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Eastern Manipur-Burma Border Domesticated Landrace

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    Originally posted by Cactus Wes View Post
    Thank you,

    And I have to thank you for asking that question, the pot size;
    I have to admit, I was certain I knew what size of pots I've been growing with, were...
    And upon double checking I have only now just realized that;
    The pots I have been calling 5 Gal. are actually 3 Gal.
    This Plant is in a 3 Gal.
    My rule of thumb for pot size is (1 Gal:1 month)
    How ever; one method of controlling a wild sativa's height is restricting the pot size.
    As it is right now, she has two limbs growing beyond the light footprint.
    I could just imagine another couple of gallons would have given her the ability to smother the light fixture.
    I have 6 Cree COBs pointed right at her.
    I can flower plants at a distance of 3 feet with this fixture and this plant can't get enough.
    I had to super crop 2 limbs that had grown up within a foot of the COB lenses.
    She stretched between 3-4 feet after flip, if it wasn't for the SCROG net, she'd be around 6 feet tall, and the buds may still climb another 6" - 10" yet.
    Stay Tuned.
    Amazing it went nuts like that in 3 Gallons.
    Not like i have much experience anyways but damn.
    How long did you say you had it in veg, 2 months?

    Just curious for infos as i have a pretty similar cultivar, TRSC's Manipuri, growing uber micro at the moment.

    Thanks for the reply!


      I germinated the seed on the first days of Dec 2020
      and flipped into flower in exactly middle of January.
      I transplanted her a few times;
      A cup sized pot to a Liter sized pot to a Gal. then into a 3 Gal. pot.
      I had her in the 3 Gal. for a week before flip so not to stress her, but
      I should have just transplanted into the 3 Gal. and then just flipped right away.
      This is my second time growing an equatorial sativa, in my opinion I vegged for too long.
      Once their a foot tall or so; just send them into flower from what I have seen.
      I can also attest to shortening the 12/12 to 11/13 and at 8 weeks shortening to 10/14
      to simulate progressively diminishing day light to trigger a stronger hormonal response.


        Thanks for the reply!

        Youve been treating her good
        I'm sitting at the other side of the spectrum.
        9/15 lighting from seed, 100ml 'pots' with an option to go as big as 450ml per plant.
        But i just want to make some seeds if possible.
        I have a thread going in the micro section.


          Full Moon Gang Bang

          So tonight was the full moon.
          I'm in the sixth week of flower, and with her in full bloom I am confident that if I introduce some male pollen; she won't freak out and hermiate.
          This is an equatorial sativa that takes along time to flower.
          A hash plant will have the same amount of bud at 3 weeks to the amount of bud on this plant at 6 weeks.
          In my opinion and from experience, the female plant should be well into it's hormonal changes to benefit from an invagination.
          I've had it happen to a
          Malawi x Panama by Ace seeds where I;
          'Tried to breed normally through open pollination and in that particular case I wound up with a hermaphrodite.' That was a big waste of my time.
          So now I wait until there are distinct flower heads before pollination.
          So I reached to the back of my freezer and pulled out a selection of four males hybrid pollen of an on going breeding project of mine;
          -Juniperberry **reversed =
          (Hindu Trainwreck x BlueBerry Trainwreck)
          -Juniperberry x ?SATIVA? Ace Seeds Mix
          -Hindu Trainwreck 'A' short
          -Hindu Trainwreck 'B' tall

          She hasn't had much of a smell lately.
          But after rubbing the buds, the sour grapefruit smell emanated from the molested flowers again.

          Stay tuned, they'll be more after this.
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            higher then Swiss beats hairline


              Looking awesome so far.
              Can’t wait to see how this one turns out for ya. I have a pack on it’s way now but might be a little bit before I can start them so really appreciate all the updates/info. Makes it easier for me to plan the grow.


                Just gotta hang in there another 7-9 weeks
                It's gotten hard to keep her hydrated.
                The drought has raised the PH and deformed the leaf's.
                I've been pushing the potassium and a side effect of this is burned tips.
                At this point I should be coming in every day or every other day as lights
                come on to remove as many burned leafs as I can in the first 10-15 minutes.
                Trimming or picking leafs in this time frame minimizes stress remarkably.
                The smell today is of a vanilla carrot spice blending with sour.
                I've smelled this aroma before from a ACE SEEDs 'PANAMA' cultivar.
                I don't find it smells like grapefruit anymore.
                This camera managed to pick up some trichomes.
                The pictures should be getting more interesting from here on out.
                This plant is an absolute jungle, marijuana swords everywhere!

                Click image for larger version

Name:	P1010190.JPG
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ID:	17795453Click image for larger version

Name:	P1010194.JPG
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Name:	P1010193.JPG
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Name:	P1010195.JPG
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ID:	17795456


                  Looking great Wes! Can't wait to see how they finish. Good luck!


                    amazing, what a wild look


                      Originally posted by Mountainkush View Post
                      Looking awesome so far.
                      Can’t wait to see how this one turns out for ya. I have a pack on it’s way now but might be a little bit before I can start them so really appreciate all the updates/info. Makes it easier for me to plan the grow.

                      When I first bought the seeds I looked and looked for as much info as possible and only found the advertised description and accompanying photos.
                      I think this unique strain should be a topic.
                      It would be nice to see how others manage this landrace family of cultivars and
                      see variations in the line.
                      This thread is for them, so if anyone has pictures of these plants and personal growing experience with them, please do post them here.
                      When this landrace is searched;
                      it will be nice to be shown forums with wealth of information on the topic and pictures.



                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210318_211548_HDR.jpg
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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	eatern manipu burma border domesticated landrace.jpg
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Name:	eatern manipu burma border domesticated landrace2.jpg
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                          You can see the streaks through the calyxes in this second picture.
                          She has a ginger beer spice smell right now.
                          She is starting week 11 tomorrow.
                          I had to put the second SCROG net down, she's absolutely out of control.
                          I hope she doesn't stress out now that more of her is under the light.
                          One or two more weeks and she'll have the tent to herself.
                          You can't even see her roommate in this shot lol.
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	P1010215.JPG
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                            Awesome plant you got there Wes!
                            I'm really curious how she will finish.
                            Great work


                              Drop the light hours to 9 and smoke the results early.