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The DEFINITIVE OG Kush History

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    The DEFINITIVE OG Kush History

    Im not here to debate the stupid and trivial stories most know "to be the truth" about OG Kush. Lets just wipe the slate clean of anything you may think you know and not try to bring up "John from grass valley" or the "old world paki" or anything "Gangster" or "Ocean Grown".

    Who am I? Just a guy thats been chasing the clone since the first time I smoked it in the mid/late 90s. I finally sourced it directly from the Josh and crew in 2010 or so when I was randomly introduced to Josh D through a long time mutual friend. By that time I had given up trying to source what I thought and knew to be the one true original plant that started the kush craze. I have followed this plant online trying to source it since the end days of Overgrow, done countless hours of research and have been told stories from Josh directly, listened to multiple online interviews with many involved including ORGNKID and others. I feel i have a really good grasp tracing the dissemination and history of this plant and how it became the titan of cannabis that it truly has.

    So without further ado, i start with a direct quote from Josh D himself which can be found on his company website, Josh D Farms.

    "Let me start in chronological order starting with the '92 OG:

    Alec Anderson was the grower that first popped the seed. From there, it made its way to Matt "Bubba" Berger in Florida in 1992. From there, I was the first to person in LA to begin working with the original varietal. I went on to share it with two friends and they shared with with two friends and so on. Eventually, the flower was then shared with the likes of B-Real from Cypress Hill, Snoop and others who went on to it make it the world famous varietal that it is today.

    That was my part in that OG history. The name in Florida at the time was known as "Kush"or Krippy(general term used in Florida to mean good cannabis).

    OG for that matter, has nothing to do with ocean grown, overgrown, gangsters or anything else like that.

    The OG was added to mean "original". As more and more Kush phenotypes entered the market in Los Angeles, we wanted to distinguish our original kush from the other cuts coming out being called kush. Hence we added the OG so people would (unsuccessfully) understand this was the original varietal cut brought over by Matt and team from Florida."

    So it all began in 1992 in southern Florida around the Orlando area, where Alec Anderson bought an ounce of what he says was known as "supernaught" at the time. He also mentions that these buds were known as superknot for only about 6-8 months and was renamed to something else which hasn't been remembered or revealed yet. That ounce that Alec got had some seeds in it, which he popped that fall and one of the phenos became what was known as "Kush" or "The Kush".

    By late 1992/early 1993 Alec shared clones of this pheno with Matt "bubba" Berger and crew in the Gainesville, FL area. This is where it receives the name "Kush". Fuji, who was/is a part of the crew had a brother who mentioned that the buds looked like "kushberries" and the name stuck. they dropped the berry and just called it kush. At this time in Gainesville the clone was still tightly held only by this crew and didnt gain too much notoriety due to the legal climate in Florida.

    in 1996 Bubba's friend Josh in Los Angeles convinces Bubba to bring the clone out to california and take a crack at the emerging medical cannabis scene. Bubba flies to cali from florida with clones of Kush, Bubba (rumored to be a northern lights selection) and a plant known as KY. At the same time roughly Fuji takes the clone to colorado as well. its rumored to have spawned some popular early colorado kush cuttings as well, but i dont have enough evidence to directly tie it in. if anyone that knows how to use phylos well, can you connect the Josh D cutting in the galaxy to that Coal Creek Kush from CO????

    OG kush in 1996, Silverlake CA.

    First Kush nug ever grown in California

    The first place these plants were ever grown in California was Silverlake, CA where Josh and Matt built our a small grow under a staircase in their apartment. Things expand quickly and multiple locations are set up and the kush is grown through the Los Angeles and San Fernando area to try and feed the demand.

    OG circa 1999

    This is where things start to get tricky. Josh lets the clone out to two friends, who gave them to two more friends and so on. this spawned some of the early cuts like the Tahoe, Topanga, Soul Assasin, BTY, Nepali, Fire etc. Seeds are found in bags of kush spawning things like Poison and Face Off OG. Some work the plant into a slightly different version such as the Skywalker. Each of these boutique names start to gain popularity and gain their own fan clubs. This is when the original holders start using the OG adjective on their batches basically saying that this was the ORIGINAL kush grown by the ORIGINAL growers and keepers of the cut. The OG label takes on different forms such as the popular variation, the OGers Kush, which is what a very important person in this story receives it as.

    OG grown in the San Fernando Valley. 2000.

    This is where the legendary ORGNKID comes in. Kid comes across a bag of OG/OGers in the medical scene and chases the clones through friends and finally is able to purchase the clone . He ended paying $5,000 and 5 pounds of weed for the clone and decided to make seed and sell it online to make some of his money back. At the time though, the price for pounds of OG are going for 8k-10k depending on the customer in the southern california area. These prices are attributed to the quality of the cut, and the fact that popular rappers like B-Real and Snoop Dogg mention Kush in songs at the time. ORGNKID decides that the clone should be shared with the community and decides to make seeds. The OGers kush was released and is a s1 of the original OG clone. Overgrow member Ghost also purchased a clone directly from ORGNKID and is one of the best representations of OG kush widely available today. Kid also makes the legendary Banana OG crossing OG to a Sagamartha 60/40. The 3c's seed company also releases a OG seedline at this time but with less popularity.

    2008 Mullholland Dr grow

    At this point the seeds spread across the nation and world, creating countless seedlines, hybrids, and one off seedbanks trying to cash in on the hype that was generated around OG kush. This is where quality drastically drops and prices start to fall in line with other top shelf herbs at the time. Wick650 was responsible for proliferating certain OG cuts through the Southern California area. quality drops even more. Now begins the race to source the older cuts previously mentioned to have a "Real OG". It wasnt until Matt berger moved to colorado to work in the legal cannabis industry that this story didnt start coming out.

    There are bits and pieces I am missing but i will get added along with photos i need to hunt down online and through my own photos.
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      More pics!!!!

      2000. Studio City. First time Josh got OG kush Dialed In. 2 pounds per light at this point.

      2002 Woodrow Wilson Dr grow.

      3C’s “Club 33 OG” which is joshs cut renamed now being sold in legal markets across the United States.

      Josh D finished flower grown by me late 2018

      One of my earliest OG runs after acquiring the cut. Circa 2011

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        Thanks for puttin in the time to share this! Seems to tie up all the loose origin stories


          Lies! Everyone knows OG stands for Old Geriatric because it came from some old hippy guy...

          Just fuckin' with ya. Good read!

          Cannabis seeds should be preserved and given away


            ah jeez not another one.


              Originally posted by PoweredByLove View Post
              ah jeez not another one.
              I get it. Some people are tired of it. I personally wanted all the info in one place for history's sake.


                Thanks for sharing, didn’t know that part about the Banana OG. Sagarmartha 60/40? Is 60/40 the strain name? Never heard of that one. I did get some awesome BubbleBerry seeds from them around 97’


                  This seems pretty accurate to what I remember about the origins of OG and Bubba. And I remember Orgnkid growing some Sagarmatha Yumboldt that he really liked, so that must have been what he used for the Banana OG. He sent me some seeds of something he was working on, and I had to shut down shortly after that. And I didn't preserve those seeds properly, so I'm kicking myself for that.


                    The strain was called 60/40. Limited release by sag. That's what had the banana terpene profile in that cross.


                      Originally posted by JetLife175 View Post
                      The strain was called 60/40. Limited release by sag. That's what had the banana terpene profile in that cross.
                      Oh ok, that must have happened about the time I shutdown. I just remember him growing the Yumboldt. This is good info to have handy. Thanks for doing this.


                        No way its 60/40 ha i wondered where the banana had come in from but i grew 60/40 and it did have a strong banana pheno.. yumbolt was all berry/earth i think.. thanks for clearing that up for me!
                        "There is no god higher than truth"


                          Fuck yeah JL. Dank thread!
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                          Originally posted by Brother Nature
                          I love how this is a plant we've been breeding and manipulating for hundreds of years, if not more, in order to serve our needs yet we've only just recently started taking notes.


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