPW.

    Maybe one day. Or perhaps the next round?

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  • dieselbyrd
    Still a good haul Hushem waiting patiently for the pics :-)

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