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Living organic soil from start through recycling

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    Originally posted by Gascanastan View Post
    The thing is....every soil mix becomes something different for each user. Inputs may be source related,one user may not be able to source what another can. It's a custom thing based upon what you understand about basic soil biological processes and what materials are used.

    If you reach that point and come here and ask..."hey,what do I do now that it's time to re-amend,this is what I have.???..."...someone will help you,but it is here in the thread..all the little things each grower does to sustain the soil for repeated indoor cannabis cycles.
    Originally posted by Neo 420 View Post
    Its ALL about the soil baby....... Insects, fungi's, microbes and OM included!
    Originally posted by Neo420
    While I will not disagree Cootz and Gas are the Guru's around here, there is valuables information to learn from most of the other key players around here such as MM, MrS, BJW, W89, YS etc (forgive me if I did not mention you).
    Originally posted by BlueJayWay View Post
    Re-ammending I find is fun - you get to pick and choose a few things to mix in there, and then watch plants grow to see how ya did!
    Originally posted by IncredibowlBoss View Post
    One day, when this thread actually "finishes", I'll collect this sucker into an e-book for everyone... Every time I think it's winding down, a new gem appears But for real, I will eventually organize the meat of this thread into a PDF by topic - Shmalphy has been awesome enough to do a page-by-page breakdown of the topics for the first 65 or so pages, but seriously, this is the fastest-growing thread I've ever participated in.
    Originally posted by RanchoDeluxe View Post
    I'm currently re-reading this thread for the THIRD time. It just keeps getting better along w/ my notes. With a small amount of growing skills a person could easily grow some quality cannabis by simply reading and taking notes from the first 50 pages or so, a mere couple hours of time. Or a person can decide not to read it and spend days (if not weeks) scratching their head...wondering what's wrong.

    Good Luck.
    The greatest thing I’ve picked up from this thread is to not be afraid of living soil. That was fuelled by the Gasman himself.
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      To reiterate... an attempt to summarize this information was published in the last International Cannagraphic eMag. We created a whole section about Living Organic Soil.

      This is the thread that got me started using organic soil and nutrients, and thankfully ALL my plants in the garden are flourishing nicely! From tomatoes to Pune, everything is doing amazingly better than last year. I will post some pics soon...

      But here is a condensation of just one topic about Living Organic Soil from the eMag:


        Restart 2


          Restart 3


            Good to see this thread opened up again. Now people who weren't around when it was active can still access the info without having to dig through the forum. It's pretty lame it took this long, though.

            It should be a sticky but at least if it's open it can be bumped periodically.
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              This thread taught me a shitload.
              I stayed subbed hoping for a restart.

              Right on "It's Alive"
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                so it seems i've been out of the loop for a while and this thread is back? confused but very happy if that's the case. or i'm just really high and way off base.


                  Originally posted by dogfishheadie View Post
                  so it seems i've been out of the loop for a while and this thread is back? confused but very happy if that's the case. or i'm just really high and way off base.
                  The thread was locked for a while because of the size and another was started.



                    word, much less lame then a read the rules sticky

                    sad it took soo long for some to appreciate the language


                      Originally posted by DARC MIND View Post
                      word, much less lame then a read the rules sticky

                      sad it took soo long for some to appreciate the language
                      wurd on that! lol

                      here is a shot of my current room in early flower. Just received a folair of Alfalfa meal, Kelp meal and Aloe Vera at lights off before they go to sleep.

                      this is a new mix with less of an aeration device as mentioned by Microbeman @ 15% with lava rock only.


                        That is cool Vonforne! Aloe Vera is amazing... look at those plants shining and happy~!


                          Kind of droopy due to the folair but I plan on taking a picture today at lights on and see what they look like then.


                            Greetings Organic Soil Aficionados!

                            This valuable thread has gone on for so long it is now too big for our servers to serve up to you in a quick and timely manner...

                            So, as we have done before with numerous other popular threads, this section is now closed, and here is the link to the all-new, started up again
                            "Living organic soil from start through recycling" PART TWO.
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