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chemical seed scarification

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    Originally posted by Creeperpark View Post
    The new molecule PAA works well and is safe for the greenhouses when used correctly. I would avoid breathing, or any skin contact because of the acetic acid. 😎

    Biosafe Sytems is kind of a game changer for horticulture. They have several products I use and appreciate.

    The vapors from a strong solution, or a disinfecting spray, will get you coughing, and even the quickest contact on skin will give you some oxidized skin cells. But, it would take a lot (longer contact time) to give you, say, a second degree burn.

    I use Peter's Professional or Jack's formulas for ease of use (on containerized, soil-less peat mixes) and cost effectiveness. I have used liquid organic formulas in the past, but $$$. I will feed my long term crops (perennials, shrubs -- cannabis, too) once a week during the growing season, using a bell curve applied to the time of season for ppm amount. Less, then more, then less. I have learned it is better to lean towards underfeeding, as this helps to better "tone" the plant growth. Overfed plants are ripe targets for pest and disease.


      I wished everyone could hear what you are saying "Overfed plants are ripe targets for pest and disease", and underfeeding, helps to better "tone" the plant growth! Very well put! 😎


        Anyone heard about scarification using a matchbox and sandpaper. Glue a fine-grit sandpaper to the top and bottom inside of the matchbox. Open it up and put your seed in it and shake for about 20 minutes. After the shaking, they are ready. 😎


          Yeah,I've heard people just taking a small piece of sandpaper and rolling it in a tube and shake seed inside with your thumb and finger covering hole.
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