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    Originally posted by flylowgethigh View Post
    No food in there at all.
    Worms love alfalfa meal.


      Do I need to put in food? I can get organic lettuce, just threw some out, dammit.

      I could put some food in the tubs down in the shed, no plants going in there for a while.
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        Bananas are a favorite. Light for the first 24-48 hours on a new bin. I've always fed mine veg/fruit scrap and amendments. They break it down into plant soluble material. If you keep a lid on it expect to find them crawling on the surface, walls, and lid. They love to explore. Red wigglers are top composters. Euro's a second choice available at local bait shops.
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          My worm get fed every two weeks or so. Lettuce,squash and green beans,, carrots, cabbage and newspaper, eggshells, coffee grounds with filters, bananas when available . After a harvest of castings, I usually find a few worms outside of the bin.I figure their home got disrupted and they are looking for something but if they’re left alone, they stay put.


            It's probably already been said, but that's alot of pages to go through. What size screen have people found to be the best for screening the castings? I tried the bread technique to get the worms all one side or a container but i have wayyyy too many worms. It didn't really make a difference, so I think screening will be my best option. I really need to harvest though as it's getting deep.
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