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    Foomar.s Freebies .......

    Have done a number of simple crosses for freebies and will continue to do so , have far too many threads in different places so will list them all here and reference any relevant threads from this post.

    Black Geisha , (C99 x Blackberry) x Geisha

    Black Doll , (C99 x Blackberry) x Hidoll

    Geisha F2,s

    Casey Jones x Geisha , AKA Geisha Jones

    G13-Diesel x Geisha

    Hidoll F2,s , Kodiak gold x Burmese (Annac)

    Cherrychunk F2,s , Mountainhigh

    Black Cherry , (C99 x Blackberry) x Cherryhunk

    Sweetooth#3 x Bubblegumbo

    Casey Jones x Hidoll

    Cherrychunk x Geisha

    Hidoll x Cherrychunk
    In test.
    Abandonned due to germination problems July 2010

    There were a few more one offs not listed and some server fund packs more suited as breeding material.

    Minimal selection from low plant numbers with no real knowledge of breeding beyond Mendel suggests that some of these are going to be dissapointing , apart from the Black Geisha i would not trust a whole crop to any of them yet but would run a few to fill the gaps and reveg if you get lucky.

    All female plants used have been flowered from clone at least twice with no issues seen or reported by others , now consider the Geisha male from Head to be stable and meets the criteria to be a true male but others may be less so till proven.

    The C99 x Blackberry has been worked with everything available , colour is strong and other traits make it the most interesting plant i have ever found and worth the effort.

    The Blackberry genes are strong and a good percentage of all crosses show a distinctve progression of colouration to deep blue/red , a very tart taste also carries well.

    I continue to grow out a lot of commercial seed packs and in most cases am looking for males to trial on a selection of stable genetics , this closet pollen chucking is dangerously addictive and so much fun.

    If there are any problems then please tell me as soon as possible as you are the beta tester and your experience is valued.
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    Wow sweet list dude. Now I have something to do for the next hours Just looking at all the threads. Be back. Lol. So where they gonna be at n when. Bay boo. Icmag fundraiser O they are already. I'm a little burnt from a cocktail. Of sour diesel. And strawberry cough.
    So sorry for my stupidity

    Edit - wow super. I'm loving those Casey jones , diesel cross's. Super nice looking etc. Always nice to see new stuff and as well the icmag support. Best !
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        Originally posted by foomar View Post
        Black Geisha , (C99 x Blackberry) x Geisha

        Originally posted by foomar View Post
        Black Doll , (C99 x Blackberry) x Hidoll



          I've got some Geisha Jones. Those pics look interesting. Should be fun to grow those out.


            Hi foomar,

            Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the fantastic buy it now offer you had at Christmas time on the Cherry Chunks (I received 19 seeds!). I saw your new thread here so I thought I would let you know. So Mucho gracias, foomar!

            I will let you know late next fall how they came out. I wish it were sooner but I live in the desert southwest. I know that soon (probably by next month) it will be over a 100 degrees here. In other words, I don't want any baked Cherry Chunk. Though it does sound like it would make a nice pie, I'm sure it would make better ice cream. he he

            Keep up the good work (seriously) and I hope to find another of your auctions.



              Hi ChunkUFarley , have only run 25 of the F2,s but have found some really good plants and nothing useless so far.
              They easily stand a degree or two of frost and half have deep colour in low temps , look forward to seeing how they survive an oven.


                No comments? As if I were speaking Chinese!

                Practicing languages with my flatmate. You will get a dose of english, chinese, americanese, and maybe a slight ringlish if you are lucky.

                We started both freebie packs at the same time. 10 of each but lost 2 black geisha to the floor monster. Grr! Aim to keep the females, sadly no space for the males. Try to keep them but just no space. Working with a limited garden space. 8/8 black geisha germination rate, and 10/10 black doll germination rate. Fast and vigorous, all up within a day or two.

                black geisha show 2 female and 6 male, some of the male had great depth in fragrance rubbing stem and ball sack area.

                black doll was on the other side of the rope with 7 female and 3 male.

                9 female and 9 male is a nice distribution from where we stand. They are hungry devils, especially the black doll. Next time will keep more N in the mix during veg and flower transition. Any tips are appreciated foomar. Thanks

                a black geisha cut, going back to the future.

                aprox. a week for roots is even money


                  I need to add the Black cherry and black doll along side my black geishas. They are looking super nice!


                    Originally posted by foomar View Post

                    Sweetooth#3 x Bubblegumbo

                    I got these as freebies , are those pictures of the actual cross ?
                    Or is that the mother plant ?

                    If that is the cross I Hope i can get that single cola pheno!!!! ITS exactly what i need!

                    Anymore info on this cross, Im so siked , im more excited about your freebie, then the actual order Rez Chemdog sourdiesel & Dr Atomic Blueberry x Northern Lights.
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                    My best friend is a calculator named what if !

                    May the gods piss on your plants.
                    May the worms shit in your roots.
                    May your yield be so heavy,
                    it splits both your boots.
                    May the high fucking toast you
                    and the buzz leave you calm.
                    May the smoke be so smooth,
                    you can hit twice as long.

                    *DISCLAIMER: My intent is to appear to be a part of the counter culture represented by this website, and everything I present is fabricated and/or embellished. I am, in reality, not actually a part of, or in any way involved in, said counter culture.


                      Pictures are of the freebie cross as released , huge seeds that should germ well.

                      This was the Bubblegumbo male used , from f2k via grapevine seeds.

                      And this was the SOL Sweetooth#3 female , very single cola in form and high yield with quite strong grapefruit flavour and smell.


                        Hey Foomar...I still have a pack of the Bubblgumbo freebies. If I remember correctly, and I'm sure we could get GP to come in here and set it all straight...but.... It was a mix pack of seeds. Mother was OG Bubblegum and the father(s) were Sour Bubble Bx4 or G13/Diesel....thus the "gumbo"
                        I also bought OG Bubblegum x Sour Bubble Bx4 back at the time, and can see very easily which seeds belong to what father in the gumbo via the comparison....lucky me, right!

                        Well, the question is, do you know what side of the gumbo your daddy is from? I'd think the g13/diesel, no?

                        PS...I'm hoarding some of your Geisha F2 and Black Geisha as well...hehehe!

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                          Hi Frank , ran them alongside some G13-Diesel clones and the male had the leaf shape and other traits of these and no trace of bubble in itself or subsequent crosses trialed so far.

                          If anyone has a pack of Bubblegumbos sat in the fridge they are well worth popping and would have been a high quality commercial release as is.

                          Will rework and reverse the cross as soon as i find a decent Bubblegum male.

                          Next project is Holy Grail (verite) x Blue Sonja (Grindhouse) , best of both crossed both ways.
                          Interested to see the results of two worked lines comeing together , could be fun and will doubtless use the Geisha male on the best , freebies only.

                          Can squeeze in an F2 of something ancient from the fridge if they pop ....

                          Burmaberry (reeferman)
                          Kill Bill (Rez)


                            fantastic freebies foomar!

                            Foomar's enthusiasm and work ethic moved some of his gear way up on the totem pole, and got a slot in the cab. It was well deserved to say the least.

                            The black giesha and blackdoll provided in part by foomar's generosity turned out well.

                            Initially interested in these freebies because of the c99xblackberry influence from wally, it is nice to see someone still working with these genetics. Big up's foomar!

                            Onward ho...

                            Some very interesting tastes and effects roam the palate from these two crosses, each with their own uniqueness.

                            Black giesha gave only green specimens, meaning none of the anticipated purple pigmentation showed up. At first this would start to disappoint, but the green specimen is hardly that. It is more the color "frosty trichome dust"
                            Color in my opinion is nothing without the effects to go with it, and the specimens without the purple are very good. One in particular is close to all time, and fresh cut smelled almost how I would imagine the inside of a healthy living whale to smell. Fresh seafood with the undertones of serious dank. That smell that is hard to describe, and the cured flowers are a favorite already. The taste is total old school funk, and the jar lid hardly ever gets a chance to close! A real treat to enjoy.

                            The re-veg for this lady is not looking so good, but still holding out hope. Do you have any tips on the re-veg foomar? She isn't looking so hot, and keeping or taking cuts for preservation was not an option this time around. Crosses fingers for the re-veg. Thinking she needs a root trim and re-pot into something with love.

                            Not one bit disappointed with dedicating some of the small area for flowers to these freebies by foomar, they are great assets to a diverse medical herb jar. Although this specimen pictured above was the better of two specimens found in the black giesha, the other was quite nice also. Sorting more of this variety would be beneficial to anyone with the genetics, so fear not if you are thinking about popping them. Just take it from me and keep mums!


                              On to the black doll

                              WowWeeee! What a combination. Unlike the black giesha, with the black doll there were more specimens to evaluate. The F/M ratio was much higher at nearly 80%, where the black giesha was around 20% F/M ratio.

                              Due to the same mother being used, the anticipation for purple flowers with positive attributes was still there. From early on there were hints at purple pigmentation even as early as 16 or 20 days. Others may not notice, however with a keen eye and open heart they could be picked up on.

                              Seem to be more expression within this black doll seed lot than the black giesha, although with so few numbers ran that statement should be taken with a pinch of salt.

                              One black doll specimen in particular started expressing sativa leaning characteristics from the get go, and included a hefty stretch and delayed flower formation. Aprox a week delayed compared to it's sisters and cousins. The buds started out whispy and runny, but eventually filled in with adequate time. Still fluffy, but not stringy and wispy. Perhaps given an additional week or two, they would have filled in even more. This was the one specimen that could have gone longer, but out of the group it was the exception. She started showing purple hues on her calyx's, even in a tropical setting. Very warm, bordering hot! Thoroughly impressed with the hardiness of this variety in relation to pigmentation and temperature. Strong traits, and strong smoke. Extremely relaxing, and down right narcotic. Great medication for pain or insomnia. Goes deep through the muscles to the bone and relax the body, irie stuff! This specimen may have been saved, will know more as time progresses.

                              Another of the black doll specimens, this one has exceptional blackberry fruit taste and oh so smooth. The re-veg on this one looks promising, but without getting hopes up will carefully tend her.

                              Another black doll, one of two specimens that appear to exude a sap like substance. This was one of the few black doll not to show purple hues, nearly all of them showed some sort of purple except this one. The sap taste very sweet on the tongue, but not in the bowl. This specimen threw a few nanners on the top just before harvest. At first guess that should be attributed to flowering longer than the specimen would have wanted, or her feet got container bound. As the other black doll's did not show nanners, this should be remedied with proper care and attention. The sap may be difficult to notice in the picture, up middle right side.

                              Yet another black doll specimen, another one with purple hues and sweet exuding sap! This one showed color soonest, and also has the pain relieving effects.

                              It is nice to see the various attributes and how they are mixed between specimens. Very neat and fun to take part in, especially when the end result helps me in so many ways.

                              A detailed smoke report and hopefully grow report to come. (update- Tried to do a smoke report and had difficulty typing it up, as noted earlier some of the specimens are very relaxing and affect the muscle deep to the bones. It put me out! A great benefit to someone suffering insomnia.

                              The other black doll's with more fruit taste are more suited to daytime or most any time of the day, only a few specimens had the muscle relaxing quality.

                              One black doll specimen not listed was very dense, huge colas that can be an easy target for moldy buds. With adequate training and veg style this could be a mute point, but wanted to share. It was quite leafy, a green specimen, and to be honest not as special as the rest.

                              Another black doll specimen not listed was just flat out average.

                              Overall experience exceeded expectations! Fantastic work foomar, and a generous heart you work with. Looking forward to more of your gear, the work is appreciated.

                              Try to you updated with the re-veg process and if any of your gear gets another run.
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