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Hermaphrodite: need objective eye to confirm

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      "we have met the enemy and he is us"-Pogo


        Kill it, forget it, don't use its pollen, don't grow its seeds. Sometimes genocide is needed.
        Don't listen to anyone quoting Rez's excuses.
        When as men, our only guide to right and wrong is the ability or inability to act, we cannot truly call ourselves men.

        Copyrights on all photographic work are reserved


          I'm pretty sure s/he's boinked the whole damned tent by now and I double-checked that I flipped him/her/them on the 7th, so not even two weeks into flower and s/he's definitely chucking pollen.

          If I'd done this on purpose with colloidal silver, they'd actually be some interesting feminized seeds and I'd be very proud of myself.

          If anyone is interested in growing them out, I'll be able to accept PMs soon and they will be Lemon Dosi x Strawberry Banana and GG-4 x Strawberry Banana.

          FYI, the Lemon Dosi was for insomnia, the Strawberry Banana was about half and half recreational and self-de-asshole-ification, and the GG-4 thread is here:

          Another lesson learned: I sure am glad I decided on a smaller bud tent and took "too many" cuttings.
          California Proposition 215 compliant under Senate Bill 420 and my doctor's recommendation.

          Yes, they're all mine, yes, I know what causes this, and if you think my hands, clone shelves, veg tent, veg rooms, seed storage jars, back yard, and bud/breeding tent are full, you should see my heart.