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Cheap Nutrient Line for Commercial and Home Grows?

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    Originally posted by BillFarthing View Post
    As far as addition order, it's not hard and proven science. Silica first, additives last. As long as they are dissolved completely, inputs could be added in any order.

    Some people stop silica after transition. Some people stop silica before flush if they want PGR looking nugs that are popular these days.

    I'm not sure silica prevents stretch like kelp and a calcium bump at transition does.

    Silica foliar is another way to give the plant more available Si and may prevent and fight PM.
    I saw a chart for PowerSi that said .5 ml for regular, and I think it said 4 or 5ml per gal to reduce stretch in transition.
    THats new for me
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      Hi Bill, I got these feed charts from the Jr Peter's website. Cannabis and hemp schedule. There's products on here you didn't mention. Should I stick to what you recommend earlier in the thread or go with their cannabis recipe? Have you tried this schedule? I was going to purchase the 321 package but now that I've seen this I'm not sure. I've never seen anyone mention the bloom or finish. Some people on the forum say they had problems with 321 in veg but most folks on there are aren't good growers so I thought I'd ask you for more advice. Thanks


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          Is there gold flakes or diamond dust in the Jr Peters magnesium sulfate? $71 for 25 pounds and Walmart has it $5 for 8 pounds so roughly $16 for 25 pounds. Quite a difference. I thought epsom was pretty much all the same? Is the Jack's product super concentrated or....? Thanks


            no it's just a dry bagged version of bottled bs where there is a specific recipe for transition etc so you end up with a bunch of bottles, 321 is proven, masterblend is 221 so you're using less, I didn't even get the larger bulk sizes of all the stuff and I'm under $10 a grow

            look at the 321 kits available from places other than the company site they have a different brand epsom


              No magic dust, just overpriced. No one buys the mag sulf. If they do, only once and realize it is the same as wallyworld. Also look at hydro gardens chem gro 4-20-39. It's based out of Colorado.

              if you are not autowatering, greenleaf nutrients sell jack equivalent 5-12-26 for cheap. Cal-nit, i buy yara.

              Bill has good recipes on his open salt webpage.


                Anyone using jacks 321 in rockwool? I've been using coco and if I remember correctly ( which I most of the time don't) Bill said he was using coco, which is why I was interested in this thread. My pink jug of GH ran out so it's time to mix up my first couple of barrels of Jack's 321. I received some plants in 4x4 rockwool cubes so this round will have both coco and rockwool. Any suggestions on what I should do different for each mix? Thanks very much


                  I just found this at the local TSC farm store. It looks to be a calcium an molasses with some vitamins and minerals. Going to order a couple of bottles.

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                  Nutri-Drench P-4 OZ Poultry Supplement provides a premium nutrient-rich liquid supplement. This chicken supplement enters the bloodstream in minutes for fast, effective use. The molasses-based poultry supplement helps promote good health and comprehensive nutrition. Administered as a drench, these poultry feed supplements are easy to use.
                  • Premium nutrient-rich liquid supplement to bring out the best in your flock
                  • Molasses-based poultry supplements help promote good health and comprehensive nutrition
                  • Mix with water, these poultry feed supplements are easy to use


                  propylene glycol, molasses products, calcuim carbonate, choline chloride, DL-methionine, l-lysine, Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin A supplement, Vitamin D-3 supplement, thiamine, niacin, zinc sulfate, ethylenediamine dihydroiodide, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, iron sulfate, soduim selenite, cobalt sulfate, sugar. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: calcium (min)...0.4%, calcium (max)...0.7%, selenium (min)...0.1 mg/fl oz, Vitamin A (min)...23,700 IU/fl oz, Vitamin D (min)...5,910 IU/fl oz, Vitamin E (min)...90 IU/fl oz