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    Originally posted by Avinash.miles View Post
    the cmh's are comprable to 600w hps, this is my first real run with them, my other CMH lite i donated to a former patient who started growing for themselves.
    as for endomaxx - i'm familiar with their products, seems really nice all plug and play at different voltages - (277, 240, 120)
    looks like they are catering more to big ops, because individual units are priced way higher than others.... even cycloptics with their fancy hood is more competitively priced than the endomaxx models.

    i'd like to get some different varieties of aloe, especially the big thick jumbo type they sell at the mexican grocery store; i always end up with these thin slightly fragile aloes.

    Si me voy a la tienda mexicana para comprar uno de ellos!

    Yes the mexican store!

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      ya, seaf0ur turned me onto the mexican grocery stores; i get aloe and Panella ("pilloncillo) there. the panella is a great & cheap alternative to molasses.


        was gifted several gallon bags of malted barley today...
        so I fed a malted barley, malted buckwheat, panella, cytoplus (seaweed, humic acid concentrate, micronutrients), and potassium silicate mix to both flowering and veg tonite.

        also sprayed big time exterminator followed by potassium silicate, cytoplus, and em1.

        added cold air intakes as well after noticing temps in the tents spike (85) and the lung room was getting warm when everything was all sealed up for several hours straight, so i added a dryer vent with a Y dropping an intake into each tent. 4" of cold colorado air should keep things in the 60's & 70's.
        also, since it's so damn dry here in CO, i'm considering dropping a couple small humidifier/vaporizers in there, i have a couple of these vicks units sitting around not doing anything....
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          did some re-arranging...

          ^^ "CMH" tent canopy, has a 600w HPS in the middle and 315w CMH on either side

          ^^ above pic is shown wth a 1kw HPS and a 1kw MH, but soon this tent will have two 600w HPS on the sides with a 1kw MH in the middle of them, until i can afford another CMH for that middle spot to replace the 1kwMH (which burns HOT!)
          probably going to put a 600w HPS in veg to replace the T5's

          ^ Khalisi (afghan jihad x purps by sg1 of sanctuary gardens) x Sour Bubble (BOG)

          ^^ Lime Cookies Bubba

          ^^ Ox f2 (Rare Dankness Bubba Kush line, f2 made by mt.trogger)



            ^ mixed up this brew of dried comfrey, soaked malted barley & malted buckweat, seaweed powder, humic acid concentrate, and em1 and kashi. let it sit 24 hours, and will use it tonite on the plants along with another malted barley & malted buckweat sst that has soaked overnite as well (did quicker washes with them last nite).

            ^^ comparison shot of 600w HPS burning next to a 315w CMH


              Plants are looking super healthy, guess they are loving that gross looking mix your feeding them,

              Pulling up a chair, looks like going to be a good show. Those cmh's are pretty sweet - I like the side by side. I need to look at getting one of those for the middle of my room...
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                yhea, my gross brews look worse than they smell, that's fortunate.
                my last gross looking mix was: dried comfrey, malted barley, malted buckwheat, em1, quantum light & quantum VSC, panella (raw sugar) - smelled kinda yeast-y after sitting for 24 hours.

                ^interesting leaf.
                this pic was taken a few days ago, the leaf is easiy 2-3 times larger now and has the same discoloration, split right down the center of the leaf, it's the ONLY one that looks this way on the plant, nothing else remotely discolored.

                ^^ here is a peek at the soil surface of a plant in veg... no mulch on these yet, so this layer goes thru more dryout than i would like, but soon they will be transplanted and mulched which will help them retain moisture in this top crust layer of soil.
                i'm not sure but i THINK there are some "hypoaspis miles" (Stratiolaelaps scimitus ) in this pic, all those little white-ish globes at the bottom of pic, just right of center... i will have to get some magnification on those lil guys to know wasup with them...
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                  New thread huh?

                  ...I'm in...

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                    I like all the different organic ingredients you use for your grows, and the plants come out looking amazing as well.

                    I could defiantly learn a thing or two here. I have always wanted to do organic, like TLO water only and some teas. But I ve gotta on the coco kick and I've been having multiple mediums for a while and it's getting annoying. Dealing with soils and promix and coco and flood and drain(hydroton) - but I know once I get a new spot with some more room I will dedicate a section to organics - I love learning about how you can use all kinds of different stuff, fungi bacteria, other plants!

                    Good vibes brother keep up the good work!
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                      So glad I found this thread!

                      I'm already learning along the way. N am eager to hear more about those fermented plant extracts/teas. Very old school teck and some killer organic methods.

                      N I gotta day that starting soil mix is wildly diverse!

                      Very cool stuff. I'm looking forward to more

                      Big ups respect and happy growing.


                        That sideways twist half striped leaf... usually a pest, broad mite, root aphid etc. eek...
                        Maybe bust out a microscope and check the soil man
                        I think the display is from a lack of protien synthesis or something...

                        Good luck man. I really hope that doesnt continue
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                            looks nice


                              Looking sweet mang! I recently put some mosquito bits on the top of a few plants, along with major doses of myco's, had the fuzzies on top of the pots. Freaked me out at first, until I realized what it was, lol.

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                              He is mad we all have the cut, supposed to be top secret nuclear bomb recipe cut

                              Originally posted by Gypsy Nirvana
                              you can't get blood out of a stone.


                                still in veg:

                                ^^ Gluebreath on the left, OGKB 2.0 on the right

                                ^^ ogkb 2.0 was the first clone to root in the rockwool cubes; cloned with aloe and JB Woods.

                                ^^Moontang x Catpiss from seed early week 3 flowering

                                ^^ a peek inside one of the windows

                                Been using this stuff:

                                ^ i was told quantum is similar to Em1 microbes, but obviously is more diverse, the VSC contains humics and the light smells like ASS. Em1 has always smelled kinda nice to me.

                                Huesinomics: the fermented plant extracts are pretty cool DIY technique, I made and used alot of FPE in my previous garden (previous thread, "the elbow room"). the only downside to using them that i could tell was that my flowering cycles took a little bit longer than usual; i was told that FPE can delay senescence - and that was definitely my experience with them. If time were not an issue i think it could be a GOOD thing because buds wanted to KEEP swelling and growing before maturing.
                                IMO the most useful preparation was calphos via toasted eggshells (i mixed with crushed crustaceans) with either lacto/EM1 or vinegar (i preferred the lacto/em1 version).
                                On this garden i have not made any true FPE's, instead have been using plenty of bokashi in my topdress and Em1 foliar feeds and root drench.
                                That gross looking pic i showed was a quick soak (24 - 48 hours), not really an FPE altho it did contain all the neccessary ingredients; em1, panella (raw sugar), plant matter, water.

                                expealadocious - I'm not sure what has caused that leaf discoloration/veriegation. could be a pest, altho i've been regularly treating plants with a few different sprays (big time exterminator, iso, em1, essential oils). could be something in the soil i guess, but the plants appear to be happy & healthy. i think many of them could use to be transplanted and perhaps the temps dipped a bit low (65) during this most recent cold snap.

                                thanks phases & otis & longcock;
                                welcome Seaf0ur! bout time u showed up in here