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Looking to get set up for a 4x4 tent with LED in Canada

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    Looking to get set up for a 4x4 tent with LED in Canada

    Hi All!

    I have been growing outdoors this season, and just received my ACMPR, and am looking at setting up a tent in my basement this fall. I am extremely green to the whole indoor set up, but do see that some manufacturers sell full tent kits, and it appears to be sold at a premium price based on convenience. I am looking to grow at max 4 -5 plants in a tent, and would ideally like to use a led light. I am not looking to spend a fortune, but there is so much conflicting information on Reddit as well as on youtube. I was wondering if someone would be able to suggest some options, or provide me with some recommendations for how to best set up a 4x4 tent, and what is necessary vs what is extra and not mission critical.


    my set up 2x2x3 veg, 3x3x6 bloom.
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      Closets and small rooms work very well too when you cover the walls with a reflective material. You can get a good light with a timer and a fan for less than $300 and get started right away. I like small rooms much better than tents, because its so much easier to maintain heat and humidity. Good luck and happy gardening. 😎