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    Black Geisha

    The original intent was to make some F2,s of some stunning C99 X Blackberry plants from Wallyduck.

    Unfortunately the males were infertile and have instead chosen to use a Geisha male on a selected plant.

    The Blackberry cross produced some stunning plants and chose a deeply coloured semi drawf plant to work with.
    The flavour and high are as good as the best of C99 crosses , a cheering all day smoke with an uplifting high and women love it.
    Rock solid plant that has been stress tested to hell and back with no problems seen by me or others.
    Alcopops meets eye candy in a twelve inch package.

    C99 X Blackberry Pineapple pheno from GNO3 selection.

    Full grow report in Wallyducks forum.
    Probably never available again from Wally hence the original desire to F2.

    The male used is the best of three from a recent Geisha test grow from Head seeds.
    Nice compact shape and plenty of sideshoots early on , smelt as good as many females and had more trichs than some.
    First test cross of a promiseing male that you can smoke without being sick.
    No evidense of intersex traits expressed in any of the Geisha females and few reported any.

    C99 x Oriental Express (trainwreck x thai) male

    Full report in Head seeds test forum , snag the Geisha when available you will not be disapointed.

    Looked good produceing seed and the remains smoked well.
    Crosses with four other hopefull males to be grown out when space permits.

    Around forty seed produced that have a faint purple colour.

    Currently have nine of these at three weeks veg , looking healthy with a couple of phenos and vigorous growth so far at 6/7 nodes.

    Hope the male will improve the yield and add to the range of flavours and add a little stretch yet retain some of the colour and beauty.

    If they test out worthy i have males and clones lined up for a seed crop for freebies , but only if they are hermi free and worth the time.

    Into flower untopped in a week or two , this is my first atempt at doing freebies and i hope it works out.

    Most of my keepers came from freebies and am feeling guilty.......

    Gorgeous Mother and a powerful father=amazing offspring hopefully

    I can't wait for these, will you be testing and then sending as freebies or will you be sending in freebies now?
    Cloning hormones revealed, a side by side comparison


      Thanks overmind1632

      The quality of IC members freebies is as good as anything sold for profit and the bar is set high , intend to test these out properly first and not compromise it

      Far too limited a selection of plants so this is simply two good examples crossed , far better could be found without a doubt.

      Given the genetics and apparent stability it looks like a good idea , but a previous cross with other equally sound looking plants produced a hermi freakshow .

      Hopefully haveing C99 from both parents will limit the range of phenos and keep the majority compact in form.

      Should be available by Easter if all goes well.


        a cheering all day smoke with an uplifting high and women love it.
        Can't go wrong w/ that!

        LOL, I stared at those 40 seeds for a bit, but I'm just not getting purple.

        Got a few projects going myself w/ a eye to be doing freebies next year. :wink:
        I'll be watching, that Blackberry really makes her a stunner! Nice work!
        I'm tossing pollen like breadcrumbs

        Brotherhood of Eternal Love

        R.I.P. DR. Jay, medical messiah
        R.I.P. Medjool, ganja goddess
        R.I.P. LMN , sativa king


          Thanks Highlighter ,

          Fresh out the bud they really had a purple look about them and left a blue mark on paper.
          Was a very thin membrane covering covering the seed which dried off and fell away quickly.

          Now in flower they all showed sex early , two females had a few stem hairs at nine nodes still in veg.
          Will keep an eye on them as it might not be a good thing.

          Considerable stretch of aroud 3X and very vigorous , untopped with variable branching.

          Some have extremely long fan leaf stems and odour is a mix of the parents so far and consistent for all females.

          Tip pattern follows the Geisha form more than the c99 at this stage.

          Have a couple of extras running topped to eight leaders which seems to have tamed the stretch and will run any clones the same way.

          No signs of any colouration yet , the C99 x Blackberry mother shows around 21 days in and not there yet.

          Three males looked similar and smelt better than the females , no free space at this time so discarded with regret but cannot keep everything that looks good.

          Stems are quite weak and have required wire supports in flower , likely a Trainwreck trait comeing through which was not expressed in the Geisha parent.


            sad that you couldnt get to make some c99 x BB...but you never know if your keeping a nice mother plant someone around the place may have a boy....could always get a few more seeds from an f2 pollination and do some f3's ? im sure theres a few ppl out there with some in the fridge did a great job with the grow thread and the good thought to make some f2's to keep the strain around a little sad you couldnt pull it off.

            a nice mix of the c99 x BB and the Geisha .....both strains are fantastic in there own rights....going to be a freebie to watch out for...good luck with the new plan.HH. =]-~
            ....yea i think i'll have the fresh marijuana salad.



              happyherb , thanks for the encouragement.

              Will get hold of more original seed eventually or just some pollen will suffice.
              Wally,s cross seems absolutely stable under any reasonable conditions and may be a candidate for selfing with silver if all else fails.

              An equal split between these two forms is emergeing as flowers develope.

              Plenty of sidegrowth with both but would do a lot better topped and bushed for yield if important.
              Odour building rapidly , taller ones follow the Geisha , shorter bushy form follows the C99 x Blackberry mother and have the first signs of colour.

              For once i might have found a usefull simple cross , just dusted another small mother as there is some local interest , guess 500+ so enougth for freebies to get wider feedback in a few months barring some disaster with these.


                This type look as if they will fill out well.

                Stem odour is very sweet , almost sickly , and there is slight but spreading colour on most includeing one male.

                Stretch in flower has nearly stopped and is a manageable 3x max in flower untopped , next test will run a few heavily trained plants with a longer veg , and some short vegged clones in small pots.

                My main concern with these was the possibility of any unstable Thai genes on the male side jumping the Geisha cross and surfaceing now.

                No signs of anything nasty but will look closely , one stray bollock for no good reason and its all over.

                As a backup plan B is an open pollination of something interesting and will require no selection on my part and difficult to screw up.


                  This male has the long fan stem trait which some of the females posess.

                  The pods on this one are showing the same colour as the original C99 x Blackberry males and all the females seed pods.

                  Odour is sharp and quite harsh , much more sour than any plant from either generation and will take a clone for now.

                  Looking at the females the flower time is going to be longer than the parents would suggest.


                    This is going to be huge some day, foomar. HUGE.

                    I cant wait to get my hands on some of these, i don't even care if they are hermie prone. That just means i'll have to grow more out to find one that i like. Makes it fun and exciting.

                    well, foomar, you're doing a great thing. I'll be on board the whole way and if you need someone to help test them out before you send them to the bay, i'd be happy to help.

                    None of what is said in my posts is factual information. I am just playing along with other people on a forum. All the pictures in my gallery were taken by other people and saved on my computer. I do not take part in ANY illegal activity.

                    Keep it Safe and Green


                      Thanks Nik , should be plenty for anyone who asks later via the Bay.
                      Will not be released if there are any hermi traits , wasted enougth time with flawed genetics recently and will not knowingly pass them on.

                      Six females all have colour now and is as deep as the Blackberry x C99 mother at this stage , trich coverage is similar in type and placement.

                      One male shows colour and has been saved for now as a clone , other two stayed green before being culled.
                      No idea if a blued male is rare or normal yet so saved just in case it is .
                      Did not expect all females to show purple but have only grown six to date so not enougth to say if all will.

                      Smell is very similar to the mother and has not been overpowered by the male , the Geisha side has had more influence on height , vigour and structure which is what i hoped for .



                        that is a truly stunning plant. I really hope that i have the opportunity to take this girl for a spin. I'll be watching this pan out

                        you're doing a phenomenal job, foomar.

                        None of what is said in my posts is factual information. I am just playing along with other people on a forum. All the pictures in my gallery were taken by other people and saved on my computer. I do not take part in ANY illegal activity.

                        Keep it Safe and Green


                          Managed to get some pics of the male in sunlight.

                          Plenty of trichs and some lovely colours , the Blackberry trait seems quite dominant as the Geisha side had none.


                            Finished height is between 1 and 1.5 metre from seed with manageable stretch.
                            Nice spread of types , some with C99 bud structure and some much more sativa.
                            Odour is similar across all four and leans more to the Geisha father.

                            Third from the left has very long pistills and a sat bud form , deep blue colours comeing out now.

                            On the left the shortest plant has very C99 style buds and more trichomes than the mother , similar colouring as well.

                            Top cola is bulgeing out now and will have a higher yield than the mother.

                            Quite sparse leaves on all plants are similar and vary in stem length , can be close planted without shade or airflow problems.
                            Still no signs of anything hermi thank god , everything smells and looks good.

                            Dark cycle temps have been in single figures recently which should bring the colours out nicely , but will stick 7 - 10 days on the flower time.


                              Some of these are very close to the mother now and the trichome coverage is good.

                              Generic citrus odours now becomeing unique to each plant , this one a definate pineapple which neither of the parents expressed

                              Soft wet and sticky but not the most purple.